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Norah Clark
Melted chocolate in a bowl.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a seasoned food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a former pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

The best melting chocolates for molds would be one with a higher percentage of cocoa butter and fat. The chocolate must be designed to melt and set well, resulting in a smooth and even surface. You want to see that irresistible glossy sheen but also have a product that doesn’t instantly melt in your hands!

Chocolate is my ultimate comfort food, and at this time of the year, with Halloween and Christmas coming up, it’s the perfect time to think about getting your kitchen messy and making your own delicious chocolates!

I have had a lot of trial and error with melting chocolates for molds, so to save you the many chocolatey disasters I’ve had, I’ve put together this guide which will hopefully lead you straight to the best chocolate for melting!

This article provides a thorough guide to melting chocolate into molds. Also, you will find the top melting chocolates for molds!

Most chocolate melts nicely but may not set very well. When you purchase chocolate to make molds, it is best to buy top-quality chocolate which sets well.

Below is a rank and review of what I believe are the most effective options for melting chocolate molds.

Chocolate Brand Description
Callebaut Couverture Chocolate Belgian 54.5% semisweet dark chocolate.
Ghirardelli Melting Wafers Dark chocolate and white vanilla-favored wafers.
Merckens Milk Chocolate 6-8% cocoa milk chocolate wafers.
Wilton Candy Melts Set Light cocoa and white candy melts.
Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Morsels 69% dairy-free dark chocolate morsels.
Guittard Organic Chocolate Wafers 74% cocoa bittersweet chocolate wafers.
Baker’s Premium Chocolate Baking Bar 100% unsweetened cacao chocolate.
Toll House Chocolate Morsels 53% cacao dark chocolate morsels.
Beyond Good Chocolate 70% pure dark chocolate.

Various kinds of chocolates are included, from pure dark to white. When properly melted, these chocolates are suitable for making chocolate candy at home!

1. Callebaut Couverture Chocolate

Callebaut Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is among the top chocolates to use in molds.

If it’s melted and then appropriately tempered, the couverture chocolate can be used to make the most amazing molds.

Callebaut Couverture Chocolate is among the top couverture chocolates available on the internet. It contains 54.5% solid cocoa and 37% fat.

When it is melted, dark chocolate has moderate fluidity, which permits its use of it not just for molds but also to create chocolate sauces, mousses, and various chocolate desserts.

It is also Belgian chocolate so will not disappoint you in terms of flavor! Made of cocoa beans that have been whole-roasted, Callebaut couverture chocolate has a remarkably rich flavor with subtle vanilla and fruit notes.

The secret to the beautiful taste that this chocolate is the company roasts and grinds the finest cocoa beans.

Another benefit of the chocolate from Callebaut is that it is in the form of a resealable package. Also, you will find all the necessary information regarding the cooling and heating temperatures of the chocolate in the packaging!

2. Ghirardelli Melting Wafers

Ghirardelli Melting Wafers

Ghirardelli is one of the well-known chocolate companies with people who enjoy creating various chocolate-based candies and decorations.

This assortment pack from Ghirardelli contains white and dark chocolate melting wafers. You could then melt both to mold two-colored chocolate candies or mix them up to make new flavors.

Many people have noted that Ghirardelli wafers melt quickly and effortlessly. They are simple to use and set properly.

If you’re new to working with chocolate melts and molds, Ghirardelli waxes would be an excellent choice since they do not require tempering!

Even without tempering, chocolate candy made from Ghirardelli wafers doesn’t melt into your hands once the chocolate has set.

The packaging states that they are white and dark chocolate vanilla-flavored wafers. You should not be shocked to learn that the principal ingredients in these wafers include sugar, vegetable oils, and dry milk that is nonfat.

Ghirardelli Wafers are made to melt well and set. If this is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for, and the ideal ingredients list, when buying chocolate for molds.

3. Merckens Milk Chocolate

Merckens Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate is more straightforward for chocolate molds. But chocolate candies made with creamy, milky chocolates will always hold a special place in most of our hearts!

