Norah Clark chef

Chef Norah Clark

Editor-in-Chief of Boyd Hampers food magazine

Norah is an accomplished pastry chef and has worked in some of the world's most prestigious restaurants and hotels, from the Savoy Hotel in London, to the Ritz Carlton in Florida, and all the way to The Plaza in NYC.

She started a food blog in 2020, YummyTasteFood which has since been acquired by Boyd Hampers in 2023.

More about our chef and editor-in-chief

I love absolutely everything to do with food, baking, and of course, eating! I’m a self-proclaimed foodie nomad. Since joining Boyd Hampers as a food editor, I've fallen in love with their spread of gift baskets and hampers they have on offer!

I have worked as a chef and pastry chef at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Orlando, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Orlando and Sydney, The Plaza, NYC, The Savoy, London, and Westbury Hotel, Dublin.

I even worked as a barista at my local Starbucks in Orlando, Florida! I am also a qualified nutritionist and diet consultant.

I have worked with various brands, from Red Bull, Hello Fresh, Pasta Evangelists, and Fortnum & Mason, to name but a few, on reviews, product research, and marketing.

Thanks to working weekends, public holidays, and missing countless parties from working in the hospitality industry, I finally could fund my travels!

I have lived/worked in New York, Tokyo, Sydney for a short time (flat whites are expensive), London, and Frankfurt.

I don’t tend to stay around too often and love trying different food and fully experiencing each country’s culture.

Most of my articles are based on how-to’s, guides, and overviews of everything surrounding food, baking, cooking, and anything related to yummy-tasting food.

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