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Whole and sliced lemons.

Are Lemons A Fruit Or Vegetable? The Key Reasons

Lemon is a fruit. It’s a variety of citrus, which is similar to grapefruits and oranges. It is however considered to be a fruit since it is a seeded fruit and has similar characteristics to other fruits.

If you’ve ever gone in a store you might have seen lemons in the section for vegetables.

Since then, a lot of us are still in a state of confusion as to whether a lemon is an actual fruit, or is it not. Since lemons are usually used in conjunction as a vegetable substitute, and not fruits.

Furthermore, many of the botanical characteristics determine whether something is a fruit or a vegetable. Let’s say that lemons have sparked lots of interest in this area.

If you have received one of our fruit hampers, this article will cover whether lemons are vegetables or fruit. Therefore, without additional delay, let’s dig into the finer specifics!

How To Differentiate Between Fruit And Vegetables

Before we get into the discussion of the question of whether lemon is a fruit or a vegetable, let’s get started with the fundamentals. How do you know if something is an animal or not?

Here are some key traits of fruits and vegetables.

Seeds or No Seeds?

One of the main differences between a fruit vegetable is the fact that fruit contains seeds, whereas vegetables don’t.

It’s because the fruit is a specific ovary, and it contains ovules. Ovules are seeds that develop after reproduction takes place. Therefore, it is possible to say seeds are the outcome of the process of reproduction of flowers.

However, vegetables are just an element of the plant like leaves or roots. There is no reproduction in this case. Therefore, they don’t have any seeds either inside or outside.


While the taste of a fruit isn’t the main factor determining whether something is fruity in the first place, this may still be a factor in the majority of cases.

Fruits may have a wide variety of tastes. For example, they are either bitter, sweet, sour, or sometimes tart.

But, if you’ve had the pleasure of eating vegetables, you might be aware that every vegetable has its own distinct flavor. The majority of the time, you’ll be unable to identify the flavor, or even categorize it.


Both vegetables and fruits contain fats that are lower in calories and high in fiber. However, most fruits contain high sugar levels, whereas only certain vegetables, like starchy ones (potato and beet), have high levels of sugar.

Let’s go on to the most important issue!

So, Is Lemon A Fruit Or Vegetable?

With the distinctions between fruits and vegetables in the above picture, you can gauge that lemons are fruit instead of vegetables.

Let’s look at the primary reasons why lemon is the fruit of the day, rather than a vegetable.

Lemons Are a Source of Seeds

Lemons are a source of seeds and when you slice open a lemon you’ll be able to see a lot of them inside them!

This is a clear explanation of the reason why lemons are regarded as fruit and not vegetables.

Lemons Are a Hybrid Of Two Other Fruits

Another factor that is what makes lemons an actual fruit is the fact that it is a combination of two fruits, but not vegetables.

At first, two citrus fruits such as bitter orange and citron were merged to create a brand new fruit that is now referred to as the lemon.

This is why the entire lineage of lemons also demonstrates that it is a fruit.

Lemons Bloom From Flowers

If you’ve ever been to the fruit farm or a lemon, then you could have seen beautiful white flowers emerging from these lemon plants. The flowers are responsible to turn their Ovaries (i.e. the part that reproduces this flower) into lemons.

If lemon was a plant it would have been different from the plant, such as those leaves, or even the root. It is actually a part of the ovary of the flower, which makes it a fruit.

The three factors demonstrate it is true that the lemons are part of the fruit and not vegetables. So, what type of lemon is it? Let’s look at that.

What Kind of Fruit Are Lemons?

This is a shocking fact that you may not have known about – lemon is actually a fruit! Although it might seem confusing, let’s figure out the meaning of a berry as a botanical term and the reason why lemons are classified as one.

The fruit berry is a kind of fleshy fruit with three different components, such as:

  • Exocarp is also called the outer layer
  • Mesocarp Also called the middle layer of fleshy tissue
  • Endocarp Also called the inner layer composed of seeds

Additionally, berries should have at least two seeds. You now know why lemons are considered to be a fruit with berries.

