The Best Pizza Cutters of 2023 - Tested & Reviewed By A Chef

Norah Clark
One of the best pizza cutters cutting a pizza.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a seasoned food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a former pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

So, what is the best pizza cutter? Look for one with a high-carbon steel blade for easy slicing, like the Dexter-Russell Pizza Cutter, which also features a nylon locknut for extended durability. A good pizza cutter should always include a super sharp blade and an ergonomic handle for precision and ease of use.

Pizza is a staple in many households worldwide, enjoyed for its simplicity, quick preparation, and delicious taste. Whether it's frozen, homemade, or ordered in, there are endless options to fit any diet or lifestyle, including healthy versions.

However, finding the right pizza cutter can be a challenge. They tend to get lost, become dull, or struggle to cut through the crust. It's frustrating trying to choose a high-quality cutter that will last for more than a few months.

In this article, we'll cover the 11 best pizza cutters and provide specific information on what to look for in your pizza cutter. Read on for the ultimate guide to finding the perfect pizza cutter for your home.

Best Pizza Cutters Overview. Credit: Norah Clark
Best Pizza Cutters Overview. Credit: Norah Clark

The Best Pizza Cutters

Here are the best pizza cutters that I have used and can vouch for in my opinion.

Rank Pizza Cutter Features
1. Dexter Pizza Cutter High-carbon steel blade, molded finger guard, nylon locknut
2. OXO Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Stainless steel blade, soft-grip handle, dishwasher safe
3. OXO Good Grips Easy-to-Clean Pizza Cutter Stainless steel wheel blade, removable handle, blade guard included
4. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade Includes plastic sheath for blade, dishwasher safe, stainless steel
5. Kitchen Gizmo Pizza Cutter Stainless-steel removable blade, ergonomic rubber handle
6. Rosle Stainless Steel Ergonomic Pizza Cutter Free-running roller blade with dual edges, ergonomic handle design
7. Epicurean Pizza Cutter Series Made with modified natural materials, beveled cutting edge
8. Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter and Server Scissor-designed pizza cutter, non-stick nylon base, BPA-free materials
9. The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade 14-inch wide stainless steel blade, includes protective cover sheath for the blade
10. KitchenAid Professional Pizza Wheel Stainless steel blade, dishwasher safe, heavy-duty build
11. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel Fits in the palm of your hand, super sharp blade

1. Dexter Pizza Cutter

If you’re looking for a top-notch, high-quality pizza cutter this one may be perfect. This pizza cutter has a bit higher price tag but does provide the ultimate quality to go with it.

Key Features:

  • Molded finger guard on the handle
  • High-carbon steel blade
  • Nylon locknut for extended durability

This pizza cutter may look basic at first glance, but it has multiple qualities that make it far superior to some pizza cutters on the market. This is your basic pizza cutter, but the Cadillac version.

The Dexter 4-inch pizza cutter was designed to provide both comfort and security with a molded handle that contour to your finger and allow you to hold the handle with ease and protection.

One side of the blade wheel is ground to a sharp edge to provide you with the ultimate cutting experience.


  • Friction reducing blade bushing that allows the cutter to roll and move smoothly through any pizza
  • This product line falls under Dexter’s “Sani-Safe” line, which is a popular line due to the overall professional design of the utensils
  • Easy to clean design in a standard wheel and handle build
  • Designed to last for years of use


  • The center has a plastic washer which raises some concerns for durability
  • Not dishwasher safe

2. Oxo Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

We have a great option for you if you prefer to use steel utensils.

The OXO steel pizza wheel and cutter has a durable stainless steel design that makes it look great and work great simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel blade and handle design
  • The handle includes soft-grip intuition
  • Dishwasher safe

This is a great mid-range price option that has the added polished look of stainless steel. The handle is designed with steel for looks, but also incorporates the soft-grip features that OXO is well known for in their kitchen utensils.

