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What Does Biscoff Taste Like? The Flavorful Cookie Explained

Norah Clark
Biscoff inspired flatlay

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

Biscoff Cookies tastes like a sweet and delectable biscuit with hints of cinnamon, buttery richness, and caramel notes. They are thin and crispy, with a delightful caramelization on the surface. Biscoff Spread is a great accompaniment that can be enjoyed on toast or as a standalone snack. It even pairs well with ice cream!

If you haven’t enjoyed trying Biscoff yet, you’re in for a treat! However, before you indulge, you may want to learn more about these cookies and their spread.

Discover the taste profile of Biscoff Cookies and Biscoff Spread and the best ways to savor their flavors. Get ready for a delicious experience!

What Do Biscoff Cookies Taste Like?

To appreciate the flavor of Biscoff Cookies, it’s essential to know what they are. Biscoff is a product manufactured by the Belgian company, Lotus Bakeries.

These delicate, shortbread-like biscuits have a buttery and caramelized flavor, with a hint of spice that makes them warm and delightful. The cookies have a satisfying crunch, thanks to the caramelization of the sugar.

Biscoff Cookies are a popular accompaniment to tea or a hot beverage and are often served individually in cafes or on planes.

Due to their widespread popularity, the brand created Biscoff Spread, which embodies all the cookie flavors but in a spreadable form similar to Nutella. It can be enjoyed on toast, by itself, or in desserts.

The brand also offers a range of Biscoff Ice Cream products for those who want to indulge in the flavor in a different form.

Flavor Of Biscoff Cookies

The most important aspect of Biscoff Cookies is undoubtedly their unique flavor. These cookies offer a perfect blend of spices, caramel, and butter, making them a delightful treat any time of day.

The cookies are thin and crisp, with a subtle cinnamon taste that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of caramel and the rich, buttery flavor.

They contain hints of nutmeg and ginger, which add to their warming flavor. The cookies’ brown sugar and butter also bring out their caramel taste, resulting in a deliciously sweet treat.

Texture Of Biscoff Cookies

The texture of Biscoff Cookies is one of their defining features. These thin cookies have a crisp exterior thanks to their caramelization from brown sugar, making them the perfect accompaniment to a hot beverage.

While they may appear crunchy on the outside, the interior of these biscuits is soft and chewy, providing a delightful contrast in texture.

The texture of Biscoff Cookies is similar to that of shortbread, but with an added crunch and a sugary exterior.

The combination of their unique texture and flavor makes Biscoff Cookies a truly irresistible treat.

Lotus Biscoff Cookies. Credit: Unsplash
Lotus Biscoff Cookies. Credit: Unsplash

Do Biscoff Cookies Taste Similar To Gingerbread Cookies?

While Biscoff Cookies and gingerbread cookies share some common ingredients and spices, they have distinct differences in taste.

Biscoff Cookies have a softer spice blend and a caramel-like, buttery flavor that gingerbread cookies do not.

Unlike gingerbread cookies, Biscoff Cookies are not hot in taste and are creamier and richer in flavor, making them easier to consume.

What Do Biscoff Cookies Pair Well With?

Biscoff Cookies also pair well with ice cream, particularly vanilla or cinnamon flavors. You can either crumble the cookies on top of the ice cream or use them as a crust for a Biscoff ice cream pie.

Biscoff Cookies can be used as a topping for cheesecakes, or as a crunchy layer in a trifle or parfait. They also go well with chocolate, either as a dipping cookie or as a base for chocolate desserts.

Not forgetting that Biscoff Cookies can be enjoyed with a combination of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

The warmth of the beverages brings out the spices and enhances the overall flavor of the cookies.

What Can You Dip Biscoff Cookies In?

Biscoff Cookies can also be dipped in cold drinks such as milk or chocolate milk for a delicious twist.

Some people even like to dip them in melted chocolate or peanut butter for an extra indulgent treat.

They can be crushed and used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt. The possibilities are endless!

Biscoff Cookies used in a dessert dish. Credit: Unsplash
Biscoff Cookies used in a dessert dish. Credit: Unsplash

What Is Biscoff Spread?

Flavor Of Biscoff Spread

Lotus, the brand behind the popular Biscoff Cookies, also offers Biscoff Spread – a spreadable version of the cookie’s flavors, similar taste to Nutella or peanut butter.

