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The 5 Best Wine Decanters We Had The Pleasure of Trying

Norah Clark
The 5 Best Wine Decanters We Had The Pleasure of Trying

Looking to find the perfect wine decanter to store your wine? We've meticulously researched and purchased over 19 different decanters, putting them to the test in a series of rigorous evaluations.

Our focus was on how effectively each decanter aerates wine, enhancing its flavor and softening tannins—particularly crucial for aged red wines that develop sediment. We assessed the functionality of different materials, from durable glass to refractive crystal, and considered the impact of decanter shapes and sizes on wine aeration.

After comprehensive testing, we narrowed it right down to the 5 best wine decanters currently available, ranking them based on aeration efficiency, design elegance, and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or gifted a wine hamper, our findings will help you choose a decanter that not only improves the quality of your wine but also adds a touch of sophistication to your table setting.

The 5 Best Wine Decanters We Had The Pleasure of Trying

Rank Brand Key Features
1. S JUSTSTART Decanter Built-in aerator, elegant crystal design, easy to clean, delicate glass, narrow neck, not for large bottles
2. Le Chateau Wine Decanter Enhances flavor with effective aeration, hand-blown crystal, wide mouth for easy cleaning, no stopper
3. JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter Aerates effectively, handcrafted elegance, slanted spout prevents spills, smaller capacity, tricky to dry
4. YouYah Wine Decanter Quick flavor enhancement, built-in aerator and filter, lead-free crystal, fragile, requires careful drying
5. BTaT- XL Decanter Set Aerates wine, includes drying stand, large 60 oz capacity, fragile, cumbersome cleaning, cleaning beads may be ineffective

1. S JUSTSTART Decanter

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This high-quality wine decanter is a smart investment for wine enthusiasts looking to enhance their drinking experience.


  • Enhances wine flavor quickly with built-in aerator
  • Elegant, lead-free crystal design suitable for any occasion
  • Easy to clean with its slanted top preventing spills


  • Glass feels delicate, handle with care
  • Narrow neck requires careful cleaning to avoid residue build-up
  • May not fit very large bottles of wine comfortably

There's something special about pouring a rich red through the S JUSTSTART Decanter. The crystal glass shines under the light, and the wine swirls elegantly, aerating to perfection without any extra effort. Its classic shape and style make it perfect for intimate dinners or as a centerpiece at your gatherings.

Having a decanter that aerates as you pour is incredibly convenient. Not only does it save time by removing the need to wait for traditional aeration, but it effortlessly elevates the wine's flavor profile. You'll notice the subtle notes more distinctly after just a few minutes of pouring.

Cleaning up afterwards is also a breeze. Despite the narrow neck, a standard decanter cleaning brush does the job well. And while the glass does seem thinner than some might expect, the resulting lightness makes it easy to handle and pour without fatigue. Just be sure to handle it gently to avoid any accidents.

2. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

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Your red wine experience is enhanced with this decanter's thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship.


  • Promotes fuller flavor through effective aeration
  • Hand-blown crystal exudes elegance
  • Easy cleaning process due to its wide mouth


  • Fragility requires careful handling
  • Lacks a stopper for preserving wine
  • Some may find the crystal too delicate

When your cherished red wine cascades into the Le Chateau Wine Decanter, you immediately notice the difference. This decanter ensures an ample amount of air interacts with an entire 750ml bottle of wine. The result? A taste that is as robust as the wine's original vineyard intended.

An evening with friends becomes more memorable with this glistening centerpiece. Not only does its hand-blown lead-free crystal add a touch of finesse to your table, but it also provides a durable yet lightweight structure. Your wine swirls comfortably within, achieving perfect aeration.

The wide base offers a stable platform for the wine to breathe while the slanted top makes pouring effortless. For those who dread the clean-up, rest assured the wide mouth comfortably fits any scrubber, making cleaning swift and straightforward. With the Le Chateau Wine Decanter, you turn every sip into a special occasion.

3. JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter

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Your wine deserves the best treatment, and the JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter offers that with its handcrafted elegance.


  • Enhances taste by aerating wine effectively
  • Beautiful craftsmanship adds to table decor
  • Slanted spout design prevents spills


  • Smaller than expected for some users
  • Cannot be dried upside down due to angled top
  • Occasional drip from the spout after pouring

Having used this decanter, I've noticed it brings out the subtleties in flavors of red wines that would otherwise remain cloaked. The hand-blown crystal not only complements your wine but also becomes a centerpiece that sparks conversations at the dinner table. The crystal is easy to keep spotless, ensuring a gleaming presence amid your glassware collection.

Pouring wine is usually an art, and with this decanter, it feels effortless. The slanted spout has been cleverly designed to ensure every pour is clean without any unseemly drips that could stain your linen. This, I've found, is a detail that highlights the thoughtful design behind the decanter.