This pizza cutter has a durable, sharp blade that works well for all types of pizza as well as pastries and other foods. The handle is designed with a thumb grip for additional control of the cutter when in use.

This is a quality product that will work well for you for an extended period. It’s comfortable and easy to use with an ergonomic design and safety features for ultimate protection.


  • Angled blade and handle to make cutting smooth and comfortable
  • Thumb guard provides both safety and traction for those thick crusts
  • This product lives up to OXO’s reputation for providing useful, high-quality products for an affordable price
  • Attractive design with stainless-steel properties


  • Could be more difficult to clean with the handle and wheel attachment design
  • May need to apply pressure when cutting for a full cut

3. OXO Good Grips Easy-to-Clean Pizza Cutter

Simple, affordable, and easy to clean – this OXO good grips option is one of our top picks for many reasons.

Key Features:

  • 4” stainless-steel wheel blade
  • Top hold, removable handle
  • Blade Guard included

This pizza cutter is a wheel style cutter that has a top handle grip. It has a simple, classic design that is easy to grip and comfortable to use. The formation of this handle also allows you to take the cutter apart for easy cleanup.

The handle design gives you plenty of control while you’re cutting and the blade is strong enough to slice through any type or size of pizza crust. Cutting your pizza will be a breeze with this handy little tool. It’s also quite small, so it takes up minimal space for storage.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to control handheld design
  • Comes apart and pieces back together easily for simple cleaning
  • Backed by OXO’s customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Not as sharp as some compared pizza cutters
  • Because it is round with a top handle, if your dish has an edge, it will not cut clear to the edge.

4. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade

Your traditional rocker blade pizza cutter, with a sleek design and an affordable price tag, this pizza cutter is made to impress and wins another of our top choices.

Key Features:

  • Includes plastic protective sheath for blade
  • One piece of commercial quality stainless steel, from handle to blade tips
  • Dishwasher safe

This pizza cutter is the ultimate example of a versatile kitchen utensil. Perfectly cut your pizzas in 4 easy slices and use this cutter to slice your pizza toppings. You can easily slice, chop, mince, and scoop with the snazzy design of this pizza cutter.

The Checkered Chef pizza cutter was designed with ease and simplicity in mind. It won’t pull off your toppings and it won’t take repetitive strokes to slice through whatever it is you are cutting.

The curve of the rocker is just enough to rock for simple cutting but small enough to keep this cutter a reasonable size.


  • 18/0 stainless steel from top to bottom and every corner
  • Easy to wash, with rust-free properties
  • A versatile tool for pizza cutting and more
  • Not overbearing in size or weight


  • Soft steel makes it flimsy during use
  • This site is a bit smaller and may not reach all edges of large pizzas

5. Kitchen Gizmo Pizza Cutter

If you like the look of the simple round cutter with a top handle, you will love this option. The Kitchen Gizmo has a simple look and convenient size, with an added grip to the top to make it easier to use.

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel removable blade
  • Rubber grip with ergonomic design
  • 1-year warranty included

The top handle of this pizza cutter makes it so simple to use, adding an extra bit of safety, as your hand is less likely to slip while using. This cutter comes apart for quick and easy cleaning when you are finished, and no worries of food left behind on the handle.

The blade is sharp and intended to cut through pizza easily without taking your toppings with it as it slices. The grip significantly affects the ease of use for this cutter. This tool is 100% dishwasher-safe.


  • Made with superior quality materials
  • Rubberized grip for comfort and control
  • Includes a blade sheath for safety and protection of the cutter
  • This cutter can be stored simply because of its size and can stand or lie down for storage.


  • It could stand to be sharper, but you can sharpen as you like

6. Rosle Stainless Steel Ergonomic Pizza Cutter

If you like the unique and trendy, check out this next-generation pizza wheel from Rosle.

This pizza cutter has its own special look and is ergonomically designed for comfort and quality.

