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Burger pressing down on a beef patty

Best Burger Press For Smash Burgers

During the many years I've slaved in hot kitchens flipping and smashing burgers, if there was only one thing I've learnt on my way up to a head chef – if you want to make awesome and tasty smashed burgers – you need to have one of the burger presses I've reviewed.

The undisputed #1 best burger press for smash burgers is Cave Tools Burger Press as it allows you to smash quarter-pound burgers with absolute ease.

From robust equipment to delightful gadgets, there's an abundance of grilling accessories that will elevate your burger-making adventures.

Best Burger Press For Smash Burgers

In search of the ultimate grilling accessory for you or the burger enthusiast in your life? Your search ends here with this roundup of the best burger presses for smash burgers.

From durable designs to sleek appearances, these burger presses are set to make smashing those burgers a heck of a lot easier!

Burger Press Brand Best Features
Cave Tools Burger Press Non-stick aluminum, dishwasher-safe
Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press Aluminum with adjustable thickness
Luxiv Burger Press Non-stick food-grade plastic, dishwasher-safe
Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press Food-grade plastic that is non-stick and easy to use
Weber Original Burger Press Removable handle, even patties
Cuisinart Stuffed 4-in-1 Burger Press Dishwasher-safe plastic in 2 sizes
Gourmeo Burger Press Patty Maker Dishwasher safe plastic, consistent shape
You Top Burger Press Double press, non-stick aluminum
RAY Sale Burger Patty Maker Non-stick stainless steel is easy to utilize

I took every effort to select a range of burger presses to choose from. Read on to get a more detailed review of the best burger presses I ranked above.

1. Cave Tools Burger Press

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Cave tools burger press

After a long search for the ideal burger press, this is the one that stood out for me. The ability to craft both quarter-pound and one-third-pound burgers is a feature I highly appreciate. The non-stick aluminum feature ensures that I don't struggle with meat sticking to the press.

I noted the grill lines design, which helps keep the burger from shrinking too much during cooking. Plus, they make for a visually appealing patty! The handle on the top piece feels solid, and the knob provides a comfortable grip, making the pressing process seamless.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find 200 burger papers included – perfect for separating patties or storing them in the freezer. The marked indicator lines are like cheat codes, ensuring a perfect burger every time.

Cleaning up after a grilling session is a breeze, as this utensil is dishwasher-friendly. Honestly, it's all about making the process efficient and ensuring burger perfection.


  • The burger doesn't stick thanks to the aluminum surface.
  • Easy cleaning with its dishwasher-safe feature.
  • The company's lifetime satisfaction guarantee is a testament to its quality.


  • It doesn't always center the burger, leading to slight inconsistencies in thickness.

2. Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

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While it's hailed as the most sought-after burger press, what captured me was its capacity to mold an impressive three-quarter-pound burger.

Every time I've used this, my burgers came out impeccably round and uniformly pressed. It's as if the press has a mind of its own, centering the meat just right. And if you're someone who loves a stuffed burger, this press has got you covered. You'll get a perfectly shaped cavity ready to be filled with your choice of delicious additions.

Operating it seems a bit magical with its near spring-like action. Load up the meat, give it a press, and watch as it compresses the meat and effortlessly pops open; your burger is now ready for the grill. The high-quality aluminum build ensures that meat doesn’t stick while also promising longevity.


  • Made from robust aluminum that stands the test of time.
  • Capable of producing sizable burgers, almost 3/4 of a pound.
  • Ensures even distribution of meat for uniform burgers.
  • Gives you the liberty to adjust patty thickness.


  • It doesn't have the heft one might expect from the product description.
  • You'll have to hand wash this one; it isn't dishwasher friendly.

3. Luxiv 3-In-1 Burger Press

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Although it's made of plastic, don't let that dissuade you. It's high-quality, food-safe, and surprisingly durable. The non-stick feature ensures your meat doesn't cling to the tool, and it genuinely lives up to that promise.

The standout feature for me is its 3-in-1 design. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty stuffed burger or a smaller, classic patty, this press has got you covered. It's incredible how versatile this little tool is.

Using it is a breeze, and it even comes with a generous supply of 100 burger papers, which I find super handy. And after all the burger-making fun, cleaning is a cinch, as it's entirely dishwasher safe.


  • Crafted from durable non-stick plastic.
  • Offers 3-in-1 functionality for various patty types.
  • Ideal for crafting stuffed burgers.
  • Generously includes burger papers.
  • A breeze to clean – it's dishwasher friendly.


  • I wish it came with some user instructions.

4. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

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I tried the Grillaholics burger press, designed mainly for stuffed burgers.

First impressions? This is a sturdy kit. I noticed its popularity, seeing similar positive reactions from other enthusiasts. Its durability suits both backyard BBQs and professional grilling sessions.

What caught my eye were the grill lines etched inside the mold – a neat touch that adds authenticity to the patties. The press, made of solid plastic, assured me of its food-safe properties and promised long-term service.

