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Why You Need The Lettuce Grow Farmstand (My 2024 Review)

Why You Need The Lettuce Grow Farmstand (My 2024 Review)

Ever thought about growing your own fresh greens but felt overwhelmed by the idea? I get it—gardening can seem like a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. That’s where Lettuce Grow comes in, promising to make home gardening simple and accessible for everyone.

I recently decided to give Lettuce Grow a try and see if it lives up to the hype. From the sleek design of their hydroponic system to the ease of setup, I was curious to find out if it could really transform my kitchen into a mini farm.


  • Easy Peasy Setup: There’s no need for any extra tools – everything you need is pretty much included. The instructions are straightforward, and they've taken all the confusing bits and tossed them out the window.
  • Space Saver: This thing could fit in your apartment balcony or even a cozy kitchen corner. The design is vertical, so it doesn't hog your precious floor space. I’ve got mine set up right next to my kitchen window and it feels like having a little piece of nature indoors.
  • Fresh Produce, Less Hassle: No more sad, wilted lettuce from the grocery store. With Lettuce Grow, you’re eating the freshest produce possible because it's grown right at home.
  • Low Maintenance: Maintenance is super low-key. You top up the water and nutrients every now and then, and it pretty much takes care of itself. I’m all about that lazy gardener life.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Another huge plus is that it’s environmentally friendly. Traditional gardening can be such a water hog, but Lettuce Grow uses 98% less water. And with no pesticides or nasty chemicals, you know you’re doing right by Mother Earth.


  • Price: This thing ain't cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, the upfront cost can be a bit of a sticker shock. You’re not just paying for the initial system either; there are the grow cups, nutrients, and replacement parts that add up over time.
  • Noise Level: Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you’re sleeping next to a jet engine, but the water pump does make some sound. If you’re someone who’s super sensitive to noise or planning to keep it in a very quiet room, this might bug you.

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Who Is Lettuce Grow?

Lettuce Grow is a company all about making it easy for you to grow your own fresh veggies and herbs right at home. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a garden but thought, "Nah, I’ve got no space or time for that," Lettuce Grow is here to change your mind.

The company was started by passionate folks. Have you ever heard of Zooey Deschanel? Yep, the actress. She’s one of the co-founders, and she teamed up with Jacob Pechenik who’s super into sustainable living.

Together, they wanted to create something that made gardening more accessible to everyone. I mean, we’ve all seen those Pinterest perfect gardens and thought, "Yeah right, I can’t do that." But that’s where Lettuce Grow comes in—making the dream a reality for even the most space-challenged city dweller.

Lettuce Grow offers these nifty aeroponic gardening systems called "Farms"—think of them as vertical gardens on steroids.

The idea is to let you grow a lot of produce in a small space. So if you’re living in a tiny apartment, or just don’t have a backyard, no sweat. Their Farms are designed to fit on a balcony or even indoors with the help of some grow lights.

What I like is they're committed to sustainability. They boast about how their systems use 95% less water than traditional gardening.

That’s a big win if you're in a place like Southern California where everyone’s obsessed with conserving water. Plus, no pesticides here—so you know you’re munching on clean, fresh food.

They’ve made it pretty user-friendly too. They send you pre-sprouted seedlings which you just pop into the Farm.

And if you’re like me and can’t keep a cactus alive, they’ve got your back with their customer service and community support. You can join their online groups and chat with other home growers. It’s like a little club for plant-loving pals.

Lettuce Grow Review

Set-Up Process

Setting up the Lettuce Grow Farm is surprisingly straightforward. You don't need to be a hydroponic wizard to get started, trust me. You just assemble the base, stack the grow modules, and fill it with water.

The instructions are clear and come with pictures, which I especially appreciate because who reads manuals these days? Plug it in and voilà, you’re almost ready to become a garden guru.

You do need to dedicate a small space for it and have an electric outlet nearby. So whether you’re in a cozy apartment in Brooklyn or a suburban house in Colorado, it’s pretty manageable.

Great Variety of Seedlings

One thing that really stands out about Lettuce Grow is the diverse range of seedlings available. We're talking about more than just lettuce here.

There are herbs like basil and mint, veggies like tomatoes and peppers, and even edible flowers if you want to get fancy.

In total, there are over 200 different varieties to choose from. So whether you’re a salad enthusiast or looking to spice up your culinary game, Lettuce Grow has got you covered.

And the best part? They come pre-sprouted, which means you don’t have to fuss with seeds or soil. Just pop them into the pods and you’re good to go.

Quick Harvest Time

Nobody likes waiting forever for their food, right? With Lettuce Grow, you can expect a quick turnaround.

Most greens are ready to harvest within 3-4 weeks, while some of the more substantial veggies might take a bit longer, around 6-8 weeks.

That’s still way faster than traditional gardening. So if you’re like me and have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, this is pretty great.

The quick harvest time makes it super rewarding because honestly, who wants to wait months to eat something you’ve grown?