The spread features cinnamon, buttery, and caramel notes that are rich and creamy, just like the cookies. Originally only available in a smooth texture, there is now a crunchy version made with broken Biscoff Cookies.

While slightly sweeter than the cookies, the spread is still full of the same flavors and is perfect for enhancing the taste of bread and other sweet foods.

Whether you prefer smooth or chunky, Biscoff Spread is a must-try for fans of the cookie.

Texture Of Biscoff Spread

The texture of Biscoff Spread depends on the variant you choose to try. The original creamy spread has a smooth consistency, similar to peanut butter or Nutella.

It is easy to spread on toast and can also be used in various recipes.

On the other hand, the thick Biscoff Spread is a smooth spread mixed with broken Biscoff Cookies. This spread offers a bit of dimension and texture, with crunchy bits of Biscoff Cookies in every bite.

While it is not as crispy as the cookies, it is still easily spreadable on toast and can also be used in various recipes.

What Does Biscoff Spread Pair Well With?

Biscoff Spread is a versatile and creamy spread that pairs well with a variety of foods. One of the easiest ways to enjoy it is by spreading it on toast or using it as a sandwich filling for a quick breakfast or snack.

In addition, Biscoff Spread can also be used as an ingredient in dips for fresh fruits such as strawberries, apples, and bananas, adding a delicious caramel-like flavor to your snack.

For those with a sweet tooth, Biscoff Spread can be used to make cookies and other desserts, and even added as a topping on ice cream or mixed into a Biscoff milkshake.

Finally, if you want to elevate your breakfast or brunch game, try topping your waffles or pancakes with Biscoff Spread for a deliciously sweet and savory treat.

What Is Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream?

Did you know that Lotus Biscoff also offers a variety of ice creams to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings?

There are three different types of ice creams available, including the Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Bars which come in milk and white chocolate flavors and mini stick versions.

The ice creams are sold in tubs and come in flavors like Original, Blueberry Cheesecake, and mini tubs.

For a grand finale or a special treat, you can indulge in the Biscoff Ice Cream Cake! This masterpiece is made of dairy ice cream, coated with Biscoff cookie crumbs, and topped with Biscoff Spread.

All of these ice creams share the same delightful flavors of caramel, cinnamon, and buttery brown sugar that make Biscoff Cookies so popular. Although these ice creams are vanilla-flavored and feature many other delicious ingredients, it’s important to note that they are not suitable for vegans as they contain dairy products.

Is Biscoff Vegan?

Great news for vegans! Biscoff Cookies can be made vegan, making them a popular choice among vegans who don’t want to miss out on the delicious texture and flavor.

Even better, the Biscoff Spread is also vegan and has a delicious, crunchy texture. It’s made from plant-based oils and stabilizers, without any animal products.

This means that you can enjoy a variety of snacks and desserts using both Biscoff Spread and Biscoff Cookies without worrying about your diet.

However, it’s important to check the ingredient list as some Lotus products contain eggs, honey, and milk, making them vegetarian-friendly but not suitable for vegans.


What flavor Is Biscoff?

Biscoff has a distinctive flavor that is a combination of sweet and spicy notes, with hints of caramel and cinnamon. This flavor is due to the use of brown sugar and spices in the cookie recipe.

Is Biscoff sweet or savory?

Biscoff Cookies have a crunchy texture that is similar to graham crackers or digestive biscuits. Biscoff Spread has a smooth and creamy texture, similar to peanut butter or Nutella.

Can Biscoff be used in cooking or baking?

Biscoff has a sweet flavor that is balanced by spicy notes, making it a perfect snack or dessert option. However, some people may find it to be too sweet and prefer to pair it with savory ingredients to balance the sweetness.


Biscoff Cookies boast a delectable blend of cinnamon, brown sugar, and buttery flavors that are warm, sweet, and rich. These cookies are thin and crispy, yet they have a soft and chewy texture on the inside.

Enjoy them with coffee or tea, as they make for an excellent pairing when dunked into hot beverages. Alternatively, indulge in them on their own or crush them to make a base for desserts.

For a more varied experience, give Biscoff Spread a try. It comes in crunchy or smooth varieties and offers the same distinct taste as the cookies in a smooth, creamy spread that’s perfect for sandwiches, toast, or as an ingredient in desserts.

If you haven’t tried Biscoff Cookies and Biscoff Spread before, we encourage you to try them. They are sure to become your new favorite snack!

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