Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender
Fresh Juice Co Blender

Fresh Juice Co Blender

Portable. Lightweight. Wireless Charging.
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Easily get your 5 a day with great ease.

Customers who bought one found they felt healthier and increased their energy by 60%.

Exceptionally fast and powerful, blend just about anything!

Incredibly light, only 450 grams!

Holds up to 350ml of juice. Comfortably serves one serving.

Super easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.

Easy storage and even easier charged on the go with a wireless USB port.

Battery voltage of 7.4V and with an output of 70W of power.

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Firstly, all of our delivery options are completely free! When you add to cart the hamper of your choice, you can choose which day you would like to send it to an address within the United Kingdom.

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Out of the hundreds of online options for fresh fruit hampers, Boyd Hampers picks the fruit from our local greengrocer market each morning before carefully packing them for dispatch. Unlike other online stores, we prefer sourcing the freshest produce for each hamper order.

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Each morning prior to picking and packing each hamper order for dispatch, we make our way down to the local fruit market to handpick the freshest fruit and veg.

Is it safe to send fruit in the post?
Of course, we package your order extremely safely to ensure the safe transit. Next-Day delivery is the safest and fastest way to send perishable foods.

Shake, blitz, drink. The easiest way to drink super healthy smoothies.

Introducing the best fruit juice blender you will fall in love with, reviewed by many avid fitness trainers and features in 2021's Health & Wellness magazine top home equipment. Shake up your routine of making fruit smoothies, protein shakes or juices - this simply is a game changer!

We have carefully designed every inch of the blender’s bottle to create the best possible fruit blender - it performs like blender but looks like a minimalist bottle.

Supercharge your next adventure. Simple and compact, yet durable and robust - the Fruit Juice Co Blender will make your life easier and far more healthy.


The benefits of owning a Fresh Juice Co Blender:
Easily get your 5 a day with great ease.

Customers who bought one found they felt healthier and increased their energy by 60%.

Exceptionally fast and powerful, blend just about anything!

Incredibly light, only 450 grams!

Holds up to 350ml of juice. Comfortably serves one serving.

Super easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.

Easy storage and even easier charged on the go with a wireless USB port.

Battery voltage of 7.4V and with an output of 70W of power.

Did you know there are numerous benefits to making a smoothie with fruit? The delicious drinks can be taken in the morning prior to or following a workout or at any other time you want. They're also a fantastic option to supply your body with the important nutrients it requires. Let's look at some of the advantages of drinking a smoothie with fruit.


One of the benefits of drinking a smoothie made from fruit every day is that they're easy to prepare. The majority of them can be prepared in less than five minutes. You can prepare the ingredients, including fruit, ahead of time. There are people who make smoothie packs that include all of the ingredients in their smoothie and then put them in freezers. When they're ready drink the smoothie they just throw all the ingredients of the container into a blender. There may be a need to add water, milk or ice based on the kind of smoothie you're drinking but it's not a problem is it?


I'll admit that I'm not the best at eating breakfast , so fruit smoothies are a wonderful method to begin my day. I make smoothies every morning prior to departing to take my children to school. This lets me enjoy a healthy and balanced breakfast even if I'm not keen to consume food. This also stops me from eating too much later during the day.


I am aware that certain smoothies aren't good for you however creating healthy smoothies is simple. Smoothies can be incorporated into most diets, and are also healthy. They're also a great alternative for people who aren't fans of fruit to include it in their diet. My son isn't a fan of consume strawberries, however I like smoothies that contain strawberries in the mix. Fruit smoothies help digestion and can aid in losing weight as well. If you regularly drink smoothies, they can improve your immune system and to prevent the spread of colds or the flu.


Certain types of fruits are expensive, however you can make smoothies with fruit cheaper. It's true that at first, when I began drinking smoothies every day I was uneasy about buying certain types of fruits due to the amount they cost. It's now clear the possibility of making smoothies for a low cost by buying fruits that are available and then freezing it for later use. Many fruit can be stored in the freezer for a few months.


There are many different kinds of smoothies that can be enjoyed. My current favorite smoothie includes protein powder, bananas, frozen mixed fruit, Greek yogurt, almond milk and Ice. In making a smoothie, you're not limited by this choice. In your smoothies, it is possible to can mix different kinds of nuts, fruits, oatmeal, spices, or whatever else sounds appealing to you. Exploring new smoothie recipes is a lot of enjoyment.


Sometimes, I enjoy smoothies with lunch. They are also a fantastic healthy snack. My children love their smoothies as a snack after school. If I feel like I want to go through the fridge in the night, I generally choose a smoothie rather than eating something unhealthy.


I'll admit it: I am a sucker for junk food. The only issue with it is that they don't like me back, so I attempt to cut it out. If you are constantly craving sweets, think about making a smoothie with fruit every day. I personally find that they significantly decrease my cravings for unhealthy food.