Searching for milk chocolates that melt well and are suitable for molds is a bit of a challenge, but Merckens Milk Chocolate is the ideal choice.

Merckens is another well-known chocolate company that produces high-quality chocolate wafers. It’s been around for more than a century and has a reason it is one of the top chocolate brands in the field of confectionery.

Merckens Milk Chocolate Wafers are made up of 6-8% cocoa. They are compound chocolate wafers that use vegetable oil in the cocoa butter.

The chocolate wafers have the benefit of a lower melting point and are very simple to use as no prior preparations are required. 

4. Wilton Candy Melts Set

Wilton Candy Melts Set

Wilton Candy Melts are some of the most effective products for making candies using molds.

They are the easiest to melt. You can melt them by using the microwave or with a double-boiler.

There is no need to add cream or milk to these wafers to help them melt properly. One tablespoon of coconut oil that has been dissolved or vegetable shortening should be enough to increase its consistency mixture when you feel it may become too dense.

These white and light chocolate melts from Wilton are an excellent starting kit. The wafers can be used not just to make and melt but additionally to drizzle-dip fruit and sprinkle on sweets.

Wilton Candy Melts come in an assortment of other colors as well. You can get creative and create a variety of chocolatey treats to share with your loved ones!

Be aware that Wilton Candy Melts are primarily oil and sugar. While this means they are not the best in terms of ingredients, they’re still one of the top choices for molds.

5. Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Morsels

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Morsels

If you’re looking for melting chocolate for molds that contain very few ingredients, then Life Food chocolate morsels are the best choice.

These chocolate morsels are made up of just two components: unsweetened chocolate and cane sugar. Enjoy Life Food chocolate morsels have an intense taste since they contain 69% cacao.

Enjoy Life Food Chocolate morsels can be a safe option for those with food allergies. It is entirely free of commonly-used allergens like dairy, gluten, and soy. Enjoy Life Foods dark chocolate morsels are healthy for paleo and non-GMO.

Dark chocolate morsels are available in 5 or 50-pound containers. They are ideal for those who frequently make chocolate candy or want to make it in large quantities.

Once you have used what you need of the product, ensure that you store the remainders in the right conditions so that they can keep their top quality until your next use.

6. Guittard Organic Chocolate Wafers

Guittard Organic Chocolate Wafers

Guittard is another high-chocolate company that you must try at least once! It’s been available since 1868 and can make high-quality chocolate products! Guittard utilizes high-quality ingredients.

If you’re searching for melting chocolate to make molds, try these 74% dark chocolate wafers from Guittard. Wafer chocolate also melts quickly.

The principal ingredients are cacao beans, cocoa butter, and evaporated sugar from the cane. The cacao comes from a fair trade, gluten-free, and GMO-free source.

Guittard chocolate wafers can be more expensive than other melting chocolate choices but are more than worth the cost. These chocolate wafers are natural and come with a fantastic tasteIt is bittersweet chocolate with fruity notes and bitter undertones

Dark chocolate wafers are great not just for melting and molding candies but also for baking and making ice cream and a myriad of chocolate-flavored desserts.

Guittard chocolate wafers are packaged in bags that can be resealable for storage convenience.

7. Baker’s Premium Chocolate Baking Bar

Baker's Premium Chocolate Baking Bar

If you’re not afraid of spending some extra time cutting the chocolate before melting it, you might want to consider purchasing this Baker’s High-Quality Baking Bar.

This is pure cacao chocolate unsweetened. The chocolate bar has an adequate amount of cocoa butter, making it melt into a soft mass that is easy to place into molds.

When you work with this chocolate, be aware that it isn’t a sugar substituteSince this chocolate is unsweetened, it is ideal for making sugar-free chocolate candy.

The Baker’s Premium Baking Bar is great not just for melting or molding but also great for baking.

8. Toll House Chocolate Morsels

Toll House Chocolate Morsels

If this is your first time melting chocolate to molds and you prefer to use an established brand you are familiar with, purchase the Nestle Tolls House chocolate morsels.

