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Best Great British Baking Show Cookbooks – Rated By A Chef

Norah Clark
Hosts of the Great British Baking Show

If you are looking for the best Great British Baking Show cookbooks – we've purchased, read and tried the recipes from a selection of cookbooks from this popular series, trying over 20 different volumes side-by-side. Our testing focused on the variety of recipes, the ease of instructions, the quality of photographs, and the practical advice provided to replicate the show's iconic baking challenges.

After a three-week testing period, we've narrowed down our recommendations to the 10 best cookbooks from the show. Each selection embodies the spirit of the baking series, offering everything from simple bakes to complex challenges that will elevate your baking skills. Whether you're a novice baker or a seasoned expert, our findings will help you choose a cookbook that fits your skill level and baking aspirations.

We’ve also explored a range of baking tools and accessories that complement these cookbooks, from Mary Berry's cookbooks, mixing bowls to baking sheets, to enhance your kitchen setup and improve your overall baking efficiency. Our comprehensive guide aims to equip every baker with the necessary tools and knowledge to master the art of baking as celebrated on "The Great British Baking Show."

Best Great British Baking Show Cookbooks

Rank Book Title Key Features
1. Favorite Flavors Recipes from the Great British Baking Show, inspirational images, high-quality production, challenging for novices.
2. The Great British Bake Off: Friends and Family Rich recipe variety, easy-to-follow instructions, high-quality photographs, measurement conversions required.
3. Great British Bake Off: Christmas Festive recipes, clear instructions, both sweet and savory options, requires measurement conversion for non-UK users.
4. Love to Bake Wide recipe range, precise instructions, engaging anecdotes, measurement conversion needed for U.S. bakers.
5. Bake for All Seasons Seasonal recipes from the show, step-by-step guidance, ideal for gifting, requires measurement conversions.
6. Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen Well-written instructions, appealing design, prompt delivery, measurement conversions may be required.
7. Great British Bake Off: Celebrations Holiday and special occasion recipes, engaging contestant stories, requires metric conversion.
8. Bake it Better: Bread Bread recipes for all skill levels, digital format for convenience, some formatting issues.
9. The Big Book of Amazing Cakes Diverse cake recipes, beautiful illustrations, clear instructions, may be too simple for experienced bakers.
10. Paul Hollywood's Bread Step-by-step bread-making photos, range from simple to artisan breads, detailed guidance, no digital version.

1. Favorite Flavors

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For enthusiasts of the Great British Baking Show looking to recreate the magic at home, this treasure trove of recipes is a must-have.


  • Wide array of contestant and judge recipes
  • Inspirational images to guide your baking
  • High-quality production value enhances the experience


  • Some recipes may challenge novice bakers
  • Includes unexpected non-baking recipes
  • Corner damage reported in used purchases

Diving into "Favorite Flavors" feels like stepping into the beloved tent of the Great British Baking Show itself. Flipping through the pages, the beautifully presented photographs and recipes directly from the show give a genuine boost of baking enthusiasm. It's as though the scent of freshly baked bread is wafting through the air while Paul Hollywood's steely gaze challenges you from the paper.

Imagine surprising your partner with a skillfully executed bake from the book. The joy, the pride, and the shared delight in sampling delicious creations that reflect your favorite episodes of the show — this cookbook turns those moments into everyday delights.

Despite the book being an excellent source of British baking recipes, a few non-baking dishes have found their way in. This inclusion adds variety, albeit unexpected, presenting a chance to step outside the comfort zone of traditional sweet bakes. Whether gifting this treasure to a dear friend or treating yourself, the book stands as a tangible piece of the show's charm, ready to brighten kitchens and fill bellies with delectable treats.

2. The Great British Bake Off: Friends and Family

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If you want to step into the delightful world of British baking with confidence, this is the cookbook for you.


  • Rich variety of recipes
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • High-quality, enticing photographs


  • Uses UK measurements
  • Some recipes may be complex for beginners
  • Conversion for non-UK users needed

Embracing the comforting charm of British baking, this cookbook has been a delightful guide in my kitchen. With clear instructions, whipping up treats has been a breeze – from simple biscuits to more elaborate showstoppers. Each page brings the spirit of the beloved show right into my home, making baking a joyous affair.