Fun for Kids

Got kids with endless energy? Lettuce Grow might just be your new best friend. This setup is a fun way to get kids involved in something educational and hands-on.

They’ll love watching the seeds sprout and the plants grow, plus it’s a great way to teach them about where food comes from. It’s like a science project that you can eat.

I remember my little nephew being absolutely fascinated by how fast the greens grew and he loved picking the leaves himself for salad time. It's definitely a win-win in the family bonding department.

Maintenance Is Nearly Non-Existent

For those of us who can barely remember to water houseplants, maintaining the Lettuce Grow Farm is a breeze.

The system recirculates water and nutrients, meaning you only need to top off the water every couple of weeks and clean the tank every month. That’s it!

The app sends you reminders when it’s time to do something, which is essential for scatterbrains like me. It's basically gardening on autopilot, allowing you to enjoy the fresh produce without the constant upkeep.

App Experience

It’s user-friendly and does a great job of guiding you through the entire process. It sends notifications when it’s time to water the plants or add nutrients, gives you tips on how to harvest, and helps troubleshoot any issues you might run into.

The app also connects you with a community of other Lettuce Grow users, which is awesome for sharing tips and tricks. It’s like having a gardener friend in your pocket. The only downside? It’s another app to download, but it’s worth every megabyte.


Here’s a quick rundown of the specs for the Farmstand Nook:

Category Specifications
Ports 20 ports: 4 levels, 5 plants each
Space Requirement Requires less than 4 sq. ft. of level space
Dimensions Assembled dimensions: 18.6" dia. X 55" H <br> Floor mat: 23" dia.
Weight Weight (empty): 18 pounds
Water Tank Capacity 9 gallons
Power Requires access to a GFCI power outlet


Day To Day Use

Lettuce Grow becomes part of your routine without demanding too much of your time. Basically, you check the water level, maybe pop in a new seedling, and harvest when things are ready.

The grow lights mean you don't have to worry about whether it’s getting enough sun, making it perfect for those gloomy days or during winter months.

Plus, having fresh herbs and veggies at your fingertips is a game-changer. Need some basil for that pasta? Just snip a few leaves and you’re all set.


Here’s where it might sting a little. Lettuce Grow's initial investment isn’t cheap, starting around $573 for the Outdoor Farmstand and going up from there depending on size and add-ons.

But if you consider the long-term benefits like saving on grocery bills and having fresh, pesticide-free produce, it balances out. Plus, the creative joy of growing your own food is priceless. It’s like buying a piece of eco-friendly happiness.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a total newbie, Lettuce Grow provides a user-friendly, captivating way to bring some green into your life.

Product Price (Small) Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Farmstand Nook $799 - -
Indoor Farmstand $973 $1123 $1423
Outdoor Farmstand $573 $649 $799


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How I Use Lettuce Grow

Using Lettuce Grow has become a fun part of my routine; I’ve got to tell you, it’s pretty straightforward and oddly satisfying.

Imagine this: I start my morning by checking on my little green buddies, sipping my coffee, and watching the sunrise. No fancy gardening skills needed — just keepin’ it casual.

First off, the app is my sidekick. I use it to get reminders about when to add nutrients or check water levels. Honestly, it feels like having a mini-gardening coach in my pocket.

And let’s not forget the excitement of choosing what to grow next. With the app's suggestions and my cravings in sync, it’s a no-brainer.

Setting up for the day, I top up the water tank. Living in an apartment, I thought this would be a hassle — turns out, it’s just a couple of minutes.

I swipe through the app while the tank fills, catching up on some gardening tips or just scrolling through cute plant pics from other users. Yup, there’s a whole community vibe going on here.

My go-to routine includes a quick peek to make sure everyone’s looking happy. I’ve got lettuce, basil, and even some strawberries all chillin’ together like a mini farmer’s market on my balcony.

Seriously, the setup is compact enough to not cramp my style but efficient enough to keep my menu fresh. Plus, it’s like having a snack bar at my fingertips.

When the weekend rolls around, I show off my little garden to friends. It’s a great conversation starter, especially when they’re amazed that I’m growing stuff without soil.

I like to call it my ‘urban jungle’ — sounds fancy, right? But really, it's just Lettuce Grow doing its magic.

The moments I cherish the most are when I get to harvest. Picture this: a few snips and — bam! Fresh greens on my plate for dinner. It’s like getting to eat the fruits (or veggies) of your labor.

Let me tell you, nothing beats the taste of home-grown produce, especially when you’ve seen it grow from a baby seedling.

Tips To Maintain Your Lettuce Grow

Regular Water Refills

First off, refill that water reservoir regularly. Depending on how many plants you have and the weather, you might need to top it off every few days. Stick your finger in the water tank to check the level or use the app to stay on top of it. Trust me, thirsty plants are sad plants.