Key Features:

  • Handheld pizza wheel
  • Free running roller blade with dual sharp edges
  • Ergonomic handle design

Rosle offers a lifetime warranty on their product. This is a bit pricy for a pizza cutter, but you can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty. The design of this pizza cutter allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure to cut any type of pizza, among other things.

This simple but functional piece looks like no other pizza cutter on the market. It is highly rated and made with superior quality materials to be durable and simple to use. This model comes apart for easy cleaning of the tool and blade.


  • Handle provides a safe and comfortable grip that you can tilt and maneuver for your cutting surface
  • The blade is sharp on both sides to cut effectively without pulling
  • 18/10 stainless-steel with a German design
  • Rosle has more than 125 years of positive reputation for its ability to engineer quality and innovative products


  • Handle tends to hold water
  • Wobbles a bit during use

7. Epicurean Pizza Cutter Series

If you’re bored with the plastic or stainless steel looks and prefer an eco-friendly option, check out the Epicurean Pizza Cutter Series. This rocking blade-style pizza cutter is made in the USA with environmentally friendly materials but offers the same positive qualities as other pizza cutters.

Key Features:

  • The cutter measures 16” x 4.5”
  • Made with modified natural materials
  • Beveled cutting edge

This pizza cutter was thoughtfully created with many positive qualities that many people would appreciate. The cutter is durable and lightweight while being made with eco-friendly materials that are easy to maintain. It is even dishwasher safe.

The cutter has a hole on one end to make it convenient to hang for storage. Not only did the creators consider the environmental impact of creating these cutters, but they also considered your need for efficient cutting and ultimate durability.


  • Can slice through a whole pizza in a single rocking motion
  • Made in the USA from trees that meet the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards
  • Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 350 degrees
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty


  • The blade does not come very sharp but can be sharpened
  • Must apply considerable pressure to cut effectively

8. Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter and Server

If you thought cutting your pizza with scissors might be appealing, you should check out this unique scissor-style pizza cutter.

This is a pizza cutter for the books with its unique style and ability to cut and serve the pizza in one utensil.

Key Features:

  • Scissor-designed pizza cutter
  • Non-stick nylon base
  • BPA-free materials

The Scizza is designed to be both simple and effective. While the scissors run effortlessly through the pizza, they do not scratch surfaces or have adverse effects from being used on pizza stones. This pizza cutter is designed with German stainless steel and has a long-lasting sharpness.


  • Does not scratch or dull against surfaces
  • Maneuvers easily through all types of crust
  • Built-in server tool
  • The long blade moves cleanly through pizza and does not pull toppings


  • The design makes it more challenging to clean effectively
  • A higher price tag with seemingly low durability

9. The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

If you like the rocker blade style but want something with a firm grip, this one is designed with you in mind.

The Ultimate Pizza Cutter has a safe dual-sided grip that makes your cutting the Ultimate experience.

Key Features:

  • 14-inch stainless steel blade
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes protective cover sheath for the blade for safety and blade protection

This rocking blade pizza cutter is the ultimate tool. It is affordable, and it works very effectively and simply with a customer satisfaction guarantee attached to it. They named this The Ultimate for a reason.

Despite the affordable price tag, this product is not made cheaply. It is designed with premium materials, including high-impact handles and a sharp stainless steel blade that is quite effective.


  • Dual-Handle Grips for ultimate comfort and control
  • Slices effortlessly through all pizza and crust types
  • Known as one of the safest and sharpest pizza cutters


  • The dough tends to stick to the blade
  • Very large design to be considered for storage purposes

10. KitchenAid Professional Pizza Wheel

KitchenAid has long been known for its ability to provide high-quality and efficient kitchen products.

Their professional pizza wheel easily fits into their accustomed standards.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sleek red handle

This pizza cutter looks great and works great – what more could you ask for in a pizza cutter? This is ergonomically designed for safety and comfort with is finger guard, durable build, blade guard, and comfort grip.

You won’t be disappointed in the abilities of this pizza cutter. It is one of the higher-priced cutter options but provides superior lasting qualities.


