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I Tried The Click & Grow Smart Garden & Here's What You Need To Know (My 2024 Review)

I Tried The Click & Grow Smart Garden & Here's What You Need To Know (My 2024 Review)

Ever dreamed of having a lush garden but don’t want the hassle and maintenance? I’ve been there too.

Enter Click and Grow, a smart garden system promising to turn anyone into a gardening pro. With its sleek design and tech-savvy features, it’s like having a personal gardener right in your home.


  • User-Friendly Design: As someone who tends to shy away from complicated gadgets, I found it incredibly straightforward to set up and use. The device comes with clear instructions, and the smart garden system practically runs itself.
  • Smart Technology Integration: The Click and Grow system integrates smart technology that ensures your plants get the optimal amount of water and light. The smart soil adjusts the pH level and releases nutrients at just the right times, mimicking the natural growing conditions for your plants.
  • Wide Variety of Plants: From herbs like basil and thyme to vegetables like mini tomatoes and lettuce, Click and Grow offers a wide selection. They even have flowers and experimental pods if you feel adventurous.
  • Space Efficient: The Click and Grow system is compact and aesthetically pleasing, making it a perfect addition to a kitchen counter or a small balcony. Its sleek design means it doesn't clutter your living space, and the minimalist look adds a modern touch to your home decor.
  • Health Benefits: Since you control the growing conditions, you can ensure that no harmful pesticides are used. Freshly grown herbs and vegetables can be more nutritious than store-bought ones, as they don’t lose nutrients through long transportation times.
  • Eco-Friendly: By growing your own plants, you reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting produce from farms to stores and then to your home. The plant pods are biodegradable, and the entire system uses low-energy LED lights designed to last for a long time.
  • Price: It is the most affordable indoor smart garden. Where most systems start at 3 figures, you can have a Click & Grow Smart Garden for under $100.


  • Bright lights: While it's designed to provide optimal growth conditions, the bright LED lights can be glaring if you have the unit in a common living area. This might not be a big deal for everyone, but it could be a nuisance if you're sensitive to bright artificial lights.
  • App can sometimes glitch: I’ve had instances where notifications for watering or other maintenance tasks were delayed or didn't arrive at all. While the tech-savvy features are a great addition, they aren't flawless and can sometimes lead to minor inconveniences.

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Who Is Click & Grow

The brand was born out of the founder's frustration with traditional gardening's complexity and the often disappointingly low success rates. The concept of a "smart garden" that could handle the tough parts of plant care sounded almost too good to be true.

But after digging deeper, I found that Click and Grow has made significant strides in combining technology with the age-old practice of growing plants.

The company offers a range of products, from smaller 3-plant systems perfect for kitchen counters to larger 9-plant setups suitable for more ambitious indoor gardeners.

The brand also prides itself on sustainability. The plant pods used are biodegradable, and the company encourages reusability by allowing users to buy soil and seed refills.

This approach seems to be a hit among eco-conscious consumers like myself who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 Review


When I first received my Click & Grow Smart Garden 9, I was impressed by the packaging. It was sleek and modern, signaling right away that this was a high-quality product.

The box contained the Smart Garden unit itself, a set of nine plant pods, and a user manual. Each component was well-organized and protected, which reassured me that it arrived in perfect condition.

Unpacking the Smart Garden was a breeze, and within minutes, I had everything laid out and ready for assembly. The included manual was straightforward and illustrated, making it clear what each part was and where it needed to go.

Set Up

Setting up was surprisingly simple. I filled the water reservoir, inserted the plant pods into their designated slots, and plugged the unit into an electrical outlet.

The setup process took me less than 10 minutes. The garden's design is intuitive, and the plant pods easily click into place.

The LED grow lights automatically adjust to ensure the plants receive optimal light for growth, and there is even a timer so I don't have to worry about turning the lights on and off.

For someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy, I found the process straightforward.


It features a 4-liter water tank, which means the plants can be watered for up to a month without needing a refill.

The LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and use only 13 watts of power, making them energy-efficient.

The unit measures 60 x 20 x 30 centimeters, making it compact enough to fit on most kitchen counters or shelves.

The garden uses Smart Soil technology, which optimizes the pH level and balances the nutrients for the plants, ensuring they grow healthy and strong.

App Experience

The Smart Garden 9 comes with a companion app that’s available for both Android and iOS. The app provides guidance on how to care for the plants, send reminders for when to add water, and offer tips for harvesting.

While using the app, I found the interface user-friendly and helpful. But, I did experience occasional glitches, such as the app failing to notify me when the water level was low.

Even though these minor issues, the app does add value by making the gardening process even more hands-off and informative.


Maintaining the Smart Garden 9 is minimal and manageable. Once the initial setup is done, the main task is to refill the water reservoir every few weeks. The Smart Soil and automated watering system take care of the rest.