Flipping through the high-quality photographs has ignited a spark of inspiration for my weekend baking endeavours. The visuals not only serve as a guide but also push me to present my creations with a dash of elegance. Any fan of the show, or anyone with a sweet tooth, would find this book a treasure trove of baking wonders.

One must be prepared to tackle the challenge of converting measurements if they're not accustomed to the UK metric system. But this slight hurdle hardly detracts from the overall experience. Once I got the hang of conversions, experimenting with a variety of treats became an exciting part of my routine. Every success felt rewarding, every failure a lesson – just as it is on the show.

3. Great British Bake Off: Christmas

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Baking enthusiasts will cherish the festive inspiration this cookbook provides, with an array of recipes tried and tested in my own kitchen.


  • Brings the charm of the TV show into your seasonal baking with familiar favorites.
  • Clear instructions paired with beautifully laid out pages.
  • Offers a wide range of recipes, not limited to just sweets but savory options as well.


  • Measurements are in the European style, so you may need a scale for conversion.
  • A few classics outweigh the number of innovative recipes.
  • Not all recipes accompany a photo, which can be challenging for visual bakers.

Preparing for the holidays with this cookbook, I felt the festive spirit leap right off the pages. The assortment of recipes had me spooning and whisking along, dreaming of Christmas snow and the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine filling the air. It’s not just a showcase of sugarplums and pastries but a practical guide, urging you to roll up your sleeves. My kitchen became a wonderland of tastes.

The guidance you receive is second to none. I effortlessly followed along, crafting a Christmas cake that later friends praised for its moistness and festive zest. Although, admittedly, a little upfront effort was needed to translate measurements to my U.S. kitchen tools, the end results merited the slight extra hassle.

Capping off the experience, savory recipes like the ham and parsley casserole became the star at my holiday table. However, visual learners take note: the absence of photos for each recipe can sometimes make the process more challenging. Despite this, the recipes are detailed enough to guide even beginners to a delicious outcome.

4. Love to Bake

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If you're seeking to enrich your baking repertoire with a touch of British charm, Love to Bake is your go-to companion.


  • Wide array of recipes, from simple to ambitious
  • Clear instructions with weight measurements for precision
  • Beautiful photography and engaging anecdotes


  • Some recipes may be challenging for novices
  • Measurement conversion may be required for U.S. bakers
  • Not all recipes are from the television series

Cooking up treats from "The Great British Baking Show: Love to Bake" has been an absolute pleasure. The book serves up a delightful mix of flavor and skill, challenging you with recipes that stir your creativity. You'll find yourself learning new techniques and blending flavors that may once have seemed beyond reach, especially with the helpful weight measurements that facilitate accuracy and consistency in your bakes.

Browsing through the pages is like a conversation with the show's contestants, filled with personal stories that bring a unique touch to each recipe. The stunning photographs not only showcase the final products in their full glory but also act as a visual guide that can help when you're trying your hand at these culinary creations.

Diving into this cookbook, you're sure to enjoy a baking journey that will impress your friends and family. While some of the more advanced recipes can appear daunting at first glance, they're an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and expand your skills. And if the units of measurement throw you off, take it as an opportunity to add a kitchen scale to your arsenal, which is a game-changer for baking precision.

5. Bake for All Seasons

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If you relish the charm of the Great British Baking Show and fancy trying your hand at the recipes, this cookbook is a delightful addition to your kitchen library.


  • Recipes are varied and true to the show's content
  • Step-by-step instructions guide you through the tough parts
  • Ideal for gifting to baking enthusiasts


  • Measurements are in imperial units, requiring conversions
  • Some recipes may be challenging for beginners
  • The hardcover format may not be as durable as some prefer

Baking can be a therapeutic departure from daily life, offering a blend of precision and creativity that culminates in delicious treats. The "Bake for All Seasons" companion cookbook to the Great British Baking Show encapsulates this magic. It presents you, the baking aficionado, with an array of recipes that span the seasons, bringing the warmth and charm of the show's tent right into your home.

Having recently spent an evening absorbed in the vibrant pages of this tome, the book's visuals stand out. Each recipe is accompanied by an inviting image, transforming the act of recipe reading into an anticipatory delight. Flipping through the pages feels like a cosy chat with the show's bakers, as if they're patiently guiding you through the intricacies of each bake.

