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11+ Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans You Need To Try

Norah Clark
Cold coffees with poured milk

When it comes to the best cold brew coffee beans, there is a minefield of coffee brands to select from.

From robust beans to smooth blends, there is no scarcity of cold brew coffee brands waiting to be plucked off your supermarket shelf or is just a mouse click away. Just because it's a cold coffee doesn't mean it has to taste bland and unappetizing.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans You Need in Your Life

Trying to find the best tasting coffee beans for the cold brew lover in your life? Your search will end here with this list of the best coffees for cold brews.

The best coffee for cold brews should be a medium to coarse ground coffee with a smooth, well-balanced flavor profile. Single-origin beans or a cold brew blend work well.

From rich, bold flavors to subtle, nuanced notes, these cold brew coffees are bound to hit the spot morning, afternoon, or evening.

Rank Coffee Bean Brand Best Feature
1 Verve Coffee Roasters Sermon Blend The balance between fruity sweetness and boldness
2 Stella Blue Cold Brew Easy-to-brew packets for quick preparation
3 Partners Coffee Brooklyn Roast Versatility in brewing and delightful sweetness
4 Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee BioWeb brew bags for mess-free preparation
5 Chamberlain Coffee – Elephant Cold Brew Blend Pre-measured pouches for easy cold brew
6 Chamberlain Night Owl Coffee Blend Rich, dark roast with a variety of flavors
7 Don Francisco’s Organic Cold Brew Coffee Pre-portioned pitcher packs for convenience
8 Tiny Footprint Coffee Beans Consistent quality and rich flavor
9 Organic Swiss Water Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Versatility and rich, full-bodied flavor
10 Spare Moment Cold Brew Coarse Ground Coffee Medium roast with a harmonious flavor
11 Lucky Goat Cold Brew Coffee Smooth and easy to brew with a resealable bag
12 Inspired Coffee Co – Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Variety in flavors 
13 Cooper's Guatemalan Organic Cold Brew Coffee Smooth and robust flavor

1. Verve Coffee Roasters Sermon Blend

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Verve Coffee Roasters Sermon Blend

After tasting Sermon Blend, I noticed it had a delightful dance of Blueberry Pie, Cocoa, and Candied Pecan on the palate, making every sip a discovery.

It’s an enriching medley of carefully sourced beans from East Africa and Colombia, bringing a harmonious balance and sweetness to my mornings.

Pro: The balance between the fruity sweetness and structural boldness makes it versatile for any coffee lover, whether you like it black, batch-brewed, or as espresso.

Con: Its distinct and bold flavors might be a bit overpowering for those who prefer a more traditional, mild coffee taste.

2. Stella Blue Cold Brew

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Stella Blue Cold Brew

The Stella Blue Big Cat Blend is a coffee lover's dream. Every sip elicits the  lingering flavors of caramel and hazelnut, balanced perfectly with a hint of sweet fruitiness, just the thing to kickstart my mornings.

Pro: I found the easy-to-brew packets hassle-free and a lifesaver for quick, effortless preparation.

Con: While I relished the distinct blend of flavors, it might be a little adventurous for those who are more inclined towards a simple, straightforward coffee taste.

3. Partners Coffee Brooklyn Roast

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Partners Coffee Brooklyn Roast

Brooklyn blend is my go-to daily coffee; it’s like a dessert in a cup. The flavors of creamy cocoa and sweet toffee mingle perfectly with the richness of dried fruits, creating a symphony of taste in every sip.

Pro: Whether I brew it on the French Press at home or enjoy it with or without milk, it’s equally delicious and satisfying.

Con: While the richness of flavors is a delight, those who prefer a more straightforward and bold coffee might find it a bit on the sweet side.

It’s the ideal blend for those who appreciate nuanced flavors in their coffee, making every morning feel like a gourmet experience.

4. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

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Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

This medium roast is a delight to the senses! With every sip, I tasted a blend of caramel and hazelnut, striking that smooth and sweet balance that I love in a coffee.

Pro: The BioWeb brew bags are a game-changer – renewable, compostable, and they don’t break, allowing me to make cold brew seamlessly and mess-free.

Con: Though I relish the sweet and full flavor of the beans, those who prefer their coffee a bit on the bolder, stronger side might find it a tad too sweet.

Each cup is a testament to the impeccable taste and quality. It’s a simply delightful cold brew experience for anyone who loves a smooth, sweet cup.

