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Best Salt and Pepper Shakers for Your Dining Table

Norah Clark
Salt and pepper shaker on a dining table.

Salt and pepper shakers are essential to every dining table, providing the final touch to dishes with a simple shake. Their ubiquitous presence in homes and restaurants marks their importance in culinary tradition, where the right amount of seasoning can enhance any meal. Over the years, shakers have evolved from purely functional items into pieces of art, reflecting personal style and complementing a variety of table settings.

I tested over 24 different brands of salt and pepper shakers and narrowed these down to 10 of the best. There are several factors I consider, such as the material, ease of use, size, and whether they are manual or electric. Material choice affects both durability and style.

Glass and ceramic shakers lend a classic look, while stainless steel and wood offer a more modern appeal. Size determines convenience; large shakers need fewer refills, while smaller ones take up less space. The choice between manual and electric shakers depends on personal preference for convenience versus control.

Best Salt and Pepper Shakers of 2024

The best salt and pepper shaker are simple with elegant glass or stainless-steel shakers are by OXO and Chef'n as I find them easy to clean and fill, look ideal on any dining table and are durable whilst being functional.

1. OXO Shaker Set

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  • Perfect hole pattern for controlled seasoning
  • Pour spout feature for bulk dispensing
  • Transparent design shows when refills are needed


  • Hand wash only; not dishwasher safe
  • Pour spout could be larger for some users
  • Limited to salt and pepper; not for other spices

Cooking with this set has shown me the value of having both a shaker and pourer in one. The hole pattern on the OXO Shaker Set ensures that I never over-season my meals—a common concern for any home cook. Moreover, the stainless steel accents aren't just for show; they assure me that the shakers can withstand the hustle of my busy kitchen.

The clear body is especially helpful. I've lost count of the times I ran out of seasoning mid-recipe, but with these shakers, I can see exactly when it's time for a refill. No more surprises!

But these aren't without minor drawbacks. The fact they're not dishwasher safe means I set aside time for hand-washing, which, with a packed schedule, can be inconvenient. Additionally, while the pour spout is a clever addition, those who often cook in larger quantities might find it a bit too restrictive.

2. Cozy Kitchen Companions

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  • Generous size reduces refill frequency
  • Clear visibility of contents through glass bottom
  • Even distribution of seasonings from well-designed lids


  • Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel lid may detach if not handled carefully
  • Metal component quality could be better

Fresh out of the box, the Arrozon Salt and Pepper Shakers felt substantial in my hands. The stainless steel lid unscrewed seamlessly, making the first fill a breeze. I sprinkled a pinch of sea salt over my morning eggs, taking note of how just a couple of shakes dispensed the perfect amount – no clumps, no clogging.

Sitting on the counter, these shakers complemented my industrial-chic theme, not just sitting idle but adding flair. Mid-week, a quick rinse was all that was needed to keep them sparkling. Although the manufacturer advises against the dishwasher, cleaning them was not a chore.

While prepping for a weekend barbecue, I appreciated the hefty 4 oz size, which meant I wasn't fretting about refills with guests on the doorstep. The glass bottom caught my eye just in time to top them up. The lids, however, did give me a moment's pause, as a friend pointed out the stainless steel cap felt loose. With a bit of care during use, it remained a non-issue.

3. OXO Good Grips Shakers

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  • Versatile lid settings for controlled seasoning
  • Sealable lids protect against moisture
  • Clear glass allows for easy content viewing


  • Adjusting holes may be small for larger grains
  • Not the most robust construction
  • Stainless steel tops require hand washing

Just seasoned my evening steak with the OXO Good Grips Glass Adjustable Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, and the experience was quite impressive. The multi-setting lid is not just a gimmick; it genuinely comes in handy when alternating between cooking and seasoning at the table. On top of that, being able to close the shakers completely is a plus for those humid days when clumps of salt are the last thing I want to see.