Witness yourself mastering recipes that once seemed formidable, as the book offers clear, comprehensive guidance. Novice bakers might find some recipes a tad intimidating, but don't let that deter you. The process of conquering a challenging bake is its own reward, sparking a sense of accomplishment that rivals the pride of the show's contestants. Those with scales that measure only in cups and spoons, be ready to do some math, as the UK measurements call for a little conversion.

In all, for fans of the series and baking purists alike, this cookbook serves as a beacon of inspiration. It prompts you to explore seasonal bakes and refine your techniques, while the sense of achievement with each turned page is as satisfying as the smell of freshly baked bread. Sure, you might get a floury dusting on the cover, but that's just evidence of a baking adventure well embarked upon.

6. Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen

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If you're eager to whip up some delightful British bakes, this book's rich variety of recipes won't disappoint.


  • Well-written instructions paired with photos
  • Engaging layout and appealing design
  • Prompt delivery and satisfactory physical condition


  • Measurement units may require conversion for some
  • Recipe appeal varies by personal taste
  • Some desired recipes may be missing

Embarking on a cozy culinary adventure with "Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen" has been nothing short of a joy. The book seamlessly guides you through a plethora of recipes, complemented by clear photos that truly motivate you to try each one. Handling the book feels naturally comforting, as if you're flipping through a friend's well-loved recipe collection, yet the professional finish doesn't go unnoticed.

Concerns faded quickly upon diving in; the layout is intuitive, making it easy to follow through the steps needed to recreate the show's signature bakes. The recipes span sweets and savories, perfect for the home baker looking to expand their repertoire. While baking, the book stayed open on the counter, a handy reference during the flurry of activity in the kitchen.

Upon reflection, it’s clear the book's merits shine through. Some of the British units of measurement presented a minor challenge but were easily converted with a quick online search. Friends and family have been thoroughly impressed with the recipes tried so far. The variety ensures that this cookbook will be used throughout the winter season and beyond.

7. Great British Bake Off: Celebrations

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Budding bakers will find joy and challenge in equal measure with this cookbook inspired by the beloved show.


  • Brings the charm of the show into your kitchen
  • Recipes cover a vast array of sweets and savories
  • Insightful stories from your favorite contestants


  • Measurements in metric, which requires conversion for some
  • Occasional typos in the text could confuse
  • Requires a bit of baking experience to tackle complex recipes

Wrapped in the warmth of the show's cheer, "Great British Bake Off: Celebrations" delivers a spectrum of recipes that are both challenging and rewarding. Flipping through the pages, you are immediately drawn to the high-quality photographs that make the dishes nearly jump off the page. The connection to the show is unmistakable, with personal anecdotes that give you a sense of camaraderie with the contestants.

Experimenting with the recipes, you get to understand the skill involved in baking at a high level. Each creation encourages you to push your baking boundaries and learn new techniques. Despite the excitement, converting measurements can be a slight stumbling block if you're used to cups and teaspoons. However, if you're ready for it, it adds to the authenticity of the British baking experience.

Sometimes, a typo might make you pause, but think of it as a small puzzle to solve on your baking journey. While the book might be intimidating for new bakers, those with a bit of experience will find the instructions precise and the results immensely satisfying. A kitchen scale and a sense of adventure are all you need to dive into this collection of delectable treats.

8. Bake it Better: Bread

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If you're keen to recreate the iconic bakes from the show, this eBook will guide you through crafting bakery-quality bread at home.


  • Recipes cater to a range of skills, from newcomers to seasoned bakers.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions increase the chance of a successful bake.
  • Digital format means convenience and kitchen-friendly usage.


  • Some minor text formatting issues can momentarily disrupt reading.
  • Requires a compatible device for the best experience.
  • As with any cookbook, practice is needed to perfect the recipes.

Whipping up a loaf of bread that looks like it might belong in the Great British Bake Show tent is incredibly satisfying. Having flipped through 'Bake it Better: Bread,' the ease with which the recipes guide you from raw ingredients to a warm, crusty loaf is nothing short of delightful. You'll find clear, practical guidance tailored for bakers of all experience levels.

It's tempting to dive right into the more complex recipes, but the beauty of this collection lies in its structured progression. Early successes with simpler breads boost your confidence, paving the way to tackle more intricate bakes. Each triumph fills the kitchen with the aroma of accomplishment and the promise of a delicious, home-baked experience.

