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Best Handheld Electric Can Openers – Tested & Reviewed

Norah Clark

A handheld electric can opener can be a game-changer during cooking, eliminating the need for manual can opening and saving you time and unnecessary effort in your culinary endeavors. These devices also minimize the risk of injury from sharp can lids.

In my opinion, an electric can opener is a absolute must-have in any kitchen setting. That's why I've tested the ones on the list below to help you decide on an opener that suits your needs. Take walk through the list below and hopefully you'll find one that will see you throwing out your state-of-the-ARK ancient can opener and joining the 21st century. 

Rank Can Opener Brand The Best Feature
1. Faberware Automatic Can Opener Magnets lift from the container after cutting
2. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener Simple to use for everyone
3. The W-Dragon Electric Can Opener Self-adheres to cans
4. L-Bulice Electric Can Opener Multifunctional 5-in-1
5. Vivian Electric Can Opener Innovative side-cutting system

Best Handheld Electric Can Openers

1. Faberware Automatic Hands-Free Can Opener
Faberware electric can opener.

The Faberware Hands-Free Opener boasts an easy-to-store sleek design. Despite its compact size, it can open cans of all shapes and sizes.

Key features:

  • Seamless opening technology, reducing sharp edges and related hazards
  • Safety-enhancing magnets to lift the lid after cutting, ensuring extra security and comfort
  • Easy cleaning of the electric motor with a damp cloth
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries for operation
  • Ideal for the kitchen and camping trips

Experience safety and convenience with this versatile can opener, designed to tackle every can in your kitchen!

2. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama electric can opener.

The Kitchen Mama electronic can opener, available in blue, red, or white, is a really great can-opener.

Key features:

  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries, capable of opening nearly any can
  • Simple operation with just two taps: one to start cutting and another to stop
  • 360-degree cutting around the lid
  • Blade cuts the lid’s sides without touching the food, ensuring no sharp edges for safe use
  • User-friendly design, ideal for everyone, especially seniors with limited grip strength

Seriously consider the Kitchen Mama electronic can opener. 

3. W-Dragon Electric Can Opener

W-Dragon electric can opener.

This electric can opener offers convenience and safety, and effortless cutting through cans.

Key features:

  • Cuts the outside of the can 
  • Self-adheres with a magnet for quick and effortless opening
  • Compact design, capable of opening cans of any size with a single button press
  • Requires only 2 AAA batteries
  • Small and simple to store

Upgrade your kitchen with this powerful and convenient electric can opener, perfect for all can sizes.

4. L-Bulice Electronic Can Opener

L-Bulice electric can opener.

This versatile can opener is perfect for handling various types of caps, seals, and bottles, streamlining your kitchen experience.

Key features:

  • Opens six different kinds of caps, seals, pull rings, safety seals, and bottle caps
  • You only need one tool for multiple tasks
  • Easy operation: place the can opener on the lid’s edge, secure it, and press the button
  • It comes with an electric motor, so no more expensive battery purchases

I recommend this can opener simply due to its plug and play facility. 

5. Vivibyan Electric Can Opener

Vivibyan electric can opener.

I quite like the Vivibyan Electronic Can Opener, featuring innovative side-cutting technology.

Key features:

  • Unique side-cutting technology removes lids, leaving a resealable, smooth edge
  • Compatible with cans of all sizes
  • Easy operation: place the opener on the can, press the gray button to start cutting, and press again once the can is opened
  • Simple cleaning with a damp towel
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries, providing sufficient power for the compact motor

Upgrade your kitchen experience with the Vivibyan Electronic Can Opener, designed to make can opening a breeze!

Handheld Electric Can Opener Buyer’s Guide

To ensure you choose a durable and efficient electric can opener, we think it's it’s essential to know what factors to consider. Here are the key features to look for: 

Power Source

A handheld electric can opener should be fast and easy to use, so choose a power source that fits your needs. For home use, opt for one that plugs into an outlet. For camping or picnics, a battery-powered option fits the bill.


Consider how many and what size cans you typically open. If you frequently open large cans, you’ll need an electric can opener designed to handle their dimensions and weight.

Storage Constraints

With limited kitchen space, ensure the electric can opener fits easily among your other appliances. Many modern options are sleek and compact, so finding one that doesn’t take up much room should be feasible.

Cutting Power

Electric can openers cut cans in different ways—some cut inside the rim, while others cut beneath the inner rim. Although this is a matter of personal preference, ensure the can opener is sturdy enough for repeated use.

Safety Features

When buying kitchen appliances, especially those that cut metal, prioritize safety features. An electric can opener should have a locking mechanism to secure the can, reducing the need to hold it and risk injury.

Additionally, look for an automatic shut-off feature that stops the opener once it’s done its job. Without this, it could continue cutting, potentially releasing metal shards into the open can, posing a significant hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you invest in battery-powered can openers?

Battery-powered can openers are typically compact and efficient, capable of opening cans of various sizes. The main drawback is the need to keep spare batteries on hand for when the current ones run out.

These can openers are especially useful for camping trips or picnics, just remember to pack extra batteries!

Are electric can openers safer?

Compared to manual can openers, handheld electric can openers generally pose a lower risk of injury. They eliminate the need for manual exertion and are often hands-free, reducing exposure to sharp blades.

Can electric can openers become rusty?

Handheld electric can openers, like manual ones, can indeed become rusty. To prevent this, wipe them clean with a damp cloth after each use and thoroughly dry them. Storing them while damp can lead to rust formation.

Rusty can openers are not only less effective at opening cans but can also pose a hazard if rust flakes end up in your food. If you notice rust on your can opener, whether manual or electric, it’s advisable to replace it with a new one.

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