I especially appreciate the clear glass body of the shakers. There's no more guessing game about how much salt or pepper is left—I see it right there. And when it's time to refill, I'm glad I can toss the bottoms into the dishwasher, saving me from a tedious chore. While the steel tops do require a bit of hand cleaning, it's a minor trade-off for the convenience and aesthetic these shakers bring to my kitchen counter.

I've noticed, though, for larger grains like my favorite coarse sea salt, the holes can be somewhat restrictive. On occasion, I find myself shaking a tad more vigorously than I’d prefer. And although mostly sturdy, they don't quite feel like they could survive a significant drop, so I handle them with a little extra care. As an everyday tool, these shakers meet the mark — they're practical, look great on the table, and the click of the adjustable lid feels reassuringly precise. Whether it's a dash or a sprinkle, I've got it covered with a simple twist.

4. ANDONG Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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  • The grinders' transparent bodies allow you to see how much seasoning is left.
  • Adjustable coarseness gives you full control over your seasoning.
  • Non-slip bottoms ensure the grinders stay put while in use.


  • The set does not come pre-filled with salt and pepper.
  • With four pieces, storage might be a concern for some.
  • Glass construction requires careful handling to prevent breakage.

Recently, I got my hands on the ANDONG Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, eager to test it out. The vibrantly colored tops are certainly eye-catching and do more than just add a pop of color to my countertop; they also help me quickly identify which spice is in which grinder. This was especially handy when I was in the middle of cooking and needed to grab the right seasoning without missing a beat.

Filling them was a breeze, and the adjustable grind size is a feature I've already come to love. Whether I want a fine powder to dust over a finished dish or coarser grains for a marinade, these grinders deliver. I had no issues with spices clumping or caking, which tells me the included dust covers are doing their job at keeping contents fresh.

Still, I should note that, as sleek as these grinders are, my tiny kitchen made finding a home for all four a slight juggling act. Since they're made of glass, I'm also mindful to handle them with care—no tossing them into the sink with other dishes.

5. Original SP Shakers

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I think these shakers are a solid purchase for anyone looking to add a dash of convenience and style to their kitchen.


  • Customizable pour settings let you control the amount of seasoning.
  • The glass and steel design is both functional and has a premium look.
  • Fully sealable and easy to refill, keeping spices fresh.


  • The plastic lid and steel shroud may feel less durable than expected.
  • Glass design, while elegant, requires care to avoid breakage.
  • Stainless steel cover doesn't actually contribute to build quality.

I recently got my hands on the Original SP Shakers and I'm pretty pleased with their performance. Their adjustable pour settings are quite handy; I can switch between fine and coarse sprinkling with ease. It's a nifty feature for when I bounce between seasoning a stew and prepping a salad.

The combo of glass and stainless steel strikes a nice balance between durability and design. My shakers have become a chic addition to our dinner table. They don't just look good — they let me see at a glance when a refill is due.

I appreciate how simple it is to keep these shakers topped off. Unscrewing the lid for a refill is smooth, which makes maintenance a breeze. And since the seal shuts tightly, my spices stay dry and flavorful, avoiding any clumping that can happen in some humid kitchens.

That said, even stylish items have their drawbacks. The modern stainless steel appearance is actually just for show; a light piece of metal wrapped around the glass. I've noticed it might not hold up if these shakers are not handled with a bit of care. And while the glass design enhances the look, it does mean I'll have to be cautious to avoid any kitchen mishaps.

6. HOME EC Original Shakers

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I'd recommend these shakers for anyone looking to add functionality and style to their kitchen.


  • Adjustable pour settings cater to different seasoning needs.
  • The clear glass body indicates when a refill is due, saving time.
  • Sturdy stainless steel and glass design promises longevity.


  • The lid may require a firm twist to adjust pour settings.
  • Glass construction, while sleek, must be handled with care to avoid breakage.
  • Stainless steel top, if not secured properly, can come loose.

