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How To Store Brownies – Best Way To Keep Them Fresh

Norah Clark
Classic chewy brownies

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a seasoned food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a former pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

The best way to store brownies is placing them in an airtight container that is kept at room temperature. Brownies can be kept fresh for up to 5 days but they taste best if eaten within a couple of days after they have been baked. If you have to store brownies for more than five days, they can also be stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

We believe there’s nothing more delicious than chocolate brownies! These chocolatey delights with their gooey center as well as their crisp exterior are a perfect snack, lunchbox snack, or even a decadent dessert.

If you’ve perfected the ultimate brownie recipe or received some brownies from a shop or from an acquaintance, you’ll need to know how to keep brownies in storage.

I will take an in-depth look through all the options for storage and also discover the most suitable containers to keep your brownies fresh as they were when they were fresh from the oven.

What Are Brownies?

The term brownie refers to a chocolaty round or rectangular baked delicacy. Brownie recipes usually comprise eggs, chocolate sugar, butter flour, salt along with vanilla extract.

The ingredients are comparable to the ingredients used in cakes made of chocolate However, brownies are typically more dense and heavy than cakes.

The best chocolate brownies should include a crisp outer layer and an incredibly soft and rich like fudge inside. Brownies are delicious as a snack or as a warm dessert, paired with ice cream or cream.

How Long Do Brownies Last At Room Temperature?

Like most baked goods, brownies are best-tasting when kept at ambient temperature. If stored properly, brownies will be tender and soft for as long as 5 days with the same flavor as they’ve just emerged from the oven.

But, they will only last for 5 days if they’re cut in a natural way and protected in an airtight container.

Brownies that are cut into pieces and kept inside an airtight container might not keep their freshness for two to three days.

How To Keep Brownies In The Refrigerator After Baking

If you’ve managed to bake the perfect brownie, congratulations!

There have been brownies that were dry and crumbly, soft and soggy If your brownies are crisp on the outside, but gooey inside You’ll want to do all you can to keep them that way.

Following baking, let the brownies cool completely on your baking pan. If you plan on eating your brownies in one or two days, cut them into squares or rectangles.

To store it for longer periods You can either take the brownie slab out in its entirety or place it inside the container.

To keep newly baked brownies in its absolute highest quality, the storage method you use must remain as tight as is possible. Air is the most formidable enemy of home bakers and will make your brownies that are soft and gooey as hard as dust.

The most effective way to ensure that your brownies are fresh is to not cut them before you intend to consume them. Cutting them exposes portions inside the chocolate to the air which means they’ll dry out quickly.

A slab of brownie uncut will stay intact over up to five hours within an airtight container.

When you cut your brownie into small portions, it is best to cut this down to 1 or 2 days before they begin to get dry and decaying.

The best solution is to store your baked brownies inside the baking tray they were cooked in, and then wrap them in an airtight wrapper like polythene. You can also take the entire slab from the tray and place them in airtight containers.

Cut off your brownie when you are ready take them out for a bite or serve.

You could even slice off one brownie at time to treat yourself, though if are like us, there will be nothing left over after just a day, or two!

How To Stop Brownies Becoming Stale

If you don’t enjoy your brownies on the day that you baked them they will soon become tough and fragile. Once you remove your brownies out of the oven the brownies are exposed the air and the sugars begin to crystallize.

But, don’t be tempted to wrap your brownies before they’ve been completely cooled. If you do this, condensation and steam will build up which will result in your crispy outer layer becoming soft and spongy.

An ideal solution is to cover the cake with a dishtowel whilst they are cooling. This will decrease your exposure to air that your brownies are exposed to while allowing condensation and steam to go away. When your brownies are cool, they need to be kept inside an airtight container in order to keep them from hardening.

How To Keep Brownies Soft

We could be repeating ourselves We can’t stress this enough – the best method to ensure that your brownies remain moist and soft is to keep air out. So, what’s the best method for doing this?

The most important thing to keep brownies moist and fresh is wrapping them in a tight manner. There are many ways to achieve this:

Wrapping plasticcan be wrapped tightly over the brownies. This is the simplest and most effective way to keep your brownies soft and moist. It can also be used in layers, making it an easy way to wrap brownies individually.

Aluminium foil is also easy to fold in tight around brownies, keeping air out as well as keeping them moist.
Containers that are airtight are also suitable however, for the best results cover your brownies using parchment within the container, to limit the exposure to air.

Resealable bags is an easy and convenient storage option for brownies, particularly when you’re planning to put one in your lunchbox or picnic basket.

A great tip is to Include bread slices in your storage container! This might sound odd, but the moisture of the bread helps keep brownies moist and fresh for a few more days.

Best Way To Store Brownies In Your Refrigerator

If you reside in a climate that is hotter, your brownies might not be able to last in a room temperature, particularly in the absence of air cooling. The storage of your brownies in the refrigerator can ensure they stay fresh two days.

Be sure that the brownies are properly wrapped prior to storing them in the refrigerator. Baked goods can absorb flavors and odors from other foods when stored in the refrigerator, so double wrapping them is a good idea.

Brownies should be consumed at the room temperatures, which is why you should take them off the fridge at least an hour before you plan to take them out for eating. Alternately, you can warm them by heating them in the microwave for a few seconds to make a wonderful gooey warm dessert.

If you don’t plan on eating them all at once Make sure you wrap them in a tight wrap before placing them back into the fridge.

Can You Freeze Brownies?

It’s definitely okay to freeze brownies. In fact, it is superior to the refrigerator! Brownies will stay in good condition when stored in the freezer for 3 months.