Using it was super easy! The non-stick feature meant no broken patties or meat wastage. And the company's confidence in their product? It's backed with a risk-free guarantee. If I didn’t love it, I could get a refund.


  • Masters the art of cheese-stuffed burgers.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Built to last with sturdy materials.
  • Non-stick ensures perfect patties every time.
  • Company's risk-free guarantee adds confidence to the purchase.


  • I found its size a tad smaller than expected.
  • Cleaning took a bit more elbow grease than usual.

5. Weber Original Burger Press

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Weber original burger press

I had to include the Weber hamburger press, given Weber's reputation in the grilling realm.

This press is straightforward, designed to craft flat, simple patties; I could whip up patties weighing up to half a pound, giving me ample room to meet varying burger cravings. The result? Neatly rounded, flawlessly flattened patties ready for the grill. Operating it was a breeze.

One feature I found innovative was the subtle dimple it left on the patty, a smart trick to counteract the usual shrinkage while cooking. Cleaning up afterward was convenient too, thanks to the removable handle.


  • Cleaning is a cinch with the detachable handle.
  • Delivers consistent, evenly rounded and flattened patties.
  • Makes sizable half-pound burgers.
  • Simple and intuitive operation.


  • Wish it had a non-stick surface for easier patty removal.

6. Cuisinart Stuffed 4-In-1 Burger Press

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Cuisinart burger press

Cuisinart, a brand synonymous with top-notch kitchen gear, didn't disappoint with this grill press. Made of simple, food-grade plastic, it's impressively versatile. With its all-in-one design, I effortlessly crafted both stuffed burgers and standard burgers of varied sizes.

The anti-stick property was an absolute delight, ensuring the meat slid out smoothly each time. Cleanup was a breeze – I just popped it in the dishwasher. The ease with which I could churn out a variety of burgers was truly commendable.


  • Multifunctional 4-in-1 design caters to all burger cravings.
  • Excellent for stuffed burgers.
  • Intuitive and efficient operation.
  • Cleaning is easy, and it's dishwasher friendly.
  • The non-stick attribute is a lifesaver.


  • The plastic could be sturdier for enduring heavy-duty usage.

7. Gourmeo Burger Press Patty Maker

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Gourmeo burger press

Gourmeo's burger maker is a straightforward yet highly effective tool for anyone passionate about crafting the perfect burger. I especially appreciated its consistency – each burger slotted right into place, ensuring a uniformly round patty every time.

What stood out was its quality. Despite the simple design, it didn't feel flimsy or plasticky. Instead, it had a durable, weighty feel. I even ventured to make stuffed patties, and they turned out pretty good.

However, there was a slight hiccup. Figuring out the optimal size for the burgers took some trial and error.


  • Straightforward to use and delivers uniform patties.
  • Option to make stuffed burgers.
  • Cleaning up is a cinch, and it's dishwasher-friendly.
  • Built with heavy-duty material that feels durable in hand.


  • Extracting the burger from the base post-pressing was a tad challenging.

8. You Top Hamburger Press

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YouTop  burger press

Ever been in a rush to serve a horde of hungry friends? I was when I got the chance to try this burger press out!

This aluminum press is a game-changer. It effortlessly molds two flat patties simultaneously, cutting my prep time in half. The sturdy design ensures the meat doesn't cling, while the aesthetic wooden handle provides an excellent grip and can withstand a good press.

What made it even more convenient was the inclusion of an oil brush and 100 burger papers. As always, the inclusion of papers come in handy in keeping my patties separated and ready for the grill.

However, I did wish there was a bit more flexibility in size variations for the burgers. But for most occasions, the size it churns out is just perfect.


  • Whips up two patties at once - a real time-saver.
  • Sturdy wooden handle adds a touch of elegance and practicality.
  • Built to last with its robust design.
  • Non-stick feature works like a charm.
  • Bonus items like the oil brush and burger papers add value.


  • Only delivers a single burger size, which might limit customization for some.

9. RBAYSALE Burger Patty Maker

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RBAYSALE burger press

After pressing and grilling, the burger maintained its juiciness, thanks to the oblique dimple in the center. Paired with some cheddar and a touch of barbecue sauce, every bite was heavenly!

The aesthetics of this press were striking – the gleaming stainless steel contrasted beautifully with the rustic wooden handle. Not only was it a visual treat, but it was also super easy to use. Even better, for those who like an extra kick in their burgers, the deep dish of the press meant I could stuff them with cheese or something more spicy.

After the BBQ, cleaning is a breeze. Most of the residue came right off, and the non-stick feature ensured I wasn’t scrubbing away endlessly. While it's built like a tank and seems like it'll last for ages, I did wish it came with a warranty for that extra peace of mind.


  • High-quality stainless steel construction ensures durability.
  • Wooden handle adds a touch of class and is comfortable to hold.
  • Intuitive to use even for a BBQ novice.
  • Unique oblique dimple retains burger juiciness.
  • Cleaning up is straightforward and hassle-free.