Lemons meet all the criteria to be considered a fruit with berries. This includes:

  1. Lemons are made up of an outer layer that takes the form of a peeled and the rind
  2. The lemon’s middle, also referred to as pulp, appears a fleshy instead of being tough.
  3. The outermost layer is comprised of two seeds

Also, it is true that lemon is a fruit that is a berry!

When Can Lemons Be Used as Fruit?

The majority of vegetables are utilized in meals that are savory. There is only a handful of them you can be using in desserts.

However, you might realize that lemons are used in a myriad of desserts made with fruits. This is another indication that lemons are fruits instead of an herb.

Let’s take a look at the most delicious desserts where lemons are employed:

Jam Or Marmalade

Jams, marmalade, and curd are only made of fruit. Marmalade can actually be described as a “fruit preserve”. Because lemon is one of the most popular, you can make fresh batches of lemon marmalade at home.

Making marmalade is an extensive procedure, but basically, you mix the juice of the lemon as well as the peel, and sugar.

Then, you boil the ingredients until well blended. Then, allow the marmalade to cool. This is just a brief overview, so ensure you follow a recipe that is correct!

Ice-creams and Popsicles

Although you can now make ice creams and popsicles using vegetables, in the past the items were made using only fruit and artificial flavorings for fruit.

Lemon popsicles and ice cream are very popular in the present day and age. The two drinks are delicious and have a wonderful mix of sweet and sour flavors. Additionally, lemons have an icy effect which is why they’re great for summers too!

Bakery Items

Lemon tarts, cakes muffins, tarts, and cakes are the most popular choice in the modern-day. You can find a variety of baking recipes with lemon as the primary ingredient.

Despite their bitter flavor, lemons complement bakery products well because of their refreshing and fruity flavor.


Many candies today contain an element of fruit either organic or synthetic. So, lemons are an extremely popular flavor as well.

Because lemons have an astringent and bitter flavor and are a perfect match for the sweet sweetness of candies. They also provide a refreshing taste and can have a cooling effect.

These are only a few examples of items that use lemons in place of vegetables. They are often used in salads, fruit, or fruit juices as well!

Interesting Lemon Facts

If you’re interested in lemons right now, let us give you more fascinating lemon-related facts! Just don’t go sour on me reading these…

Lemons Are Available In Different Types

Did you know there are more than 30 varieties of lemons across the globe? They may appear like a straightforward fruit, but there are a variety of variations in dimensions, colors, the number of seeds, and their flavor of them.

Today, the lemons available in the markets are called Lisbon lemons. There are others too, such as Eureka lemons that have fewer seeds, and thus more juice!

Lemon Plants Produce Lemons All Year

The reason you see lemons in such abundance is that lemon trees produce fruit throughout the year. Actually, a single lemon tree can produce more than 600 gallons of lemons each year!

The only thing that lemon trees require to grow fruit every year is sufficient moisture content. If it’s not enough, the plants won’t bloom. And well, no flowers mean no lemons.

Lemons Are Extremely Rich In Vitamin C

We all know that lemons are incredibly rich in Vitamin C. But did you know that taking lemon juice regularly provides 50 percent of our Vitamin C needs?

As an adult, you need approximately 65-90 milligrams of Vitamin C. Lemons contain 31 milligrams of Vitamin C.

Lemon Flowers Have A Beautiful Fragrance

Lemons can smell fresh however they can be a bit bitter. The same cannot be said for the lemon blossoms as their scent is regarded as the most pleasant scent in the world!.

Lemon flowers possess the most subtle and refreshing lemony smell. This is because they also draw a lot of butterflies.

Lemon Has Antibacterial Acids

Lemons are made up of two kinds of acids, ascorbic acid, and citric acid. Both acids are very beneficial in getting rid of bacteria.

Bacteria are able to survive at a specific pH. However, because of the acidic nature of lemons, the pH could drop and lead to the death of the majority of bacteria.