  • Works effortlessly through all types of pizza
  • 18/8 stainless steel blade
  • Heavy-duty, durable build
  • A sharp blade that does not need to be sharpened immediately


  • The blade cover is difficult to get on
  • It tends to rust if washed in the dishwasher

11. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

The Kitchy Pizza Cutter is another wheel-shaped pizza cutter with a top handle grip.

This pizza cutter is a viable option with its super sharp blade and simple design available in multiple color options.

Key Features:

  • It fits in the palm of your hand
  • Super sharp blade
  • Versatile for cutting more than just pizza

You will not be disappointed with this versatile kitchen tool. It’s described as a pizza cutter but can be used for so much more. It is simple to clean and includes a protective blade cover. This pizza cutter effortlessly slides through any food surface you might challenge it with.


  • Powerful and effective design
  • Smooth and easy cutting
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Fun color options


  • Tough to take apart without a sharp blade
  • Not extremely durable

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in determining which type of pizza cutter you might prefer and selecting your very own pizza cutter. We invite you to take a look at our common questions below.

How To Decide Which Is The Best Pizza Cutter

Finding a pizza cutter is about much more than just buying something to slice your pizza. It’s about having something that slices your pizza without tearing it up or tearing up the topping as it cuts. Your pizza cutter must also be able to slice fully through all layers of the pizza. 

While it might seem like you should just be able to go to your local household store and pick up a pizza cutter, that’s not the case. Sure, you can purchase any old pizza cutter, but will it do the job like it’s supposed to? How do you know without trying it? That’s what we’re here for. 

Also, did you know there are uses for pizza cutters besides just slicing pizza? Get excited because we will share those secrets with you too. Let’s start by discussing some key things you might want to consider when looking for a pizza cutter. We will also cover proper care for your pizza cutter. 

What You Should Look for In A Pizza Cutter

You could use a knife to cut your pizza, but a pizza cutter works much more effectively and efficiently. Pizza cutters are designed to slice the pizza seamlessly. Cutting your pizza with a knife is a much more challenging task. 

If you’ve been cutting your pizza with a typical kitchen knife, you probably have a decent routine down, but we recommend that you try out a pizza cutter and see just how much you fall in love with the simplicity of using a pizza cutter. 

  • Type of Pizza Cutter – As you consider your pizza cutter, be aware that there are 2 primary types of pizza cutters and many characteristics beyond that. The two types of cutters are rocker blades and wheel cutters.
  • The rocker blade is a larger style that spans across a full pizza. It has a handle on the top, and the entire bottom is a blade. It rocks across your pizza, cutting as it goes. The wheel cutter is the most common type. It has a rotating bladed wheel attached to a handle. It is small and practical. 
  • Sharp Blade – You want to be sure that your pizza cutter is going to be able to get the job done. Will it slice through every type of crust and thick layers of toppings in one cut? Will you have to cut multiple times to get a clean slice? Will it tear the toppings and crust as it cuts? Your blade could affect all of these. 
  • Easy To Clean – Clean-up is the worst part of every meal, so it’s pretty key to make sure that cleaning your pizza cutter is not going to be challenging. Find a pizza cutter that has non-stick properties and wipes clean easily. A bonus is if it’s dishwasher safe as well. 
  • Durability – As you cut pizza, you will apply a certain amount of pressure to the cutter. You want a cutter that is strong and durable and able to withstand applied pressure when in use. It would be a major bummer if your cutter broke during use. 
  • Comfort – You want to be sure you can easily use your pizza cutter. A comfortable grip or handle could make a significant difference in the smoothness of your slicing. If you can hold the cutter comfortably, you will be able to cut easily and with no concern for your fingers. 

These are the top 5 characteristics of pizza cutters that we recommend you pay close attention to. There are many other properties you could consider as well that would be based on your personal preferences. 

You might consider how and where you will store your pizza cutter. If you purchase a rocking pizza cutter, it will be a large item, and you will need to be able to store it somewhere.

