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Cans of evaporated milk.

How To Freeze Evaporated Milk

You can freeze evaporated milk, but it’s not recommended as the milk can split or curdled upon thawing. You can still use evaporated milk in recipes once it’s thawed.

Evaporated milk is used in many different ways. You can add it to your smoothies for extra thickness, or you can make your coffee thicker and sweeter, you can add it to your favorite coffee you drink instead of milk, or add a creamy flavor to sauces and soups and even make use of it as a substitute for the condensed milk used in sweets.

It is created by the processing of 60 percent of the water of milk, giving an extremely creamy texture, yet it only contains a quarter of the fat found in regular cream.

It’s always helpful to have evaporated milk stored in the kitchen to have it on hand whenever you’re required to use it. But, if you open a bottle or pack, and you don’t utilize the whole thing, do you want to keep the rest?

Read on to discover the best way to store evaporated milk, as well as whether it is advisable to put it in a freezer in the first place!

How To Freeze Evaporated Milk

You can prolong the shelf-life of evaporated milk you have in the pantry with the help of freezing. But, you must make some preparations first.

If you freeze evaporated milk the wrong way it can lead to crystallization, significant separation or curdling, or even spoilage.

It is essential to make sure the evaporated milk is able to freeze and that it’s safe when it is frozen and then removed from the freezer.

Here are the steps you need to follow when freezing evaporated milk:

1. Choose a Container

It is essential to transfer the milk that has evaporated into a container that is freezer-friendly prior to placing it in the freezer. Don’t put an unopened can of evaporated milk into the freezer.

Tin cans do not perform in a freezer container. They are at risk of bursting when exposed to temperatures that are cold.

Pour the milk that has evaporated iand nto a container for freezing, make two holes in your lid container to allow the milk to flow freely.

They are among the top alternatives to freezing liquid milk that has evaporated:

  • Plastic container. Plastic containers that are freezer safe are an excellent choice to freeze because they can be used over and over again. It isn’t necessary to have huge containers to accommodate the milk that has evaporated. Be sure that the container is with a tight seal.
  • Freezer bag. Using freezer bags is ideal for those who want to freeze small parts of milk that have evaporated. Once you have poured the milk into freezer bags, take out all air that you can. The bags are then frozen flat and laid one on top of the other to make space in your freezer.
  • Ice tray. If you like making smoothies using evaporated milk Oats, smoothies, or other items for food You should think about freezing your evaporated milk into an ice tray.

If you’re not sure how to use a freezer tray, it’s easy! Pour the evaporated milk into the ice tray in small cubes. Place them within the freezer for a while until they have solidly frozen. It can take the same length of time to freeze as water which is up to 3 hours. Then, remove the cubes from the tray into a freezer bag made of plastic.

It is easy to pick only one or two cubes one time and then later. So, you don’t have to defrost a whole container even if you do not have the need to use it all. It’s impossible to refreeze evaporated milk once it’s defrosted, which makes portioning the best alternative.

2. Pour in the Milk

When you have your container set, add the milk that has evaporated. Check you have the container free of any food items and there are no other food items in the container that could affect the milk that has evaporated.

When filling the containers, for example, plastic freezer containers, or freezer bags, do not completely fill them up to the top. There should be a bit of room so that the liquid can expand. If you don’t allow enough room to expand, you may end up with evaporated milk that is exploding within your freezer!

3. Label the Container

The container should be labeled with the date for freezing, as well as what is the title of the container. It is essential so that you can quickly identify the milk that has evaporated in the freezer and to be aware of the best time you can use the milk.

4. Freeze

After your milk has evaporated inside its freezer container and is labeled and tightly sealed then, you can put it into the freezer to allow for long-term storage.

Make sure to place the milk in the rear of the freezer. This will help protect it from fluctuations in temperature caused by the regular closing and opening of the freezer’s door.

How Long Can Evaporated Milk Be Frozen?

When stored correctly, evaporated milk can be stored at the temperature of the freezer for up to 3 months. It’s safe to use within this amount of time.

However, the quality may start to decline, and it isn’t as creamy and richness you like to have.

