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What is The UK's Most Popular Wine to Drink & Gift?

Norah Clark
What is The UK's Most Popular Wine to Drink & Gift?

Although the cheap and easy Australian or American brands perform particularly well, champagne usually reserved in special events, is popular with those who drink regularly in the UK.

Popular Wines in the UK

  • Red, white, and sparkling wine are considered popular types of wine.
  • In general, white wine is more popular than red wine.
  • Hardys, Jacob's Creek, Blossom Hill and Lindeman's are some of the most popular wine brands.
  • Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire are the most well-known wine-producing regions.

    These are the brands of wine that the largest proportion of people surveyed had a favorable opinion of in the poll done at the beginning of the first quarter 2022.

    Here is a list of the 10 most popular wine brands consumed by the British. The chances are you may recognise some of these bottles which are featured in our wine hampers and baskets.

    1. Blossom Hill - 44%

    This Californian brand has grown into a wine label that has the highest rating of approval across the UK (according to this poll). It is known for its off-dry wine ( around 8 grams of sugar in a 175 ml glass) Not beloved by the wine connoisseur, its popularity stems from its consistency and low cost.

    2) Echo Falls - 41%

    Echo Falls is a mix of juice and wine. But, according to this reviewer, it fulfilled three requirements for the ideal beverage for students: sweetly delicious, fruity, and inexpensive. There are 9.2 g of sugar per 175ml glass of Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Summer Berries.

    3) Jacob's Creek - 40%

    Jacob's Creek has been released by Orlando Wines for almost 50 years. In 1989 and is an affiliate of Pernod Ricard. This Australian brand has become the preferred choice for many wine drinkers and is a mainstay of many school fairs' drinks raffles.

    4) Moet & Chandon - 39%

    The fourth spot is an interesting higher-end upgrade in comparison to the other choices. There is most certainly an appetite for champagne and the recently held Coronation provided an ideal occasion to purchase a bottle of bubbly.

    You will find Moet & Chandon in our champagne and prosecco hamper baskets.

    5) Dom Perignon - 36%

    With 80% of the people surveyed familiar with Dom Perignon, in comparison to 74% who knew of Moet & Chandon, the Champagne house is more popular. It is an expensive wine and therefore an exclusive purchase more suited to the wealthiest pockets.  

    6) Casillero del Diablo - 33%

    With the stunningly beautiful Pedro Pascal fronting its advertisement, it's no wonder that this Chilean wine does not remain long on the supermarket shelves.  It does however have the reputation for being a cheap wine which is part of the stable of more premium wines by the owners Concha y Toros.

    7) Bollinger - 33%

    A long-standing fixture at Ascot, the Brits love their 'Bolly.' Churchill is a famous for calling it "the wine of civilisation and the oil of government". Bollinger unveiled its new release, which is entirely made of Pinot Noir.

    8) Yellow Tail - 31%

    The second Australian wine on this list is owned by Casella Family Brands brand and was created in 2000 and has continued to go from strength to strength.  The name derives from the yellow-footed rock wallaby (not to be mistaken for a kangaroo which is a different species of marsupial completely). 

    9) Gallo - 30%

    The largest winery owned by an American family has made a big splash across the Atlantic and has UK consumers enjoying the bargain-priced alcohol. In the past year they introduced peel-able price labels that can be used to ensure that prices are consistent everywhere. 

    10) Martini Asti - 29%

    Another student choice, the sweet Piemontese sparkler clocks in with 15.6g of sugar per glass of 175ml. In front of the Prosecco label in popularity, Martini has shown the UK how to pour in Italian way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of wine are considered popular in the UK?

    The most popular types of wine in the UK are red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine.

    Is red or white wine more popular in the UK?

    White wine is generally considered to be more popular.

    Are there any specific regions in the UK known for producing popular wines?

    The most well-known wine-producing regions in the UK include: Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire.

    What are some common occasions for gifting wine in the UK?

    Some common occasions for gifting wine in the UK include: birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other occasions!

    Are there any differences in popular wine choices between different parts of the UK?

    Popular wine choices can vary between different parts of the UK, with some regions having a preference for specific types of wine or brands. However, there is generally a good deal of diversity in wine preferences across the country.

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