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Can You Freeze Kombucha? Is It (Really) Safe To Freeze It

Norah Clark
A glass of Kombucha with a lemon.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

Yes, you can freeze Kombucha, but it’s essential to follow the right method to keep the yeast and bacteria cultures in it alive. Don’t freeze it for too long, and be careful when storing it.

Kombucha is the ultimate health beverage containing yeast and live bacteria and has recently become a cult drink. Like any beverage, many people think of the possibility of freezing the Kombucha. What is the fate of probiotics present in Kombucha when it is frozen?

In the article, we’ll guide you through freezing Kombucha to ensure that the risk of dying in the live cultures within it is very low. We will also explain how to defrost it properly.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha can be described as a bubbly beverage that is made of tea. It is packed with beneficial bacteria and yeast culture. This drink is believed to boost digestive health and has recently gained popularity.

To keep your yeast cultures in check, you typically keep Kombucha in a refrigerator at room temperature. As long as it’s alive, the beverage will grow and get sourer until it begins to taste like vinegar.

Can You Freeze Kombucha?

Glass of Kombucha. Credit: Shannon Nickerson
Glass of Kombucha. Credit: Shannon Nickerson

What happens if you store Kombucha in the freezer? While freezing Kombucha can be difficult, doing it is safe and could stop the beverage from going to the trash in certain instances.

If you decide to freeze your Kombucha, make sure you know the dangers of damaging beneficial bacteria and the yeast strain within it.

Learning what to do to make kombucha freeze flash-free is crucial also if you want to be more confident in the longevity of probiotics.

What You Should Know Before Freezing Kombucha

Before freezing Kombucha, you must be educated about the current debate over whether freezing harms the probiotics found in Kombucha or not.

Some people believe that freezing can cause the yeast present in Kombucha to die. Others have found this to be the case when you slowly freeze the beverage.

When freezing Kombucha, it's recommended not flash freezing it.

In this freezing method, probiotics stand a better chance of surviving the defrosting and freezing process.

Freezing causes the bacteria in the Kombucha to be dormant or inactive. Therefore, it’s an effective method of preventing it from becoming sour.

After you have defrosted the drink, the bacteria will spring to life, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of Kombucha for health.

However, it is not advised to freeze Kombucha for a prolonged period.

How To Freeze Kombucha

As we mentioned earlier, flash freezing may be the technique to employ if you decide to make Kombucha into a frozen drink. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for freezing Kombucha, whether homemade or purchased from a store.

1. Choose The Proper Container To Freeze

This is especially crucial when you’re making homemade Kombucha. It is recommended to store the beverage in an airtight, freezer-safe glass container. It is important to leave the room so that the beverage can expand. It is also possible to make use of airtight plastic containers or bags. Do not use metal containers since they can react with the beverage. If you purchase unopened Kombucha from a store, put it in the freezer in the original container.

2. Fill An Ice-Filled Bowl

Place the drink in the bowl, and then let it chill.

Incorporate salt into the drink. Adding 1/4 cup of salt to the water will instantly reduce your beverage’s temperature.

3. Mark The Drinks With The Year

To ensure that you don’t store Kombucha in the fridge for long, Label your drink with the day it was frozen.

4. Place The Kombucha In The Freezer

Make sure the temperature of the freezer is zero degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that Kombucha is not shaken during the entire process of freezing.

Notice: When freezing Kombucha, remember that freezing does not guarantee the longevity of probiotics once you have defrosted the beverage.

How Long Can You Freeze Kombucha?

The best length of time to store Kombucha in your freezer is 3 months.

Although the drink is in a safe condition for consumption after that time, the bacteria and yeast present in it could already be dead, so drinking it will not provide any health benefits.

How Should You Defrost Kombucha?

If you choose to drink the Kombucha that you have frozen, move it out of the freezer to the refrigerator. The drink can be more frothy at room temp; you should never expose it to sudden changes in temperature.

Be sure you drink your Kombucha soon after it has defrosted. Do not store Kombucha that has been defrosted at temperatures that are not at room temperature. Refreezing Kombucha should not be a thing we would recommend doing either.


Why freeze Kombucha?

Freezing Kombucha is a way to preserve it for future consumption, especially if you have excess or want to store it for an extended period.

Can freezing Kombucha damage the probiotics in it?

Freezing Kombucha can damage some of the probiotics in it, but if done correctly, the risk of significant damage is low.

Can you refreeze Kombucha?

It’s not recommended to refreeze your kombucha, as the temperature changes too much it will increase the risk that you destroy the drink’s healthy bacteria. When you refreeze kombucha you increase the chance of these bacteria dying.

Does freezing Kombucha affect the taste?

When you freeze Kombucha, it will start to lose quality and flavor after 1-2 weeks.


You can freeze Kombucha is possible, but it is crucial to follow the right method to preserve the live cultures within it. Kombucha has gained popularity due to its health benefits, and many people may consider freezing it for future consumption.

It is essential to be careful when freezing and storing Kombucha to ensure that the live cultures remain intact.

By following the proper freezing and defrosting techniques, the risk of damaging the probiotics in Kombucha can be minimized, allowing you to enjoy its full benefits.

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