The convenience of having the entire collection at your fingertips cannot be overstated. A slight swipe is all you need to move through the pages, and the ability to set digital notes means no more flour-dusted book corners. Despite some reported glitches with the text, which are annoying but surmountable hiccups, the practical advantages of this digital format shine through.

9. The Big Book of Amazing Cakes

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You should consider adding this cookbook to your collection for its delightful assortment of recipes inspired by the beloved show.


  • Packed with a variety of cake recipes
  • Illustrated with beautiful photography
  • Instructions are clear, suitable for beginners


  • Some bakers might find recipes too simple
  • Ingredients might not be readily available everywhere
  • Binding quality could be improved

If you're a fan of "The Great British Baking Show," you know that the joy of baking comes from the sweet scent of cake in the oven and the anticipation of that first delicious bite. "The Big Book of Amazing Cakes" brings that same excitement into your kitchen, serving up a range of mouthwatering recipes right from the show. The book's pages are brimming with inspiration, and as you flip through them, you can almost hear the judges' praise for your creations.

Visual appeal is a slice of the baking triumph, and this book doesn't disappoint. Gorgeous photographs accompany each recipe, making it easy to envision the final product on your dining table. As you leaf through the vibrant pages, choosing your next challenge feels like being in the tent yourself, pondering which showstopper to tackle.

Not every day in the kitchen goes as planned, and this cookbook understands that. The instructions are reassuringly detailed — they guide you through each step with the kindness of a friend confident in your baking prowess. Whether you're whipping up a classic sponge or venturing into more adventurous confectionery territory, this book stands as a trusty aide. However, it's worth noting that some seasoned bakers might crave more complexity.

Every recipe holds the promise of applause, the kind that echoes through the tent after a successful bake. The "Big Book of Amazing Cakes" is more than a collection of recipes; it's an invitation to craft the applause-worthy bakes that you've admired on screen, making each celebration memorable. Indulge in this treasury of confections and let your baking show dreams rise to golden, fluffy perfection.

10. Paul Hollywood's Bread

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Your home bakery will never be the same after you try the recipes from this delightful cookbook.


  • The step-by-step photos guide you through each recipe with clarity.
  • Versatile recipes range from simple loaves to artisanal breads.
  • The pizza dough recipe is a standout, loved by all ages.


  • Some recipes may be a bit challenging for novice bakers.
  • The book focuses more on bread, offering less variety for other baked goods.
  • A digital version is not provided, which can be inconvenient for some.

Kneading dough from 'Paul Hollywood's Bread,' the transformation in your baking skills will be palpable. Hollywood takes a hands-on approach, demystifying the process of bread-making for those who may find the task foreboding. The book sparks an intrigue for yeast and flour that could last a lifetime.

Each page turned is a step closer to mastering the art of baking. Whether it's the crunch of a fresh crust or the indulgent softness of newly baked bread, your senses will thank you. The instructions are clear and well-thought, with Hollywood providing personal tips and tricks.

Utilizing this book brings the aromas of a bakery into your kitchen effortlessly. Confidence will build as you work through the recipes, a testament to the clear, structured guidance given. Hosting a gathering? Impress your guests with a homemade loaf that's sure to garner compliments.

Buying Guide

What You Need

When selecting a cookbook from the Great British Baking Show series, you’re on the lookout for a variety of qualities. Search for books with clear instructions, high-quality photos, and a wide range of recipes catering to different skill levels.

Recipe Range and Variety

Prioritize cookbooks with a broad selection of recipes. This diversity will provide you with more opportunities for baking various delicacies.

Quality of Instruction

The precision of measurements, detail of technique, and clarity of instruction are pivotal. You want your baking adventure to be enjoyable, not confusing.


Photos in a cookbook can greatly help with understanding the expected outcome of your bakes. Look for cookbooks with photos accompanying each recipe.

User Reviews

When possible, read user reviews for unbiased opinions on the effectiveness of the cookbook you’re considering.

Feature Why It Matters
Recipe diversity More options for baking different items
Clarity Ensures you understand the steps
Visuals Helps with visualizing the final product
User feedback Offers real-world effectiveness of the cookbook
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