While its capacity is perfect for a full bottle of your favorite vintage, you'll find that its petite size actually makes it a snug fit for small cabinets or dinner tables not overwhelmed by space. It's clear that JoyJolt has married function and form with the Lancia decanter, creating a product that's not only a delight to use but also to display. The only hiccup might be when it's time to dry it; the angled top means propping it up rather than just flipping it upside down. Yet, the charm and elegance it brings are, without doubt, worth that minor inconvenience.

4. YouYah Wine Decanter

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Your next pour of red could be significantly better with this YouYah Wine Decanter. It's a top performer when it comes to combining form with function.


  • Enhances wine flavor quickly
  • Built-in aerator and filter for convenience
  • Stunning, lead-free crystal craftsmanship


  • Possibility of being fragile
  • Stainless steel part requires careful handling
  • Might be challenging to dry inside thoroughly

Opening a bottle of your favorite red wine and letting it breathe just became an effortless affair. The YouYah Wine Decanter has transformed my decanting routine, offering a swift and efficient way to aerate wine that impresses guests and enhances any dining experience. This effortlessly elegant piece, crafted from fine, lead-free crystal, not only looks splendid on your table but also holds a secret within its sleek design—a built-in aerator and filter.

When enjoying a full-bodied red, it's always a delight when your tools add to the experience rather than detract. The YouYah Decanter has been a reliable companion in this regard. The practical yet artful waterfall pouring design captivates the eye while ensuring the wine opens up, delivering its full bouquet and flavor profile in mere minutes.

Perhaps the most remarkably satisfying aspect of using this decanter is witnessing the smooth pour, free of sediments—a courtesy of the fine built-in filter. Pair this with the tactile pleasure of holding the expertly grooved base, and you'll find yourself recommending this piece to fellow wine lovers without hesitation. It's become as essential to my wine ritual as the glass and the bottle itself.

5. BTaT- XL Decanter Set

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If you appreciate wine, this lead-free crystal decanter is a worthy addition to your collection for its elegant design and functionality.


  • Enhances taste by aerating wine
  • Comes with a useful drying stand
  • Has a large 60 oz capacity


  • Fragile nature requires careful handling
  • Cleaning can be cumbersome
  • Beads used for cleaning may be less effective for some

Buying Guide


The material of a wine decanter affects its aesthetics and durability. Common materials include:

  • Glass: Classic, showcases wine.
  • Crystal: Brilliant, often more decorative.
  • Stainless Steel: Modern, durable.

Shape and Size

Choose a shape and size that suits your needs:

  • Wide base: Better aeration for reds.
  • Slender design: Suited for whites.
  • Capacity: Match with typical bottle size (750ml).

Ease of Cleaning

Look for decanters that are:

  • Dishwasher safe: For convenience.
  • Wide-mouthed: Easier to hand wash.


Efficient aeration is key for enhancing flavors:

  • Aerating feature: Built-in or separate.
  • Pouring: Smooth flow, no drips.


Keep your budget in mind:

  • Affordable: Meets basic needs.
  • Premium: Higher quality, added features.
Budget Material Choices Aeration Features Ease of Cleaning
Economy Basic Glass Limited Hand Wash
Mid-Range Crystal, Glass Some Dishwasher Safe
High-End Premium Crystal Advanced Easy Clean Design

When choosing a wine decanter, prioritize your personal preferences for material, design, and functionality. Your selection should align with the types of wine you frequently enjoy and the atmosphere you wish to create when serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a high-quality wine decanter with a stopper?

A superior wine decanter with a stopper should exhibit a tight seal to prevent oxidation, a design that accommodates easy pouring, and quality materials like crystal or glass for durability and presentation.

How do luxury wine decanters enhance the wine tasting experience?

Luxury wine decanters typically offer superior aeration, enabling the wine to breathe and develop its flavors fully. High-end materials and craftsmanship also contribute to a more refined presentation and enjoyment.

Which wine decanter shapes are considered the best for aerating wine?

Decanters with wide bases and open necks are favored for their aeration efficiency. The shape allows maximum exposure of the wine to the air, which helps in developing the wine's aroma and flavor.

What are some unique design considerations for wine decanters?

Unique wine decanters often feature artistic elements like unusual curves, angles, and colors. Besides aesthetics, a thoughtful design can also improve grip, pour control, and sediment filtration.

How can I determine if a wine decanter is truly worth the investment?

Evaluate the decanter’s material, craftsmanship, and functional design. A decanter that complements your wine-drinking habits and meets your aesthetic preferences is typically a worthwhile investment.

What is the recommended duration for decanting wine before serving?

The recommended decanting time varies, with younger red wines typically benefiting from 1-2 hours, while older vintages might only need a few minutes to breathe and release sediment.

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