I recently got to try out the HOME EC Original Shakers and I was quite impressed with their versatility. Having used them to season my morning scrambled eggs, I found the adjustable holes incredibly handy. A quick twist changes the setting from a light dusting to a generous pour, which is great for cooking.

The shakers feel solid in my hand and the glass is clearly high-quality. As someone who often forgets to refill before it's too late, I appreciate being able to see at a glance how much salt or pepper is left. This feature has been a real time-saver during hectic meal preparations.

Cleaning these shakers is a breeze, thanks to their simple design. I appreciate kitchen gadgets that don't require a lot of fuss to maintain, and these fit the bill perfectly. Plus, their sleek look adds a touch of elegance to my spice rack. However, I've learned to handle them carefully, especially after my partner accidentally dropped his last glass shaker.

7. Aelga Shakers

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I'm charmed by this set's balance of form and function, making it a solid choice for any kitchen.


  • Adjustable pour holes for controlled seasoning
  • Sleek, space-saving design
  • Easy to clean with a clear glass bottom for content visibility


  • Some might prefer a larger capacity
  • The rotating lid requires careful handling to align settings
  • Lacks labeling for salt or pepper identification

Having recently tested out the Aelga Salt and Pepper Shakers in my own kitchen, I've discovered they blend seamlessly with my modern appliances and gadgets. Their rotational lid feature is quite handy—offering four different pour settings to tailor your seasoning needs.

My experience with these shakers at the dinner table was a hit among guests. The sleek stainless steel and glass design is not only attractive but also minimizes kitchen clutter with its compact shape. When I prepared a meal, adjusting the pouring size on the fly was a breeze, enhancing both the cooking process and the final flavors on the plate.

Cleaning up after a flavorful meal usually brings a frown to my face, but not with these shakers. Unscrewing the parts and giving them a quick rinse was straightforward and fuss-free. The clear glass made keeping track of salt and pepper levels a non-issue, saving me from the annoying surprises of suddenly empty shakers.

Using these shakers day to day, I noticed how comfortably they fit in my hand and how they made my culinary activities feel a bit more refined. Despite their smaller stature, they pack a punch with functionality. I've come to the conclusion that the Aelga Salt and Pepper Shakers are worthy allies in the pursuit of perfectly seasoned dishes.

8. Chic Blue Shakers

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If you love adding a pop of color and convenience to your dining table, these shakers are definitely worth your attention.


  • Aesthetic charm enhances any table setting
  • Visibility of contents simplifies monitoring spice levels
  • Twist-off tops ensure hassle-free refilling


  • Glass bottom may be fragile if handled carelessly
  • Capacity might not be sufficient for heavy users
  • Limited to only salt and pepper

These turquoise salt and pepper shakers caught my eye right away. Their vibrant hue brings life to my usual table arrangements. I appreciated that I could see at a glance how much seasoning was left—no surprises during dinner prep.

I've found the sleek stainless-steel accents align beautifully with my modern kitchen decor. They're more than just functional; they serve as a stylish accessory on the countertop.

Refilling was a breeze. The screw-on lids provide a secure fit without the struggle I've had with other shakers. They feel sturdy in my hands—a refreshing change from the flimsiness of previous sets I've owned. Yet, their glass construction means I'm careful when handling them, especially around my playful pets and nephews. For everyday use, however, they're a solid choice.

9. Stainless Shakers Set

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If you're after reliability and sophisticated design in your seasoning tools, this set might just be your match.


  • Effortless refilling and cleaning
  • Elegant design that complements any decor
  • Adjustable pour holes for perfect seasoning


  • Bulkier than some may prefer
  • The top can be tight initially
  • Stainless steel may show fingerprints

I found the Kitchen-GO Salt and Pepper Shakers Set quite impressive when I spiced up my morning eggs today. The stainless steel and glass design feels modern and has a reassuring weight in my hand without being cumbersome. They look sharp sitting there on my kitchen counter and certainly don't seem out of place when I bring them out for dinner with friends.