5.Chamberlain Coffee – Elephant Cold Brew Blend

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Chamberlain Coffee – Elephant Cold Brew Blend

Drinking Cold Brew Elephant is like waking up to a chocolate-caramel delight! Every sip carries the creamy richness of dark chocolate melded perfectly with sweet, tempting caramel.

Pro: The pre-measured pouches are fantastic, a real timesaver. Just throw one in a jar with water overnight, and voila, a refreshing cold brew awaits you in the morning!

Con: While it's a dream come true for cold brew aficionados like myself, those who like their coffee hot and freshly brewed might not find this as appealing.

It’s cold brew, simplified to perfection. I've easily prepared a week’s worth of coffee with one bag, savoring the bold, organic coffee sourced from Peru, Sumatra & Papua New Guinea and roasted in California. If you, like me, have a penchant for exceptional coffee with no fuss, this is your go-to!

6. Chamberlain Night Owl Coffee Blend

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Chamberlain Night Owl Coffee Blend

The perfect companion for those late-night work sessions is Night Owl Blend.  Each sip whispers, who needs sleep?

Pro: The rich and velvety texture of this dark roast, paired with notes of dark chocolate, honey, and toasted walnuts, make it utterly delectable. I brewed it for 12 hours in my cold brew setup and added oat milk, a spoonful of pure pumpkin purée, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and some pumpkin pie spice—truly delicious!

Con: While the flavor profile is exquisite, especially with added spices and sweeteners, those who prefer a lighter, more straightforward brew might find this blend a bit overwhelming.

Whether you crave a bold hot coffee or a refreshing cold brew, this blend adapts, making the a long night toiling easier to bear. it’s like having a little nocturnal companion.

7. Don Francisco’s Organic Cold Brew Coffee

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Don Francisco’s Organic Cold Brew Coffee

This custom coffee blend is designed explicitly for cold brew, and it’s a game-changer! It’s the richness of this Medium-Dark roast that resonates; it’s not as intense as an espresso blend, but it holds its own with a deep, satisfying flavor.

Pro: The convenience of the pre-portioned pitcher packs makes brewing a breeze, and the yield is generous—you get twelve 8 fl. oz. servings from the 4 pitcher packs! It’s smooth and robust, and the flexibility it offers is fabulous; I enjoy it over ice and sometimes with cream and sugar when I crave something sweeter.

Con: While the 24-hour steeping time ensures a full-bodied flavor, it does require a bit of planning ahead, which might be a slight inconvenience for those looking for a quick coffee fix.

But, after the first sip, I was hooked! The value you get for the price is unmatched, and it’s so delightful that I’ve added it to my subscription plan, ensuring I never miss out.

8. Tiny Footprint Coffee Beans

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Tiny Footprint Coffee Beans

This cold brew has been one of my go-to's for about a year now. Rich chocolate notes are predominant, especially when you brew it for that sweet spot of 16-18 hours. But the beauty lies in the experimentation; tweak the brew time to find that perfect cuppa.

Pro: Consistent quality, every batch, from roast to freshness, never disappoints.

Con: A little heads up though - grinding these beans can get a tad messy due to the papery husk they shed. But trust me, the flavor more than compensates for that minor inconvenience. In my books, this coffee is well worth that extra bit of sweeping.

9. Organic Swiss Water Decaf Cold Brew Coffee

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Organic Swiss Water Decaf Cold Brew Coffee

Having ventured into the world of cold brew recently, I’ve found this blend to be delicious, leaving no trace of bitterness commonly found in regular coffee. It's so scrumptious that I’ve gotten my whole family hooked!

Whether I’m indulging in some Reddi Whip and chocolate syrup or just adding a splash of chocolate sauce for sweetness, it's always a delight. The aroma that greets you upon opening the bag is simply heavenly.

Pro: Its versatility; it's a delightful dessert or a refreshing pick-me-up, depending on how you prefer it. The richness and full-bodied flavor of Stack Street is a flavorful journey.

Con: Adjusting to the unique taste of cold brew did take a moment, but trust me, it’s totally worth it! 

10. Spare Moment Cold Brew Coarse Ground Coffee

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Spare Moment Cold Brew Coarse Ground Coffee

Spare Moment Cold Brew Coarse Ground has medium roasted 100% arabica beans. Each sip delivers a harmonious blend of blueberry, nutty, and semi-sweet chocolate notes. I typically prefer my coffee with a touch of sweetness, so I steep it overnight in my fridge and add a dash of soymilk, creating a concoction that surpasses any shop-bought brew.

