Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper
Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper

Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper

The perfect selection of everyone's favourite fruits.
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  • All UK mainland deliveries despatched from Cheshire and Northern Ireland deliveries despatched from Antrim
  • Fresh fruit handpicked each morning

1 Fully recyclable, compostable & eco-friendly hamper
1 Bunch of Red Grapes, 250g
1 Bunch of Green Grapes, 250g
1 Pineapple
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Gala Melon
1 Plum
2 Oranges
1 Fresh Kiwi Fruit
3 Banana

Please note: Depending on local market, contents listed may vary according to availability, but if this occurs we will increase the fruit(s) quantity to match hamper value.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is FREE on all orders to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. This also includes Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

What are the free delivery options?
Firstly, all of our delivery options are completely free! When you add to cart the hamper of your choice, you can choose which day you would like to send it to an address within the United Kingdom.

How long does delivery take?
Every order is sent with Parcel Force with Next-Day AM delivery to ensure it arrives on the day of your choice. Simply, add to cart and choose your specified day for the hamper to be delivered on.

Can I choose a specific day for it to be delivered on?
Once you have chosen the hamper you wish to order, simply add to cart and you can select the delivery date on the cart before checking out.

When is the cut-off time for delivery tomorrow?
We have a daily cut off time of 12.30pm.

Filled with super fresh fruits handpicked prior to packing the hamper along with a wealth of natural Irish charm. The delicious selection is a healthy treat that's displayed in our fully eco-friendly basket.

Each hamper is beautifully packaged with a handmade golden ribbon. They arrive in a secure yet fully eco-friendly packaging and are personalised with the message you wish to convey. We are proud to invest extra in packaging that is fully recyclable.

Delivery can be scheduled during the time of checkout to ensure that the item is delivered to the recipient on the date specified.

Delivery is FREE. The delivery cost incurred by Boyd Hampers is based on Monday through Friday next day delivery of £10.00. We no longer provide delivery options to Ireland due to Brexit. * Prices listed include VAT.

In recent times gift baskets have acquired an unpopular reputation as gifts. They're thought of as something that you present when you don't come up with a better idea.

The notion that gift baskets are an unplanned or last-minute gift is not always the case, and most people who present baskets invest a lot time and energy into thinking about what items should be included.

They're assisted by the vast amount of possibilities available nowadays. You can include nearly anything you'd like and create something that is truly individual and distinctive.

Fruits are a popular choice for gifts baskets.
The fruit baskets are among the most well-known kinds of gift baskets they can be delivered to your loved ones at the workplace, home or even in another location. There is a variety of gift baskets available in the market, and so you'll be able find one that has what you're looking to find in the area of delivery you require.

While other kinds of gift baskets are generally given as present for Christmas or birthdays Fruit baskets are often presented as thank-you or congratulations gifts. They also make a great choice for sympathy gifts as well as "get well soon" gifts because the act of giving fruit baskets lends itself to times in life when you know someone is struggling.

Along with fruits, you can include other food items in your basket. The most popular items include bread, crackers, chocolate fruits, nuts, vegetables and jars of pickles jams and Chutneys. Wine is another well-known choice, since it pairs well with many other items listed on this list.

You can also include items that aren't food if you would like, such as flowers or stuffed animals. The majority of gift baskets are customisable however this could be more costly than an off-the-shelf alternative.

Verify food intolerances before you make a decision to order.
It is important to take into consideration any dietary restrictions the recipient might have. You don't want to gift an item they don't like or could, in the event of a disaster could cause them to become sick.

If you aren't sure of any food allergies or dietary restrictions, ask. The baskets can be made vegan, vegetarian gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, or gluten-free.

This is one of our most popular hamper gifts, filled with fresh fruit in an attractive and fully recyclable basket. We call it the Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper as the many fruits you'll find within it are popular with nearly every avid fruit eater.

You will find among this delicious display of classic fruits, gala melon, bananas, grapes, pineapple and many more.

This fresh fruit basket is the perfect way to say Get Well Soon for anyone recovering from illness or a simple way of saying We're Thinking of You! Many customers have also used this hamper as a present on a New Engagement or Congratulations!

The Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper is a healthy alcohol-free present and a great option for congratulating a friend or colleague or sending condolences.

All UK mainland deliveries despatched from Cheshire and Northern Ireland deliveries despatched from Antrim.
Choose the day for your fruit basket to arrive.

Choose the day you wish to have your fruit basket sent to be delivered on.

Next-day delivery and same-day dispatch is available for orders before 12pm Monday - Friday.

Fresh fruit handpicked every morning.

Each morning for every fruit basket order, we handpick fresh fruit from our supplier.

Unlike many competitors. We never hold stock of fruit and run the risk of it spoiling during transit.

Fully recyclable hamper baskets.

All our baskets and packaging is fully recyclable. We aren't hippies. We just appreciate our environment and are trying to play a part in a bigger picture.

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