How to Reuse Whicker Hamper Baskets

15 Popular Ways To Reuse Your Wicker Hamper Basket

Christmas is only around the corner and whether you are sending hampers to friends and family, you may even receive one yourself! Now is the time to be thinking about how you can reuse your basket once you have enjoyed the contents. There are so many different options to use wicker baskets for instead of opting to chuck them out.

Once Christmas has come and gone, what's left over is a living room full of clutter and chaos. It's why we all do the annual January clear out, but it also affords us the time to get rid of the clutter and try bring some order to our homes.

In this piece you will see some great suggestions we have heard from customers and used ourselves for reusing or up-cycling your empty wicker basket.


Reorganising your hall

Take a look around your house and you will know where 'drop zones' are. It could be your hallway, or may even be an under stairs cupboard where things are left to be forgotten about. A basket in any of these places can store wellies, books, dog leads, hats, scarves, it goes on!

Wooden log basket

Winter with a warm open burning fire is any Irish homes feature point. Use the basket to hold logs, fire accessories like fire lighters or kindling sticks that will bring a cosy, rustic interior feel.

Toy storage box

Like most children, they end up receiving tonnes of toys and when I say tonnes, I mean a lot. Declutter any bedroom or playroom with a wicker basket and put all toys in a basket. Make sure you try teach them to put the toys back in!

The new pet bed

If the basket is big enough, your pet may actually appreciate a deep basket to hop into which will provide a quiet spot with privacy. Remember to place their favourite blanket at the bottom!

Extra bathroom storage

Probably the most chaotic place in any home, you can easily make it a minimalist area by consolidating toiletries in baskets which can be easily put below counters or on shelves.

Indoor unique planter

Simply, line the basket with plastic lining or a bin liner can work too, put a small layer of stones at the bottom to allow water to move, fill it up with soil and plant your tree, flowers or veg - it's your choice!

Ps. make sure you get moss to put around the top of the soil to allow moisture to be drawn out.

Wedding display

If you have a friend or your own wedding coming up; consider using a wicker basket for collecting cards at the reception or holding confetti. We know all about this as it's a popular rental at Boyd Weddings.

Storing blankets and pillows

Set a wicker basket in your living area or garden patio area, keep a basket full of light blankets and pillows. Far neater and chic looking than having them draped over a sofa or accent chair.

Baby nursery storage

For anyone that has or had a baby will know the abundance of essentials you need on hand at ease, nappies, wipes etc, keeping it in a basket so your baby or toddler can't get into it or store below their cot.

Picnic basket

The perfect way to have a picnic or BBQ at your chosen location and to make it complete, pack all your wares inside the basket and off you go.

Car storage

I've done this before, not on purpose, but I had a leftover wicker basket in the jeep's boot and it is the most handy thing ever. I've used mine for window washing liquid, oil, umbrella, so there's none of it rolling around as you drive.

Under bed storage

With most houses being built with limited storage as it is, if your bed allows you to store things below it - wicker baskets are sturdy and perfect for holding any amount of unused clothes or towels. You may have a plastic box doing the same job, but a wicker basket will look far better.

Wall basket storage

If you have a DIY project coming up and fancy building a unit or cabinet to insert your baskets in to, it's the perfect place to store any cables or things you don't want visitors seeing.

Bike basket

Okay, we are not in France, but many vintage bikes already have a basket on the front or back, but hey - could look pretty alternative. I'd imagine it could prove fairly useful for any errands.

Pantry storage for root veg

Whether you have a dedicated pantry or walk in cupboard, I've seen it used many a time as a storage area to hold dirty root veg such as onions, potatoes and garlic. Out of sight yet kept fresh due to the wicker baskets wooden gaps.