Boyd Hampers back in 1940's when it was owned by our grandfather, Frank Boyd.


Steeped in history and tradition

F J Boyd corner shop first opened on 37 Hill Street, Ballymena by our grandfather Frank Boyd in 1949. We are proud to have so many existing customers that can fondly remember the warm welcome and fantastic wares.


As second generation Boyd's, we have since taken the baton on, as we founded Boyd Hampers as a second-coming of the original F J Boyd food and corner shop.

We have been trading online since 2001 under a variety of brands until the launch of Boyd Hampers.

Heritage of The Boyd Family

Royal Crest of Boyd Family

The origins of the Boyd family can be traced back to the 12th century, when a man named Simon de Boyd was granted lands in Ayrshire by King David I of Scotland. Simon's descendants would go on to become one of the most powerful and influential families in Scotland, with many members holding positions of power and influence in the Scottish court.

Deep Heritage To Scottish Royal Family

One of the most famous historical ties to our family tree was Sir Robert Boyd, who served as an ambassador to the court of King James IV of Scotland. Sir Robert was a close advisor to the king and played a crucial role in the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Perpetual Peace between Scotland and England in 1502.

Another notable relative of the Boyd family was Sir Thomas Boyd, who was appointed Lord Boyd by King James V of Scotland in 1540. Sir Thomas was a loyal supporter of the king and played a key role in the politics of the Scottish court during this time.

The Boyd family also played a significant role in the religious and cultural life of Scotland. John Boyd, who was a member of the Boyd family, was a prominent figure in the Scottish Reformation and was a close associate of John Knox, one of the leaders of the Reformation in Scotland.

Family Tree

Commencing from our grandfather Frank Boyd, who's father was Daniel Boyd, his father was followed by 4 James Boyd's, John Boyd, his father was Captain Adam Boyd, Bishop Andrew Boyd, his mother was Margaret Campbell, her mother was Isabell Drummond, her mother was Maragret Jane Stewart whose father was King James IV Stewart of Scotland followed by King James IIII of Scotland and finally, King II James Stewart.

Boyd Confido

Boyd Family Crest & Coat of Arms

The Boyd family crest is a heraldic emblem that has been used by members of the Boyd family for centuries. We have since featured this crest and coat of arms in our logo.