While calorie requirements differ based on weight, age and hormone levels, physical activity and so on in general, as a standard, the majority people are satisfied eating foods that have less than 200 calories. A 300to 450 calories breakfast is sufficient for the majority of adults' requirements. Here's how to get highest amount of nutrition without pushing your calories up.


Start with 1 cup of fresh or frozen fruits.The best fruit bases are mangoes, blueberries and strawberries and pineapple, as well as bananas, cherries and peaches.


If you don't dislike the green hue by adding a small amount of kale or spinach is a great way to add more antioxidants to your beverage.The greens will add body, however the taste of the tiny portion is almost undetectable when served with fruits.


I usually go for between 1/2 and 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt that can contain up to 24 grams of this nutrient that can help you lose weight.It is also possible to use Cottage cheese, tofu that is silken or legumes like chickpeas.Another option is to make use of protein powder.If you opt for this option be sure to read the label and look out for artificial sweeteners or added sugars.It is also important to keep track about the source of protein, particularly in the case of strict food limitations (like not eating dairy or soy).Some popular choices include pea protein and whey protein. However, you can get nuts, almonds protein egg white protein protein the brown rice protein and many more.

A plant-based fat.

Nut butters, seeds (like hemp, chia and ground flax seeds) and avocados add extra nutrition to your smoothie and, depending on the one you select, could be a source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats and monounsaturated fats.However, these ingredients can also push calories higher.Limit yourself to a teaspoon of nuts, seeds or around one quarter of the avocado in order to prevent this problem.


The options include non-dairy dairy milk, coconut water and iced coffee , tea as well as juice.If you're looking to amp up your protein intake, opt to pea or milk dairy, which can contain up to 10 grams of protein per cup.If you're getting enough protein from other sources almond milk or coconut water are a great alternative.Juice is a fantastic option to add some sweetness to your smoothie. However, should you choose this method be aware of other sweeteners.

Flavour enhancers.

Sprinkles that are flavourful include cinnamon, cocoa powder, ginger, turmeric, as well as the unsweetened powder of matcha.They add more flavour to your smoothie. They can be a source of various health benefits.


Some people like the addition of oatmeal or other grains with high fibre content in their smoothies.Apart from adding body, you'll reap all the advantages of whole grains by adding the ingredients to your smoothie mix or bowl.


I like to add a few cubes of ice into the blender, as it adds volume (read the smoothie is bigger) and ensures that my drinks last longer.Cold sips take longer to drink.The longer you stay with the drink (or any other food or snack) the more enjoyable, memorable and enjoyable it will be.

When mixing a smoothie, or a smoothie bowl, here's a list of typical traps to stay clear off.

Drink your smoothie in the morning before your breakfast.

If your smoothie is packed with Protein powders, Greek yogurt, nut butters, or the like it's likely that it's enough calories to substitute for the food you eat instead of accompanying it.If you love having a drink with breakfast meals, you might need to reconsider your recipe for a smoothie in order to lessen your breakfast calories.

It is too excessive amounts of fruit.

Though fruit is an excellent ingredient in smoothies however, it can be excessive amounts of good things in the form of carbohydrates and calories.The general rule is to limit yourself to 1 cup of fruits per smoothie.This is about a cup.Blending several different fruits into your blender could quickly add more. If you mix fruit make sure you keep an eye on your total quantity.

You're not keeping an eye on sweeteners added to your smoothies.

Be it maple syrup or honey, agave coconut sugar or another kind of sugar excessive sweetener is the reason that many smoothies get lost.Other sugars added to smoothies can come as milks made from plants (sometimes even in the original versions) as well as flavoured yogurts.Since fruit naturally sweet, consider whether you can live with a small amount of sugar added or any added sugars.

There are excessive "boosters".

Nut butters, chia seeds and protein powders are all able to make great smoothie ingredients However, as with other ingredients in smoothies there is a chance to overdo it.A tablespoon of almond or peanut butter is approximately 100 calories. Protein powders usually start in the 100-calorie range, and flax, chia or hemp seeds will get you to 100 calories in just two or three tablespoons.If you're not cautious about the ingredients you add and calories, they can pile quickly.

Powerful wireless usb hub.

Powered via USB cable, so you can charge your blender on the go; in the car, at the office or just about anywhere.

Simply, set the blender on the hub and it will fully charge within 45 minutes.

Perfect for smoothies or protein shakes.

Prepare your fruit or any other items you wish to blend, pop them in and within seconds have a perfect juice consistency.

Easily prepare the night before and store the blender in the fridge. Enables you to blitz your fruit on demand for a seriously fresh juice or smoothie.

Enjoy on the go.

The completely secure lid and neck holder enables you to travel with your bottle.

The bottle acts as a blender, yet looks like a minimalist blender.

Easily cleaned.

All compartments of the blender bottle comes apart to allow you to easily hand wash or pop into the dishwasher.


Perfect gift for this christmas.

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