The LED lights need no maintenance and are designed to last for years. If the app is working properly, it will send reminders when it's time to add water or nutrients, ensuring the plants continue to thrive.

Day To Day Use

The LED lights turn on and off automatically, providing the right amount of light without any intervention.

I love having fresh herbs and lettuce available right in my kitchen, which not only enhances my meals but also adds a touch of greenery to my space.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching the plants grow day by day and knowing they're free from pesticides. The convenience of having fresh ingredients at my fingertips has also motivated me to cook healthier meals more often.




Smart Garden 3


Smart Garden 9


Smart Garden 27


Smart Garden 9 PRO



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Click and Grow Smart Garden Products Summary

  • Smart Garden 3: Ideal for beginners and those with limited space. It features three plant pods, making it a perfect little garden for your favorite herbs and small plants.
  • Smart Garden 9: More suited for those who want to grow a wider variety of plants. With nine pods, it allows you to have an array of herbs, greens, and vegetables simultaneously.
  • Smart Garden 27: The big kahuna for serious home gardeners. It stacks three Smart Garden 9 units together, offering a total of 27 pods. This is great for people who want to grow a variety of produce inside their home without worrying about gardening outdoors.

How Long Does Click & Grow Take To Grow?

I found the growth times to be pretty impressive and varied depending on the plant.

Herbs and Leafy Greens: If you're planting herbs like basil, thyme, or parsley, you can expect them to sprout within 1 to 2 weeks. By the 3 to 5-week mark, they usually hit their stride, ready for the first harvest. Leafy greens, such as lettuce and arugula, follow a similar growth pattern. Fresh salads on demand are a perk!

Fruits and Vegetables: For fruits like mini tomatoes and chili peppers, patience is more a virtue. They typically begin to sprout in 2 to 3 weeks, but reaching the fruiting stage can take up to 2 to 3 months. While it might seem like a long wait, there is something incredibly satisfying about watching the progress, knowing you'll soon have home-grown produce.

Flowers: If you're more into aesthetics, growing flowers like petunias or daisies could be your thing. These generally sprout within 1 to 2 weeks. Blooming full flowers, though, usually takes about 1 to 2 months. The wait is certainly worth it when you see those vibrant petals brightening up your indoor space.

To give you a clearer idea, here's a breakdown of the average growth times for some popular plants in the Click & Grow system:

Plant Type

Sprouting Time

Ready for Harvest/Bloom


1-2 weeks

3-5 weeks


1-2 weeks

3-5 weeks


1-2 weeks

4-5 weeks

Mini Tomatoes

2-3 weeks

2-3 months

Chili Peppers

2-3 weeks

2-3 months


1-2 weeks

1-2 months


1-2 weeks

1-2 months


I appreciated that Click & Grow provides a handy growth timetable with each plant pod. This timetable acts almost like a progress chart.

It gave me a good benchmark I could check against my plants.

Of course, the growth rate can fluctuate based on a few factors. While the LED lights and automated watering do much of the heavy lifting, room temperature, and overall light exposure still play roles.

If your space is too cool or doesn’t get ample natural light, it might slow down the process a bit. But generally, the Click & Grow system does an excellent job of creating a mini-ecosystem where plants can thrive with minimal fuss.

How I Use Click & Grow Smart Garden

Setting up the Click & Grow Smart Garden felt like a breeze. The system arrives pre-assembled, so there's no need to fumble with confusing parts or instructions. I just popped in the plant pods, filled the water tank, and plugged it in.

The LED lights automatically set themselves to a 16-hour on, 8-hour off cycle, so I never have to worry about getting the right amount of light for my plants.

I like to grow a variety of plants, mainly herbs and leafy greens. Basil, thyme, and lettuce are some of my staples. The pre-seeded pods are such a game-changer.

They come packed with nutrients and are designed for optimal growth. I just inserted them into the garden, and within days, I started to see tiny sprouts. This gives me fresh and healthy ingredients right at home, perfect for those keen on maintaining a balanced diet.

Maintenance is minimal, which is a huge plus for someone with a busy schedule. The water reservoir in the Smart Garden 9, which I use, can hold enough water for weeks.

A floating indicator shows me when it's time to refill, so there’s no chance of overwatering or underwatering. The Smart Soil pods regulate the water supply, ensuring plants get exactly what they need without any fuss.

Harvesting is the most satisfying part. When my herbs and greens are ready, I simply trim what I need.

For example, I often use fresh basil in my evening pasta dishes or toss freshly picked lettuce into my lunch salads. The continuous growth cycle means I have a steady supply, contributing to my healthy eating habits.

The Click & Grow companion app is incredibly useful. It sends me notifications about when to refill the water tank or adjust the lights.