Pro: The value is unmatched! While it may seem pricey initially, it certainly beats the cumulative cost of grabbing takeaway cups daily, and in my opinion, the taste is superior. It’s a carefully crafted medium-roast, leaning more towards the smoother and sweeter side. 

Con: For those who love a robust, black, dark-roast coffee, this might not meet your preference. 

11. Lucky Goat Cold Brew Coffee

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Lucky Goat Cold Brew Coffee

This cold brew is the brainchild of Master Roaster Joseph Anthony, and each sip feels like a thoughtful concoction, freshly roasted in Tallahassee, Florida. I find the course ground blend remarkably full-flavored, and it’s so easy to brew! Just measure, add water, wait, and relish this delicacy over ice or chilled.

Pro: The resealable 12-ounce zipper bag is a thoughtful addition, keeping the coffee fresh. Plus, the roast date listed on the bottom of the bag ensures I know the freshness of my coffee. It’s a splendid start to my mornings, bringing a meticulous blend of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans right into my cup!

Con: While the smooth and low-acidity profile is my perfect wake-up call, those who prefer a brew with a bit of a kick or a robust flavor might want to experiment with the brewing time or look for a darker roast. 

12. Inspired Coffee Co – Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

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Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve relished every sip of the 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo coffee—it’s smooth, well-balanced, with a hint of chocolate in this slightly sweet brew. It’s a versatile companion, bringing joy morning, noon, or night.

I’m particularly fond of the French vanilla and peppermint mocha flavors. The one I tried recently had an unexpected hazelnut mocha vibe when brewed in my Aeropress, a welcome surprise! It’s possibly the brewing method, but this flavor description fits better than what I anticipated. The light roast still packs a flavor punch, even without a 12-hour steep. I'm eager to explore more from this brand.

Pro: The variety in flavors and the convenience in brewing methods make it adaptable to different palates and preferences. It’s exciting to taste and explore the diverse range.

Con: The flavor descriptions might vary slightly based on the brewing method and personal taste perceptions. So, it’s good to experiment with different brews to find the one that aligns with your taste buds perfectly.

13. Cooper's Guatemalan Organic Cold Brew Coffee

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Guatemalan Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Coopers delivers a superior the best cold brew experience. It’s incredibly smooth, robust, and the chocolatey undertones make every sip delicious.

Pro: It’s unbeatable in smoothness and flavor, truly one of the best cold brew coffees I’ve encountered.

Con: The recent $6 price hike is pushing me to explore alternatives. There are different, equally delicious options available at a friendlier price point. Coopers, I urge you to reconsider the pricing. As much as I love this coffee, the value proposition is becoming a bit unbalanced.

Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting coffee snobs who love their cold brews, there are several things to consider to guarantee that you are choosing the finest blend.

Flavor Profile

If you are looking for coffee with a bold, rich flavor, you may want to consider a blend with chocolate or nutty notes, which are harmonious with cold brew methods.

Bean Origin: make sure to choose a coffee that has the desired bean origin to suit your palate.

For instance, if you have a preference for fruity, light coffees, consider beans from African regions.

Grind Size

Choose a coffee with the appropriate grind size.

Look for coffees that offer coarse grind options or whole beans, as a coarse grind is ideal for making cold brews.


Ensure to select a coffee known for its freshness. Look for brands that roast in smaller batches and provide roast dates on the packaging.

Packaging Design Lastly, don’t overlook the packaging design. Search for packages that are appealing and reflect the recipient's aesthetic preferences.

By keeping these features in mind, you can select the perfect coffee for the cold brew lover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use pre-ground coffee for cold brew, or is freshly ground coffee better?

While pre-ground coffee can work, freshly ground coffee is recommended for the freshest flavor. Grind the beans just before brewing for the best results.

Is it necessary to use a specific roast level of coffee for cold brew?

Medium to dark roasts are commonly used for cold brew as they offer robust flavors, but you can experiment with your preferred roast level to suit your taste.

Should I use a cold brew concentrate or regular-strength coffee for my cold brew?

It depends on your preference. Concentrate yields a stronger brew that can be diluted, while regular-strength cold brew is ready to drink as is.

Are there any specific brands or coffee blends known for producing exceptional cold brew coffee?

Some popular brands known for their cold brew blends include Stumptown, Chameleon Cold-Brew, and Grady's. However, taste preferences vary, so experimentation is encouraged.

What brewing methods are best suited for making cold brew coffee at home?

The most common methods for making cold brew at home are immersion brewing (steeping) and slow drip. Both can produce excellent results with the right coffee.

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