If you use it within three months, it is a guarantee that you will have the opportunity to enjoy the high value of this evaporated milk.

When You Should or Shouldn’t Freeze Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is known to split when it is frozen, and then it is thawed. It’s not the best choice for a wide variety of beverages and meals due to its texture after freezing.

Understanding what you can make use of to use frozen evaporated milk and the things you shouldn’t can help you decide if you should put it in the freezer and also know the best way to utilize it.

Uses for Frozen Evaporated Milk

When it is thawed, evaporated milk separates, and there are very many uses once it’s separated. Here’s how you can make use of frozen evaporated milk to use for:

Whipping cream

Thawed evaporated milk that is separated can be whipped into cream. The evaporated milk must be defrosted until it’s pure fluid but very cold. Mix the milk that has evaporated with the speed of a hammer until it develops a hard peak.

Then, make a sugar addition to milk that has evaporated, or whip cream in order to add sweetness, and then serve immediately for dessert.

The high-speed beat aids in consolidating the ingredients that aren’t separated as much because the evaporated milk isn’t allowed to fully thaw.


Evaporated milk is an excellent alternative for half-and-half, milk, and heavier creams in cooking recipes. It doesn’t curdle when heated to high temperatures and is therefore perfect for cooking with.

Because the evaporated milk could split when frozen and then removed from the freezer and cooked, using it in recipes will conceal the separation and makes sure that the milk doesn’t end up in the trash.

If you have any leftover evaporated milk. You can incorporate it into mashed potatoes, mac and cheese soups, stews, or soups.


You can make use of frozen, and thawed evaporated dairy for baking. It is acceptable to use it as a replacement for milk when baking bread. It can be used in baking cakes, cookies, or even delicious pies.

When You Shouldn’t Use Frozen Evaporated Milk

When the thawed evaporated dairy splits, it is no longer suitable for certain drinks, recipes, and meals. It is often difficult to incorporate the solids and liquids of milk after separation. It is usually kept from view when it is added to cooking meals.

Here are some reasons that you might never be allowed to utilize frozen evaporated milk:

Drinks and smoothies

You are not in a position to defrost evaporated milk in smoothies, tea, or coffee. The milk solids that have been separated and the liquids would not taste good and create a strange texture. No one likes chunky coffee.


Some prefer adding evaporated milk into their oats, but this isn’t recommended if the liquid is not separated after having been frozen. It’s only going to give an unattractive texture to your oatmeal and could turn the taste of your breakfast off!


How Long Does Evaporated Milk Last in The Fridge?

After it is opened, the evaporated milk can be stored in the fridge for up to six days max. Once opened the milk that evaporated must be stored within an airtight bottle or wrapped tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

How Should I Thaw Frozen Evaporated Milk?

You must allow your frozen milk evaporated to be thawed in the refrigerator for a night in the fridge for a couple of hours. That is by far the most secure method of thawing the milk that has evaporated. This ensures that it doesn’t get subject to a temperature that can trigger the growth of bacteria.

How Can You Tell if Evaporated Milk Has Spoiled?

The most reliable way to know if evaporated milk has gone bad is by smelling it, then taking a look. If it’s got an odd smell, a strange taste, or an appearance change, the milk should be discarded.

The milk that evaporates can create a film on top or even a milk skin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is rotten. It is possible to mix the evaporated milk to get rid of the skin.

Can You Make Homemade Evaporated Milk?

You could make your own evaporated milk, even if it does not have any recipe.


If you have any leftover evaporated milk that you’re worried about spoiling, It is best to put it in a freezer. Be aware that once evaporated milk is frozen and thawed, there’s a chance that the liquids and solids will split.

This separation is okay when you’re planning on using the thawed, evaporated milk in baked or cooked recipes. However, evaporated milk shouldn't be drank by itself, such as smoothies and other meals that do not undergo any cooking/baking. In these cases, it will become obvious.

It’s also a good idea to store your evaporated milk in small pieces or cubes so you don’t need to defrost it in order to use it again and be at risk of wasting a large part of the milk that has been thawed.

Do not reuse evaporated milk since it may lose not only its texture but also cause bacterial growth and spoilage.

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