This is an excellent method of making a big batch of brownies ahead or simply to have some treats to keep in the freezer to be used at occasions where one chocolate brownie is all you need.

Again, the most important thing to ensuring the best condition for freezing brownies shield them from the elements. Brownies can also be susceptible to freezing burn and double-protection is necessary.

They can also be frozen in small portions or larger amounts can be frozen in large slabs and then cut up after defrosting. You can put the brownie in the baking tin. However, this will mean that you won’t have the tin ready for use when you want it!

Cover the brownie with an airtight sheet of plastic wrap, followed by the foil of aluminum.

This is enough to safeguard from freezing burn and the effects of air However, if you wish to ensure your safety, place the foil packaging in an appropriate freezer-safe plastic container.

Remove your brownies from the freezer by leaving the wrappers and at room temp. Large chunks of brownie will require approximately 2 hoursto defrost. Individual brownies can require approximately one hour.

If you’re working on a tight schedule or are in a hurry, the huge slab made of chocolate can be divided into serving portions, and then heated in the microwave while still partially frozen.

What’s The Best Container To Store Brownies?

There’s a chance that you have a pantry filled with containers, but which one is the most suitable one for storing brownies? It is essential to find a container where your brownies can fit perfectly. This will decrease how much air is that circulates within the brownies.

1. Glass Jars

Utilizing glass containers to keep your brownies in can be beautiful, and can be a wonderful alternative if you’re making brownies for a present. A glass jar that is airtight can be a wonderful option to showcase your baking skills.

But, unless they’re individually wrapped, your brownies will last for 2 to 3 days in this manner.

2. Stainless Steel Containers

A stainless steel container that is airtight keeps your brownies in perfect condition for up to five days, if they’re layered on newspaper.

3. Plastic Containers

It is durable, flexible and multi-purpose – we are in love with and appreciate our Tupperware containers! The most effective way to keep food fresh A plastic container that is airtight is the perfect way to store your food to store your chocolate brownies.

Do not forget to add a layers of parchment but it will keep them fresher longer.

4. Ziploc Bags

Utilizing using a Ziploc or sealable bag is a simple and flexible option to keep your brownies soft and fresh. Make sure to squeeze the air before sealing or else the brownies will become dry and hard within a matter of minutes!


Can brownies be heated?

After a tiring day at school or at work or at home, there are times when you want an exquisite dessert with least amount of effort. The good news is that brownies are easy and quick to heat up and can be cooked either fresh or frozen and even in the oven or microwave.

To warm brownies, bake them in an oven put them in a baking pan into an oven set to 350 degrees F. Warm the fresh brownies approximately 10 minutes or so, and freeze them last for about 20 mins.

To warm brownies using a microwave put them on a plate that is microwave safe and cooks them at all power in intervals of 20 seconds each. Most brownies are heated to the point of melting after one minute.

What’s the best way to heat brownies?

The most effective method to cook brownies is to do it by baking them in the oven because they’ll keep their crisp outer shell as well as the gooey center.

Cooking brownies with the microwave may result in them becoming slightly soggy, but the majority of us don’t dislike this! When brownies have been heated for too long in the microwave, they’ll become soft as well as chewy.

Do brownies have to be gooey?

Baking brownies is an art of art and isn’t easy to create the perfect brownie, not just an uncooked piece of cake or it can turn out like a brownie that’s cakey! The ideal brownie will be a crispy, thick outer layer and an incredibly soft, smooth, like fudge inside.

There are three brownie types each with different degrees of gooeyness:

  • A dense and fudgy brownie with a moist and intensely chocolaty inside.
  • Chewy brownie – moist but not as gooey like a fudgy brownie.
  • The cakey brownie is moist with a slight fluffy inside.

Do brownies harden when you cool them?

When you remove the brownies out of the oven, they’ll remain soft as well as cake like. Brownies harden as they cool, which is why it is essential to let them be completely cool inside the container prior to trying to cut and take them out.

If you cut into brownies that are either warm or hot, the brownies could fall apart and stick to your knife. You should wait until they’re completely cool before you can get a smooth edge on your brownies when cutting them.

Can brownies be better cold than warm?

Brownies are certainly more delicious warm especially when eaten as dessert. But the cold brownie is an excellent snack straight out of your storage container. Cool brownies have a more firm texture, while warm brownies are gooey and soft.

When baking brownies, it’s crucial to allow them to cool completely on the baking tray before cutting and taking them out.

It means your intention is to have the chocolate brownies hot, then they can be heated in the oven or microwave.

These brownies are an ideal ‘prepare ahead dessert for a dinner party – bake them for a one or two days in advance and then simply heat them up after your guests have finished eating their main meal.

What can I do with old brownies?

Perhaps you’ve made more than you could eat and did not get around to eating them before they became to stale? Perhaps someone took the lid on and the brownies you loved were tough and dry?

Don’t be worried even if your brownies aren’t at their best, it’s easy to restore them to their former glory! However, make sure you look for any mold or indications of degradation first.

The microwave is your ideal companion here. just put your old brownie into the microwave at full power and cook it for 10-15 seconds. This will slowly warm the brownie, making it soft and delicious.

If you’re looking for ways to make something new with your old brownies Here are some excellent ideas:

  • Ice cream topping. Add chunks of brownie that have been stale into Ice cream. Mmmmm, brownie ice cream!
  • Chocolate bread pudding. Take this classic recipe up a notch by using brownies you have left over instead of bread.
  • Brownie crumbs. Blend leftover brownies in a food processor to create the crumbs. Allow them to dry in the air until they become hard. Use them to top yogurt, or as an ice cream crust.
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