  • Occasionally, the patties tend to stick to the top piece, requiring a bit of nudging.
  • Could have come with a warranty.

Burger Press Buying Guide

Before you purchase a new burger press, you will discover that there are many styles to choose from and also important aspects to consider.

I’ve prepared a mini buyer’s guide to provide you with some knowledge that might prove handy when trying to make the final choice on the best burger press for you.


Different burger presses can make various dimensions of patties. Some can produce several sizes. If you’re searching for a device that can produce an exact dimension of a hamburger, make certain to take a look at the sizes.

What you’ll see will be that the vast majority can accommodate a standard burger however that doesn’t mean they’re all made equal so take note of it.


The next step is to look at the materials that the burger press is constructed. There is a wide variety of different materials, and they all tend to work effectively.

If you enjoy grilling in the backyard or making smashed burgers – it's paramount you get a good quality non-stick burger press.

I'll say this again... You need a burger press made from a non-stick material.

Even if you choose an aluminum or non-stick plastic material, always look for a non-stick feature. This will make the preparation of your burgers a lot easier and cleanup is a breeze.

The Type of Burger

Although you can create any kind of patty you want using an ordinary press, it is possible to make a few things that are best made using a machine made specifically for this specific purpose.

If, for instance, you love making stuffed hamburgers, you need to think about purchasing the press specially designed to make this type of hamburger.

Design Concept

In the next step, think about the overall layout of the hamburger press. Certain presses can be grilled alongside your burger, while others are made for press patties.

One thing we suggest looking for is a device that is simple to operate. If the device is complicated, isn’t it making your pressing more difficult all in all?

Are you able to comfortably grip that handle, and keep the control of that handle without feeling cramped?

These aren’t major things to consider, but the more your burger press is is fit for your purposes, the more satisfied you'll be.

Burger Consistency

There’s nothing more annoying than making use of a burger press only to have unbalanced burgers--more dense in one area than in the other.

The majority of presses are made to eliminate this issue; however, some aren’t able to handle it.

The best option for a burger press is to turn your piece of minced steak into a uniform hamburger. There’s a chance that it won’t be perfect every time but at the very least, you don't want one burger to  be thicker than the other.


Also, ensure that you’re purchasing a durable burger press. Some presses are constructed using cheap plastics that could easily break or succumb to wear and tear.

If you’re making just a few patties at irregular intervals, it’s not an issue. But If you’re putting your press to use regularly or create a lot of patties at once you’ll need something durable.

Aluminium presses are believed to be the most durable overall. There are a few strong plastic models as well but be sure to determine if it’s a tough and long-lasting material or not.

However, if you don’t use it often and simply wish to have it available, just in case, then this might not be a factor to take into consideration.

How To Use A Burger Press

Using a burger maker is quite simple. It’s fairly straightforward, however, understanding why some presses operate differently from others when they’re equipped with additional pieces may be an obstacle.

Most of the time you’ll measure your meat portions and place them in the press. Voila! The final product is a delicious hamburger.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Take measurements of your meat according to what you’d like or as needed
  2. Put the meatball into the press
  3. Press the machine down to mold the meat into the shape of a patties

Some presses may come with additional guidelines or suggestions Be sure to look over the specifics for your specific press as well.

If your press does not instantly dimple the burger it is possible to think about making a tiny dimple inside the meat by yourself. This will allow the burger to shrink as much when the cooking process.

If you’re making the stuffed burgers, it will be more difficult than that since you need to stuff the centers and follow a multi-step procedure.

Why Trust Boyd Hampers and its expert Chef Norah Clark?

With a culinary journey spanning over 15 years in some of the globe's most prestigious dining establishments and hotels, Chef Norah Clark has carved a niche for herself as a distinguished chef in the food industry, being featured in many food magazines.

Her undying enthusiasm for whipping up scrumptious meals has driven her to critically assess and comment on a myriad of kitchen implements.

Our approach to each product is meticulous, striving to present a balanced and expert viewpoint on the cream of the crop, ensuring our readership is well-equipped with knowledge prior to making a purchase.


What features should I look for when choosing the best burger press for making smash burgers?

Look for a press with a sturdy handle, a non-stick surface, adjustable thickness settings, and durable materials like cast iron or aluminum for the best results.

Can I use a regular spatula or my hands to make smash burgers instead of a burger press?

While you can use a spatula or your hands, a burger press offers more consistent results, and helps achieve that classic smash burger texture.

Are there specific brands known for producing high-quality burger presses for smash burgers?

Brands like Weston, Cuisinart, and Lodge are known for their quality burger presses. However, there are other excellent options available as well.

Can I use a burger press for things other than burgers, like grilling sandwiches or paninis?

Many burger presses are versatile and can be used for making grilled sandwiches, paninis, quesadillas, and more.

What's the difference between a single-press and a double-press burger press?

A single-press burger press shapes one patty at a time, while a double-press allows you to make two patties simultaneously. The choice depends on your needs and convenience.

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