This is genuine dark chocolate, with 53% cacao. Nestle Toll House chocolate contains natural ingredients: Sugar, chocolate, and cocoa butter.

The chocolate also includes milk fat and Nonfat Milk. Be aware of this if you’re trying to stay away from dairy.

Toll House chocolate comes as morsels, making it easy to melt and then use to mold. In addition to candy making, you can also use Nestle Toll House dark chocolate for baking cookies, brownies, and cakes.

Toll House chocolate morsels are also gluten-free and do not contain any preservatives.

9. Beyond Good Chocolate

Beyond Good Chocolate

As you are aware, dark chocolate is very easy to melt, and the greater the fat and cocoa butter percentage, the faster it melts.

This makes Beyond Good chocolate an excellent option to melt. It’s 70% pure 100% chocolate and can be used to make molds and bake with and for snacking.

Beyond Dark chocolate is good quality and is produced exclusively from Madagascar cocoa beans alone. The Madagascar cocoa tree is thought to produce the finest cocoa beans.

The Beyond Good Melts boast a fresh chocolate taste with some fruity notes. They’re also sustainable, fair trade, gluten-free, GMO, and soy-free.

What Is Melting Chocolate For Molds?

Making chocolate candy in your home can be a work of art! But it is a complicated procedure that requires careful attention to detail and the appropriate tools.

Chocolate candies can be made with various types of molds, including silicon, polycarbonate, metal plastic, polycarbonate, etc.

Whilst choosing a high-quality mold is important, you must also get the right chocolate.

Chocolate manufacturers offer chocolates that are made to melt quickly and set beautifully. If tempered properly the chocolate will have an attractive finish and snaps easily with the snap of a finger.

Chocolate used to melt molds often is in the form of wafers but you can also purchase bars of chocolate that melt – perfect if you need a larger quantity.

When looking for chocolate to melt, I recommend avoiding chocolate that is specifically for fountains or fondues. It’s not great for molding because the chocolate becomes too liquid after melting it.

Melted chocolate in a cup.
Melted chocolate in a cup.

How To Choose Your Melting Chocolate

Chocolate candies taste great and look great when you select the appropriate kind of chocolate that melts. Without knowing what works best, it can be easy to make mistakes in purchasing.

When you’ve decided to make your own chocolate candies at home, you must be willing to put the time and effort in for amazing results, therefore, it is crucial to select the correct chocolate to avoid disaster and disappointment!

Below are the key points you’ll want to consider when choosing your chocolate…

Real Vs Compound Chocolate

The first essential is to first understand the difference between chocolate which is real and compound.

  • Pure chocolate is real chocolate. The primary components of real chocolate are cocoa solids as well as cocoa butter.
  • Compound chocolate includes cocoa powder as well as vegetable oils. Typically, compound chocolate is made up of only a tiny amount of cocoa butter, and a substantial quantity of sugar.

When looking for melting chocolate for molds, you may come across couverture chocolate. Couverture is real chocolate that has a high proportion of cocoa butter, providing candies with a high-gloss appearance.

Couverture chocolate is excellent to make candy since it’s ideal to melt and temper.

Type Of Chocolate

The three primary kinds of chocolate are milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. The quality of chocolate can be determined by the quantity of chocolate liquor and/or cocoa butter in it.

Dark chocolate could contain as much as 90% solid cocoa. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the less sweet it is. Dark chocolate can come as unsweetened or bittersweet, depending on the amount of sugar it contains.

Milk chocolate is the most sought-after kind of chocolate because of its sweet, milky and chocolaty taste. It is a little lower in cocoa solids and cocoa butter than dark chocolate and contains more liquid milk and fat.

White chocolate is made up of the highest amount of cocoa butter and milk, but none of the solids of cocoa. If you’re looking to create delicious chocolate confections, food coloring could be added to white chocolate to make stand-out colors!

In deciding what kind of chocolate to use for molds, you should consider not just the taste that the chocolate has, but as well the way it will melt. Chocolate that has a higher percentage of cocoa butter melts quicker and is more effective.

