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Wine hampers - Wine Gifts

Send wine hampers and wine gifts to someone special with free delivery. Discover the he most intriguing prosecco, red and white wines that feature in each wine gift hampers with taste notes.


    The Perfect Selection of Wine Hampers

    Fruit baskets are decorated with fresh fruit and vegetables, perfect for any time all year. From exotic and luxury fruit to classic British fruit, select exotic flowers and luxury fruit gift baskets to give a variety of deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables to give your loved ones, suitable for all occasions.

    Perfect for summer exotic and baskets include an assortment of summer fruit, including mango fruit, kiwi fruit and passion fruit, pineapple fruit and many more ideal fruit for those with exotic tastes. For a traditional option, our traditional baskets and flower baskets comprise British basket essentials like grapes, apples, oranges and plums. If you prefer your floral baskets that include some extra indulgence choose our nut and fruit or chocolate basket options as a scrumptious option to our fruit hampers that offer that is a bit more ideal for gifts.

    Take a look at our gifts of fresh fruit hampers and gifts for baskets at Boyd Hampers for a nutritious and refreshing way to delight someone special whatever the occasion. Place your order today and receive it fresh and gifts delivered directly to the doorstep of their choice.

    Wine Gifts Best For Any Occasion

    Our fruit baskets are an excellent opportunity to have an enjoyable food hamper. In addition to being an excellent choice for healthy eating and for those who are picky eaters, but fruit baskets also cater to specific diets of vegetarians and vegans. The best part is that with our huge selection of fruit baskets, you can be sure that everybody has something they like. For those who are health-conscious you can indulge in delicious fresh, seasonal fruit and for those seeking something more indulgent, include delicious muffins in our fruit as well as muffin basket.

    You can also get all the items you require for the perfect cheese platter by purchasing Our Fruit and Cheese Biscuits Present Basket with a range of cheeses that are gourmet, biscuits, and fruit that perfectly compliment each other.

    Explore our range of products for the perfect fruit hamper with some twist. If you are certain of what you want to include in a basket of fruit and you aren't able to find it in our selection but you're not worried! You can create your personal basket to completely personalise your present.

    Wine Gifts With Cheese, Biscuits & Chocolates

    Order a delivery of fruit baskets is simple by Boyd Hampers. For all of fruits hampers that we have, UK delivery is included and it's simple to send a tasty gift to family and friends. Don't forget the birthday, afternoon tea, anniversary or any other occasion and deliver fruit hampers across the UK to your loved ones in only two clicks. We also offer business hamper options that give your clients something that they can remember by with personalised gifts, or that make the perfect gift for a meeting in a boardroom. Our basket of gifts are all securely wrapped in packaging made of cardboard and plastic exterior box to ensure that they arrive in good condition and ready to enjoy. Therefore, no matter why you're sending a hamper to, you can do it with assurance that your fruit hamper delivery will be handled with upmost care and attention.

    Free Next Day UK Delivery

    Boyd Hampers have been delivering basket of gifts around the world since 2001. In all of our gifts and baskets, we carefully choose the correct fruit at the greengrocers market for the highest quality of fruit available. When you buy fruit, you must buy the ripest fruit or the fruit spoils faster during transit. We are proud to know our fruit comes from highly valuable fruit companies and ethical fruit suppliers.

    You can read more about fruit, how good good fruit is for you, why fruit is good to buy in a basket, where you can best store fruit and how to preserve fruit longer in our fruit journal. Can you freeze fruit? Can you keep fruit outside? Is fruit bad for you? How much fruit can you eat? Where is most fruit imported from? Where do we recommend buying fruit?

    You can easily order fruits that suit any of our baskets. We offer quick view add to cart, add to wishlist if you want to order for another time, view quick on mobile, basket quantity add, wishlist add and finally - add to basket once you know your order is correct.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are asked these questions the most about our gifts, type of basket, the fruit and different baskets we offer.

    What goes with red wine in a hamper?

    Our most popular fruit basket to send in the UK is the Classic Fruit Hamper. It contains a variety of fruit that most customers will be familiar with and are favourites.

    Can I put wine in a gift basket?

    We have found that sending a fruit basket is an ideal gift for friends and family celebrating different occasions. When you send a fruit basket it is a gift that will be well receieved, since it is fruit that will be definately eaten! Instead of sending flowers or wasteful items that may not be used.

    They are perfect to send to a friend, family or colleague that shows thoughtfulness and is perfect to congratulate, celebrate or show sympathy!

    Are hampers a good present?

    We include a wide variety of fruit in our basket hampers from apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, pineapples and many more fruit that are favourites.

    Most importantly, they are fruit that are long lasting and guaranteed to arrive as a fresh as they did when we packed your fruit hamper.

    How do you make a wine hamper?

    We asked many of our customers why they choose to use Boyd Hampers to send a fruit basket and the most popular answer was, to show thoughtfulness and empathy.

    When you choose to send a fruit gift basket, the recepient will know you didn't choose any random gift but a well thought out gift that is delicious!

    Where can you send to and is it safe with a glass bottle?

    You can send a wine basket with Boyd Hampers to the UK, Northern Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

    We have been sending wine basket hampers throughout the UK for over 5 years.

    Complimentary Wine Boxes

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    Farmhouse Wine & Cheese Fresh Fruit Hamper

    Regular price £64.95 ONLINE OFFER£59.95
    Inc VAT.

    The perfect combination of delicious red wine, farmhouse cheese and crackers alongside their best partners, fresh fruit. You will find this a perfect gift as it will be filled into a secure yet fully recyclable basket.

    You will find among this delicious display of classic fruits, gala melon, bananas, grapes, pineapple, bottle of DV Catena Malbec, Peter's Yard Fig & Spelt Sourdough Crackers and Castello Extra Creamy Brie.

    This selection of red Malbec wine, cheeses, crackers and fresh fruit basket is the perfect way to say Congratulations or any New Engagements. We have found many customers also sending this to colleagues or family and friends receiving a job promotion or good news!

    They will surely receive this and be happy once they indulge into this delectable hamper selection.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    John H Snr
    Very good

    We have reguarly ordered this hamper for friends, family and work colleagues. Good serviec, and good customer service if problems arise.

    Tony Robertson
    Taste and looks good!

    Great, thanks again for fast delivery and quality.!