Another factor would be to consider whether a sheath is provided on your pizza cutter because it is a blade you are working with. 

The fun of purchasing a pizza cutter is choosing what works best for you. Later in this article, we will review and share the 11 best pizza cutters.

They will not necessarily be shared in any specific order. They will be shared based on their qualities, and there will be various kinds. 

As you read through the briefs on each product, take note of what qualities seem important to you. What you prefer or even think you would prefer might be different than others. You get to choose what is right for you as you select your pizza cutter. 

Benefits of a Pizza Cutter vs a Kitchen Knife

You could think you don’t need a pizza cutter because your knife works just fine. While your knife probably works okay on cutting pizza, you will be amazed at the difference when you switch to a pizza cutter. 

Let’s talk about a few benefits of using a pizza cutter rather than a knife when slicing your pizza. 

  • Safety – Pizza cutters were specifically designed with cutting pizza in mind. They are made for slicing smoothly, accurately, and safely. A knife was not designed for this purpose. While knives are made for cutting, they weren’t made with pizza. A pizza cutter is the safest way to cut every single time. 
  • Smooth Cutting – A pizza cutter cuts through the layers much more smoothly. Chef knives are not designed to cut through multiple layers of gooey goodness. The dough is very hard on a typical knife. It wears the knife down, but it also causes the knife to cut less smoothly. 
  • Ease of Use – Cutting your pizza with a knife is much more difficult. A pizza cutter slices right through easily, while a knife requires working through the pizza section by section and repositioning the pizza to cut each angle. You don’t simply cut a pizza once; you make multiple cuts to get the pizza into slices or squares. 
  • Perfection – Cutting with a knife will be rough and could easily tear your slices as you are cutting. The simple answer is that pizza cutters are designed for the task, while kitchen knives are not. 

Kitchen knives are a simple fix for cutting pizza when you don’t have a pizza cutter at your disposal. However, we are certain that once you try a quality pizza cutter, you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner! 

Another recommendation for slicing pizza if you don’t have a pizza cutter is a pair of kitchen shears. These work more effectively than knives because they seamlessly slice through the pizza. 

Again, a knife or kitchen shears is a temporary solution. Investing in a pizza cutter will add another utensil to your kitchen toolbox and properly equip you for your pizza cutting needs.

It does not take a lot of space and will not clutter your drawers. It is a single-piece tool. It’s time to make the switch! 

What Else Can You Use A Pizza Cutter For?

A pizza cutter can be a versatile utensil. It does not have to be used for just slicing your pizza. This section is designed for you if this is the excuse holding you back from purchasing a pizza cutter! 

There are many alternative things you can do with a pizza cutter. You will be amazed to find out just how useful a pizza cutter can be and just how extensive the versatility of a pizza cutter is. It may be called a pizza cutter, but it can also provide other uses. You might as well get your money’s worth and use it as much as possible.

If you add another tool to your kitchen, you might as well put it to use. Many people skip purchasing the pizza cutter because they don’t want to purchase a tool JUST to use on pizza. Our goal is to educate you on other potential uses so you can make the best use of your investment. 

Below is a list of other things you can do with your pizza cutter. 

  • Cut homemade pasta into strips
  • Shred lettuce for a salad or a topping
  • Mince and cut various herbs, such as fresh cilantro
  • Cut sandwiches effortlessly, or cut the crust off of toast and bread
  • Cut lunch meat, hot dogs, grapes, and other foods for children
  • Cut tortillas for chips or salad toppings; you can also cut tortilla creations such as the quesadilla
  • Cut and shape cake fondant
  • Smoothly cut canned biscuits for pull-apart type recipes
  • Cut casseroles, brownies, and fudge

I hope you’re reading these ideas and thinking, “Wow, I can use the pizza cutter for anything that needs cutting.” Do you see our point yet? It’s a versatile tool, and with a pizza cutter, some things that are hard to cut can be cut smoothly and easily. 