White and milk chocolates contain additional ingredients, such as sugar as well as milk and fats. These ingredients hinder the melting process, and can also make it difficult to melt the chocolates into molds.

Find out the melting and cooling temperature for the kind of chocolate you plan to make use of.

Dark chocolate has higher melting and cooling temperatures than white or milk chocolate.


Always go through the list of ingredients before purchasing melting chocolate! The higher quality of the chocolate, the more concise the list of ingredients is, therefore making this task more efficient.

The principal ingredients of melting chocolate include cacao beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk and white chocolates contain milk powder or milk. Chocolate enriched with vegetable oils and fats is not the ideal choice.

It is also essential to stay clear of buying chocolate that’s loaded with preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The order in which ingredients are listed is important as well. Beware of buying chocolate if the first ingredient on the list of ingredients is sugar.


The same chocolate from different brands could taste different. The distinctive taste of chocolate is mainly dependent on the cacao type and the way in which the cacao beans are processed, and what kind of additives are used by the brand.

Try a variety of chocolates to determine which one you prefer – who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate taste test?!

If you’d like your homemade chocolate candy to be extra scrumptious, make sure you don’t buy low-quality chocolate. The price difference often signifies that it has been through an extensive process of refinement. This means that it is more flavorful.

Cheap chocolate has low-cost ingredients and plenty of sugar. It is much sweeter than an authentic chocolate flavor.

Bar Chocolate Vs Morsels

Chocolate comes in wide varieties. It is possible to purchase bar chocolates to melt and chocolaty morsels. Chocolate morsels are little pieces of chocolate and are generally sweetened.

There are two aspects to think about when deciding between chocolate bars and morsels to make candies.

First of all, chocolate bars that melt tend to be priced higher than chocolate bag morsels. Then, consider the time you’ll need to prepare the chocolate to melt.

If you are using bars of chocolate, you will have to chop them first. This requires a little bit of extra time and effort. If you purchase morsels, the job is already completed for you – the chocolate is in uniform-sized pieces. Just place them in the bowl and let them melt!

Chocolate that melts can also be called wafers. Chocolate wafers are identical to chocolate morsels. They melt faster than chips of chocolate. We suggest that you do not purchase chocolate chips to make molds.

Chocolate chips are designed to keep their shape when baked. They’re challenging to melt, and do not give the most pleasant texture in molds. Keep your chocolate chips to make brownies and cookies!


Some find tempering chocolate very difficult. While it is possible to achieve mastery of the process of tempering chocolate by practice, you might not have the time, space, and resources to make it happen.

If you’re not skilled in tempering chocolate or prefer to purchase chocolate that doesn’t require tempering, look for the words “pre-tempered.”

Couverture chocolate is the most suitable type of chocolate to make molds but requires tempering. Avoid buying couverture chocolate if you will not be likely to temper it.

Brand of Chocolate

Make sure you research the chocolate you are buying.

Learn more about the source of chocolate, how it is made, whether the chocolate is natural or not, whether GMO-free, and so on. Good quality chocolate typically comes with all the details regarding its source.

Check out the information on the package, too, certain brands offer melt instructions for chocolate!

I hope the above guide has helped you to make an informed choice before beginning to make your candies. Below are the answers to more questions about melting chocolate, please read on for more information! 


How do I store chocolate that has been melted?

As long as you keep the chocolate in a dry area at a temperature less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the quality of the chocolate will not be affected.

If your home temperature is high, you’ll need to cool the chocolate to keep it from melting. Place the chocolate in an airtight container or store it in the original container if it’s airtight and unharmed.

Can you re-melt chocolate to make molds?

It is suggested to melt chocolate no more than three times. Melting chocolate more than three times can impact the texture and flavor of the chocolate, and homemade candy may not turn out as tasty.

If you’re making the chocolate melt a second time, ensure that you don’t overheat the chocolate. Do not add any additional water or liquids to the chocolate. Add oil or fat to the mix if the chocolate has become too thick.

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