The adjustable pour holes have been a real highlight. I love getting just the right sprinkle of salt on my avocado toast, and these shakers deliver that with ease. I've had shakers before where I'd either get a mountain or mere grains, but these let me dial in the perfect amount.

Cleaning is a breeze. The glass detaches smoothly from the stainless steel, so I can wash them without any trouble. And when it comes to refilling, gone are the days of salt and pepper spills on my kitchen floor. The wide openings make it quick and mess-free. Overall, they're a solid choice for anyone looking to upgrade their seasoning setup.

10. Sangcon Electric Grinder Set

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The Sangcon Electric Grinder Set is a must-have for any kitchen, blending ease with innovation for a seasoning experience that feels both modern and effortless.


  • Enhanced capacity saves frequent refills.
  • Effortless operation with the gravity sensor.
  • Coarseness control for perfect seasoning.


  • Requires buying six AAA batteries for each unit.
  • Not dishwasher safe so manual cleaning is needed.
  • Blue light feature might be unnecessary for some users.

Having freshly ground salt and pepper ready at the flip of a wrist really elevates my cooking game. The Sangcon Electric Grinder Set has an impressive capacity which means I'm not constantly refilling it. The transparent design also lets me know exactly when it’s time for a top-up. Plus, the ease of cleaning is a bonus despite it not being dishwasher compatible—you just disassemble and wash it by hand.

The ease of the gravity sensor impresses me the most, though. There's no need for twisting or manual grinding, which is a lifesaver when I'm multitasking in the kitchen. I just turn the grinder over, and it automatically dispenses the right amount of spice—so convenient!

I also appreciate how I can play around with the coarseness of the grind. Whether it's a fine powder for a delicate sauce or a coarser sprinkle for a steak, I get to control the texture with a simple twist. It's versatile enough to accompany me from kitchen preps to the dining table.

On the other hand, the initial setup took a bit as I shopped for the right batteries; six AAA batteries are not included. Being mindful about waste, I invest in rechargeable ones. Although the built-in blue light seems nifty, especially in dimmer settings, it's an aesthetic I could do without during my daylight cooking adventures. Still, I can see it adding a novel touch to dinner settings.

Buying Guide

Material Quality

I always check the durability of salt and pepper shakers. Materials like stainless steel, glass, and ceramic are common. Metal may be more durable, while glass allows me to see how much content is left.

Material Pros Cons
Stainless Steel Durable, doesn't break easily Can dent, doesn't show contents
Glass See-through, stylish Fragile, can break if dropped
Ceramic Varied designs, sturdy Can chip or crack, heavier

Size and Capacity

The size should be a comfortable fit for my hand. The capacity is important as well—to reduce the frequency of refills, larger shakers may be more practical.

User-Friendly Features

I consider how easy they are to fill and clean. Wide openings reduce mess when refilling, and dishwasher-safe materials make cleaning less of a hassle. Another useful feature is adjustability; being able to control the grind size can be a significant plus for pepper shakers.

Seal and Moisture Protection

Salt can clump when exposed to humidity. I look for shakers with a good seal to keep moisture out. A tight-fitting lid helps to maintain the quality and flow of salt and pepper.

Style and Decor

I think about how the shakers will fit with my kitchen decor. From classic to modern designs, I aim to choose a style that complements my dining space.


Value for money is key. Without going over my budget, I find options that combine quality with affordability. It's about balance rather than simply choosing the cheapest or most expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can salt and pepper shakers withstand humid conditions?

Ceramic shakers with a glaze finish or high-quality stainless steel sets are best in humid climates as they're less prone to corrosion. Brands like Le Creuset and Willow & Everett provide such options.

How do I decide between salt and pepper shakers with different numbers of holes?

For salt, fewer holes are typical to prevent over-seasoning, since salt grains are finer. Pepper shakers commonly have more holes to distribute the larger, coarser grains easily.

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