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Can You Freeze French Toast? 6+ Tips On Freezing & Thawing

Norah Clark
French toast on a table

You can freeze French toast without destroying its flavor or quality. To freeze cooked French toast, place it on a cooling rack, let it reach room temperature, then transfer the toast to a freezer bag and store it for up to two months.

Bread has been a staple food for various cultures throughout history. Instead of wasting stale bread, someone thought of dipping it into a mixture of eggs and milk before cooking it.

It’s not only easy to prepare and cook but also pairs well with virtually any topping and repurposes leftover bread, making it cost-effective.

Sometimes, I cook extra French toast just to avoid wasting bread. Since it contains milk and eggs, we need a dependable method to store it between meals.

Simply follow a few straightforward steps, and you’ll be able to effortlessly store delicious French toast in your freezer until needed. The next time you make French toast, don’t hesitate to prepare extra portions.

How To Freeze French Toast

Although it’s possible to store French toast either cooked or uncooked, we don’t recommend freezing uncooked ingredients.

  1. Prepare cooked French toast: The egg and milk mixture takes about 15 minutes to prepare, and freezing it with the bread would require more time to defrost and cook. It’s best to freeze cooked French toast.
  2. Cool the French toast: When preparing French toast to be frozen, it’s crucial to let each slice cool individually. Ideally, place them on a wire cooling rack.
  3. Wrap in wax paper: The most efficient and quickest way to freeze toasts after cooling is by wrapping each slice separately in wax paper.
  4. Use aluminum foil or a freezer bag: You’ll need aluminum foil to wrap them again or a sturdy freezer bag, which is a simpler and more effective option.
French toast on a table with fruits. Credit: Unsplash
French toast on a table with fruits. Credit: Unsplash

Alternative method:

  1. Freeze directly on the baking rack: Freeze the French toast directly on the baking rack. Once frozen, transfer it into freezer bags.
  2. Freeze wrapped items: You can freeze the items wrapped in wax paper as mentioned earlier, and once frozen, remove the foil and paper before placing them in freezer bags.

How To Thaw Frozen French Toast

Multiple French toast cooking methods enable you to reheat the dish without the thawing process. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t thaw it for a few hours.

Thawing won’t affect the taste or quality of French toast, as long as it’s not stored in the refrigerator for more than a couple of days before reheating and enjoying it.

The advantage of freezing French toast prior to consumption is that it takes less time to heat. Ultimately, the final result depends on your preference.

French toast in a pan. Credit: Unsplash
French toast in a pan. Credit: Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

Can French Toast Be Frozen And Reheated?

Yes, French toast can be frozen and reheated without compromising its taste and quality, making it a convenient option for meal planning and quick breakfasts.

Moreover, it’s crucial to know how to properly reheat French toast, and fortunately, there are several appropriate methods to choose from.

Is it safe to freeze French toast?

Yes, freezing French toast is a safe and effective method for preserving its quality and flavor, making it a convenient option for future meals.

Should you freeze or refrigerate French toast?

If you plan to consume French toast within a day or two, refrigeration is suitable. However, for longer storage and to maintain its quality, freezing is the better option.

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