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Gift Ideas For Someone In Hospital

Norah Clark
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Hospitals are pretty awful places with ridiculous hours, almost inedible food and a clinical environment. Do you have a friend or relative in hospital?  Well, let's try and make their stay as pleasant as possible given the circumstances. 

Apart from seeing your friendly face by their bedside, the next best thing is to add a bit of cheer to their stay when you can't be there in person.  Nobody is going to get depressed if a big bouquet of flowers or a gift basket or hamper arrives with their name on it. In fact, delight will be written all over their faces.

Think of some ideas to brighten up your friend or relative's long day in hospital. 

Let's bear in mind that each clinic or hospital is going to have their own restrictions and guidelines on what they will allow their patients to receive.  

Here are some useful ideas on the best types of gifts to send, delivery options, and any restrictions you should be aware of.

Types of Hospital Gifts

You know your friend or relative best and will be able to gauge what they would love to receive. Here are some gift ideas that will go down well.

1. Flowers and Plants

You can't go wrong with a brightly colored basket or bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. The arrival of these are guaranteed to put a smile on the patient's dial and can brighten up any gloomy hospital room.

Studies have shown that flowers/plants have a positive impact on mood and overall well-being.

2. Gift Baskets

These can be personalized according to your friend or relative's tastes. Imagine how delighted they will be to receive a basket of their favorite treats and goodies such as their brand of coffee and tea, fresh fruit and chocolates and other delicious delights.

3. Personal Items

What about items like custom-made blankets, pillows from home, or even photo albums?

How special and loved they will feel when these arrive unexpectedly.

4. Care Packages

Hospital stays are long and boring and nothing says "I care" like a care package comprised of things like cosy socks, puzzles, their favorite author, or mini games to keep them entertained.

Don't forget to include some of their favorite sweets or treats to make it extra special.

Delivery Hospital Gifts

When it comes to delivering gifts to the hospital, there are a few different options. Here are some of the most common delivery methods:

1. Direct Delivery

Many hospitals allow gifts to be delivered to the patient's room. This way the gift will be received by the patient as soon as it arrives.

However, check with the hospital first to ensure that they allow direct deliveries and to get any specific instructions or guidelines.

2. Front Desk Delivery

If direct deliveries aren't allowed or you're unsure of the recipient's room number, you can opt for front desk delivery and the staff will make sure it reaches the your friend/relative.

3. Delivery Service

Another option is to use a delivery service that specializes in hospital gift deliveries.

These services are familiar with the policies and procedures of hospitals and they can guarantee that your gift arrives timeously.


There are usually some restrictions and guidelines that you need to be aware of when sending gifts to your friend or relative. Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

If you are not up to speed about their allergies or dietary restrictions, then check with their family before sending that bunch of flowers that will induce a sneezing fit.

Or, heaven forbid, you are unaware that they have a peanut allergy and your gift hamper has chocolate-covered nuts in it.  

2. Hospital Policies

Every hospital will have its policies regarding gifts and deliveries. For example, they may not allow latex balloons or flowers with strong scents. 

3. Patient Condition

It's very important to consider the patient's condition, what part of the hospital they are in, and their ability to appreciate your gift. For example, if they are in the intensive care unit, it's highly likely there are restrictions on what is allowed in there.

Check with the hospital or the family to see if there are any specific restrictions or recommendations based on the patient's condition.


How can I ensure that my hospital gift is delivered?

First, make sure you have the correct address and room number of the patient.  Second, consider using a reputable delivery service that specializes in hospital gift deliveries. They will have experience navigating the hospital's policies and procedures, increasing the chances of a successful delivery. Third, communicate with the hospital or the patient's family to get any additional instructions or guidelines for delivering the gift.

Are there any restrictions on sending flowers to the hospital?

Some hospitals have policies in place to limit the spread of pollen or to accommodate patients with allergies. It's best to make a call and find out. 

Can I send food or snacks to someone in hospital?

If you are thinking of sending a food hamper or snacks, it's important to know about dietary restrictions or allergies the patient may have. Some hospitals have restrictions on outside food to ensure the patient's safety and well-being. Always check with the hospital or the patient's family first.

Can I send a personalized gift to someone in the hospital?

Personalized gifts like custom-made blankets, pillows, or photo albums will always be appreciated by your friend or relative. However, they might not be permitted in an intensive care unit, so waiting until they are in their ward is the best idea. 

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