Keeping An Eye On Nutrients

Plants are like kids—they need their vitamins. Follow the nutrient schedule provided with your Lettuce Grow.

Don't just wing it with the amount. Measure it out correctly, just like you're baking your grandma's secret cookie recipe. Too much or too little can mess with your plants' mojo.

Light It Up

If your garden isn’t getting enough natural sunlight, you might need some grow lights. Position them about a foot above your plants and keep them on for 14-16 hours a day. It's like giving your plants a mini summer vacation every day.

Cleanliness Is Key

You don't want a gunked-up system. Clean the water pump and water lines every month to prevent clogs. Also, wipe down the grow tower to keep things sparkling. Think of it like a spa day for your garden.

Rotate Your Crops

Mix up what you're growing. If you keep planting the same things in the same spots, your plants might just up and rebel. Rotating crops helps avoid soil nutrient depletion and pests. Plus, it keeps things fresh and interesting.

Pest Patrol

Keep an eye out for bugs. Just because you're growing indoors doesn’t mean pests won't try to crash the party. A little neem oil can keep most intruders at bay without harming your plants. It's like having a bouncer for your garden.

Prune And Harvest

Don't be afraid to snip off older leaves or crops that are past their prime. This helps the plant focus its energy on new growth. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits, or in this case, veggies, of your labor. Sort of like giving your plant a little haircut.

Is The Lettuce Garden Worth It?

First, the convenience factor is high. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of plucking fresh veggies from your patio or even your tiny city balcony?

With Lettuce Grow, that dream is attainable. The setup is simple enough that you don't need a green thumb or a degree in botany. The pre-sprouted seedlings are practically foolproof—just pop 'em in, and you're good to go.

Plus, the mobile app guides you every step of the way, which is super handy if you’re juggling a million other things, like I usually am.

But let’s talk dollars and cents, because yeah, it’s not exactly cheap. The upfront cost can make you wince a bit—especially for the larger systems.

You're looking at shelling out a pretty penny initially. If your budget’s tight, that might be a deal-breaker right there.

But, the ongoing costs are relatively low, especially since you’re cutting down on grocery bills. Fresh, organic produce ain't cheap either, and this system can save you cash in the long run.

This is what makes it worth it to me.

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Frequently Asked Lettuce Grow Questions

Is Lettuce Grow Noisy?

You know that hum your fridge makes? That’s kinda what we’re working with here. It’s definitely there but it won't make you want to tear your hair out. The Lettuce Grow system has a pump that circulates water to keep your greens hydrated.

It does make a bit of noise but honestly it’s kinda like white noise in the background. If you’ve got it set up in your living room it might be a bit more noticeable but mine’s in the kitchen and I hardly notice it unless I'm sitting right next to it.

Where Is Lettuce Grow Made?

Lettuce Grow is proudly made in the USA. The main components are manufactured and assembled right here which is great because you're supporting local jobs and production.

The company’s headquarters are in Los Angeles California where they come up with all these cool innovations.

So if you’re in the area you might even be able to score a local plant or two! Plus you gotta love that eco-friendly vibe knowing they’re focused on keeping things close to home.

Does Lettuce Grow Attract Bugs?

This is a biggie especially if you're thinking about indoor gardening. Short answer: not really. Long answer: it depends on your house's bug situation.

The water and plants might bring a few curious critters your way but it’s nothing compared to having a traditional garden.

As long as you keep an eye on things and do regular maintenance like checking for any dead leaves or standing water you shouldn't have any major issues. I’ve got my system running for months now and zero bug problems. Knock on wood.

Does Lettuce Grow Need To Be Plugged In?

Yes the Lettuce Grow system does need to be plugged in because of the water pump and the optional grow lights.

So if you’re setting up shop make sure you’ve got an outlet nearby. It's not a massive power hog though. Think of it like plugging in a regular home appliance. Just a little heads up you might need an extension cord depending on where you wanna put it.

Can You Use Your Own Seeds With Lettuce Grow?

Absolutely! While Lettuce Grow offers their own pre-sprouted seedlings (which are super convenient by the way) you can totally use your own seeds if you want to.

You might need to get a bit creative with your setup and timing but there’s a lot of satisfaction in growing something from scratch.

The system is pretty flexible so as long as you can get the seeds to sprout and transplant them they should thrive just fine.

How does Lettuce Grow work?

Lettuce Grow’s Farmstand is a hydroponic gardening system usable indoors or outdoors. By maintaining water pH between 5.5–6.5 and providing adequate nutrients, the Farmstand allows plants to grow without soil, ensuring they receive all necessary nutrients.

Final Thoughts

Lettuce Grow offers a unique blend of convenience and sustainability for anyone looking to jump into home gardening. Even though some initial costs and a bit of a learning curve, the benefits like fresh pesticide-free produce and eco-friendly practices make it worth considering.

Plus the community and customer support make it easier to get started and stay motivated. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out Lettuce Grow can be a fun and rewarding addition to your home.

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