Lemons Are Charged In Negative Terms

There’s a little chemical chemistry at play here. Many fruits that we consume nowadays have a positive charge because of more electrons and protons.

On the contrary, lemons have more electrons than protons, which causes them to be positively charged.

Lemons change Color Because of The Changing Temperature

At first, the lemons are green in color and are extremely bitter.

In reality, as they become mature, their color shifts from yellow to orange. The flavor changes to be more citrusy and not bitter, too. The change in color occurs as the temperature rises.

There Is More Vegetables That Are (Actually) Fruits

Remember that the definitions for fruits and vegetables vary based on classifications for culinary as well as botanical classification. Thus, certain culinary vegetables are considered to be fruits in the botanical sense, while others are botanical in the.

Apart from tomatoes and lemons and tomatoes, a lot of less well-known vegetables are actually a fruit from a standpoint of botany.


It’s a real surprise, isn’t it? The majority of peppers, be jalapenos or bell peppers are fruits even if their culinary value is comparable to that of vegetables.

Each pepper has an outer wall that is surrounded by a variety of seeds. They are fruits instead of vegetables as we mentioned earlier!


Cucumbers are extensively utilized in salads and pickles. But, they are considered fruit due to their structure and size.

Cucumbers come with an outer layer with a fleshy middle and an inside layer that is filled with many seeds! In addition to cucumbers, gourds are also fruit as botanically defined.


If you’ve ever observed an Okra plant in the past you might have realized that the pod actually develops from flowers. Therefore, Okra consists of several seeds that are classified as edible fruit.

In addition, okra is a type of dehiscent, dry fruit because it has two openings and is packed with multiple seeds.


Have you ever considered that olives are in the same category as peaches, mangoes dates, mangoes, etc?

Olives are drupes or stone fruits due to the existence of a hard pit that is covered by a fleshy exterior layer. It is also evident in mangoes and peaches in which the interior is hard and stony.


Like lemons and tomatoes, avocados are also fruited with berries! They have an outer layer that is surrounded by a middle fleshy layer as well as an inner layer containing seeds.

Although most berries have several seeds, avocado is different because it’s a single-seeded berry.

Read also: What to serve with avocado – what pairs best.


Peas aren’t the actual fruit. The pod is fruit, whereas peas are actually seeds. Peapods are regarded as a dry dehiscent berry since they are able to open through two separate seams. The inside contains numerous seeds, also known as peas.


Similar to peas and okra pods are also thought of as fruits. The beans inside are actually seeds.

These are only a few examples of vegetables that are considered fruits. There are many other vegetables that are considered to be fruits according to the botanical sense.


Is lime a fruit, or vegetable?

The Limes are like lemons in nearly every way but they’re a bit bitter. They also contain seeds. Thus, similar to lemons, lime is also a citrus fruit. The berry is called a berry because of having an outer and a fleshy inner layer, as well as multiple seeds.

Is an eggplant a fruit or vegetable?

The shape of an eggplant suggests that it’s an edible fruit. It is made up of numerous seeds with an outer layer as well as a fleshy middle layer as well. Eggplant can also be described as a variety of berries, similar to lemons and tomatoes.

Is a pumpkin as a fruit or vegetable?

Pumpkin is a different well-known fruit that is classified as a vegetable. The fruit has the traits of fruit, including:

  • contains seeds
  • It is the result of a flower rather than a portion of an herb
  • closely connected to other fruits, such as cucumbers and watermelons.


In the event that this is your first experience, you’ve heard now that lemons are fruits. We felt the same way as you did!

The characteristics of lemons vary. They have a large number of seeds. They also are derived from flowers. Vegetables are stems, roots, or other plant components. They are also utilized in a variety of fruit-based recipes and recipes.

In addition to lemons, We have discussed many veggies that aren’t considered vegetables such as your favorite olives or avocado.

It is important to remember that in the culinary sense, the majority of these are vegetables. It’s only when they are considered botanically that they appear more closely related to fruit.

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