Due to size, we will note that for some of the items above, the wheel blade cutter may work easier than the rocking blade cutter. However, the rocking blade cutter is still a versatile tool that can be used for several of these tasks. 

When you are using your pizza cutter for any job you choose to use it on, be sure you are using care and safety techniques to accompany the use. Watch the placement of your fingers, your grip on the cutter, and the item you are cutting. Use a stable surface, preferably a cutting board. 

Apart from kitchen uses, you might find your pizza cutter useful for activities around the house. If you’re a crafty person, the rolling wheel pizza cutter can be used for your crafting.

We recognize that most crafters don’t use their scissors for their food items and probably feel the same about their cutting blades, but it’s a thought to consider all the same. 

How To Clean And Look After Your Pizza Cutter

If you want your pizza cutter to last a long time, you must take the proper steps to take care of your pizza cutter. If you treat it with respect as you would most blades or kitchen tools, it should last you for several years. 

Caring for your pizza cutter is a fairly basic process, but we thought it might be good to cover the basics to clarify for you the best methods of caring for your pizza cutter. Whether you select a rocking blade pizza cutter or a rolling wheel pizza cutter, these care and cleaning tips will work the same. 

Cleaning a rolling wheel pizza cutter could take a bit more effort to get clean, but it’s still pretty simple once you know the tricks. 

  1. Wipe your blade down immediately after use. Allowing food to dry on the blade wears it down faster and makes it harder to clean. 
  2. Some pizza cutters are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing. Use warm running water and soap to clean. 
  3. Clean from top to bottom, moving downward to prevent cutting yourself on the blade. 
  4. For the wheel cutter, you can hold it down in a bowl or sink to prevent it from spinning while you wash. 
  5. Fully dry your pizza cutter using a towel that will not scratch or allow it to air-dry completely. 
  6. Place the cutter into its protective sheath and store. You must cover the blade for both the safety and protection of the blade. 

Pro Tip: To clean between the handle attachment and the wheel on a wheel cutter, try using dental floss or a fine material to run through the small area and dislodge anything that may be in that spot. 

We’ve given you an ultimate guide to reference regarding pizza cutters, from characteristics to look for various uses to care guidelines. We hope that this guide will be helpful to you before and after you purchase your pizza cutter. 


What Is The Best Pizza Cutter For Deep Dish Pizza?

For a deep-dish pizza, we recommend checking out the Scizza pizza cutter or any of the rocking blade cutters. These seem to slice more effectively for thicker crust pizzas. 

Can I Sharpen My Pizza Cutter?

Most pizza cutters can be sharpened with any sharpening tool. Be sure to check the care and handling instructions for your pizza cutter just to be sure. 

How Should I Best Store My Pizza Cutter?

Store your pizza cutter in a manner that works for you. Be sure it is in a dry storage area to avoid rusting. Also, be mindful of the blade and whether or not your cutter has a blade cover to be sure your cutter is stored as safely as possible. 

Why Trust Boyd Hampers?

With over 15 years of experience in cooking and baking in some of the world's leading restaurants and hotels, Chef Norah Clark has become a renowned expert in the culinary world. Her passion for creating delicious dishes has led her to test and review countless kitchen gadgets, including pizza cutters, to ensure they meet her high standards.

We meticulously test and review every product to deliver an impartial and expert opinion on which item stands out best.

You can trust her recommendations based on her extensive experience and dedication to providing the best culinary tools for home cooks and professionals alike.


Pizza is a beloved staple food enjoyed globally for its convenience and delicious taste. With endless options available for different diets, healthy alternatives are also possible.

However, choosing the right pizza cutter can be daunting as they tend to dull or get lost, making it difficult to find a high-quality cutter that can last longer than a few months.

One of the best pizza cutters is those with high-carbon steel blades, such as the Dexter-Russell Pizza Cutter, with a nylon locknut that guarantees durability, a super sharp blade, and an ergonomic handle that provides precision and ease of use.

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