It also provides tips on plant care tailored to the specific species I’m growing. The app tracks each plant's progress, giving me peace of mind that my miniature garden is in good health.

It’s worth mentioning that my family loves the Click & Grow as well. My kids have developed an interest in gardening because it’s so hands-on and rewarding.

It's a great way to teach them about responsibility and the importance of healthy eating. They love to check the plants' progress and help with the harvest.

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Tips To Maintain Your Click & Grow Smart Garden

Keep the Water Tank Filled

One of the most critical aspects of maintaining your Click & Grow Smart Garden is ensuring the water tank is always full. The system’s automatic watering feature relies on having an adequate water supply.

I check the water level every few days and top it off as needed. This prevents the plants from drying out and ensures they get the right amount of hydration. Using filtered water can also help reduce mineral buildup within the system.

Monitor LED Lights

The LED lights in your Smart Garden are essential for plant growth. Make sure the lights are functioning properly and positioned correctly.

I found that keeping the lights on for 16 hours a day and off for the remaining 8 hours mimics a natural day-night cycle and promotes healthy plant development. It’s essential to clean the light hood regularly to remove dust and ensure maximum light efficiency.

Prune Regularly

Pruning is an integral part of plant care, even with a Smart Garden. Removing dead leaves and stems helps your plants focus their energy on new growth.

I make it a habit to prune my plants weekly. This not only keeps them looking neat and tidy but also encourages bushier and more robust growth. Using a pair of clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears can make the process easier and more effective.

Rotate Plants

Although your Smart Garden provides uniform lighting, rotating the plant pods occasionally can promote even growth.

I tend to rotate mine once a week, ensuring all sides receive equal light exposure. This simple step prevents plants from leaning towards one side and encourages a more balanced development.

Use The Companion App

The Click & Grow companion app is a fantastic tool for managing your garden with ease. The app sends reminders for watering, fertilizing, and other maintenance tasks.

I find the plant care tips particularly helpful for diagnosing issues like leaf discoloration or pest infestations. Utilizing the app can streamline your gardening routine and make it more enjoyable.

Fertilize Occasionally

While the Smart Garden is designed to work with pre-seeded pods that contain nutrients, occasional fertilizing can boost plant growth.

I use a mild, water-soluble fertilizer once a month, especially for high-yield plants like tomatoes or strawberries. Be sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer package to avoid over-fertilizing, which can harm the plants.

Mind The Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in the health of your plants. The ideal range for most Smart Garden plants is between 65°F and 75°F.

I avoid placing my garden near heating vents, air conditioners, or drafty windows as extreme temperatures can stress the plants. Keeping them in a stable environment ensures they thrive.

Clean The Garden Regularly

The Smart Garden’s design makes it easy to maintain, but periodic cleaning is essential for preventing mold and algae growth.

I dismantle and clean the water tank, plant cups, and light hood every month. Using a diluted vinegar solution helps keep the components sanitized without leaving harmful residues.

Check For Pests

Even indoor gardens can fall victim to pests like aphids or gnats. Regularly inspecting your plants for signs of infestations can help you catch problems early.

I’ve found that spraying a homemade solution of water and a few drops of dish soap helps deter pests. Sticky traps placed near the garden are also effective for capturing flying insects.

Re-Pot When Necessary

As your plants grow, they might outgrow their Smart Garden pods. When this happens, I gently transfer the larger plants to traditional pots. This not only gives them more room to grow but also frees up space for new seedlings in the Smart Garden.

Maintaining your Click & Grow Smart Garden doesn't need to be complicated. With these tips, you can ensure a bountiful and healthy indoor garden that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Click & Grow Questions

Does Click and Grow use UV light?

No, Click & Grow's LED bulbs emit less heat and no UV rays, making them energy-efficient and safe for growing healthy plants.

When should I plug in my Click and Grow Smart Garden?

If you set it up in the afternoon or evening, wait until the next day to plug it in. This helps sync the LED light's schedule with your 16-hour wake period and 8-hour sleep period.

Who are the owners of Click and Grow?

Click and Grow was founded by Mattias Lepp in Estonia in 2009. He won a local business idea competition in 2010 with his idea for a 'Smart Flowerpot'.

How does Click and Grow work?

Simply add the plant pods, fill the water tank, and place the lamp on top. The system automatically takes care of the watering and lighting.

How long do Click and Grow plants last?

Plant pods can be stored for about one year if kept in dark, dry conditions at normal room temperature (up to 78°F / 26°C), even after opening.

Final Thoughts

I've gotta say, Click & Grow's Smart Garden products have really impressed me. They make indoor gardening so easy and enjoyable, even for someone like me who doesn't have a green thumb. The Smart Garden 9 has been a game-changer with its simple setup and low maintenance. Plus, the companion app is super handy for keeping track of everything.

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