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Best Double Oven Gas Ranges, Tried & Tested for Your Kitchen Upgrade

Norah Clark
Double oven gas range in a kitchen.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen with a new double oven gas range? A gas range with a double oven for your kitchen allows you to amplify your cooking efficiency and flexibility. This type of range is a significant investment for those who love to cook and entertain, offering the ability to bake, roast, and broil in two separate ovens at different temperatures simultaneously.

A high-quality double oven gas range can transform your meal preparation into a more streamlined and enjoyable process, whether you're hosting a large gathering or cooking different components of your meal that require varied cooking settings.

We tried and tested over 25 different brands of double oven gas ranges and narrowed them down to 6 of the best double oven ranges.

Best Double Oven Gas Ranges We Tested

Rank Brand Key Features
1. FORNO Galiano Brass burners, European convection, stainless steel, temperature inconsistencies, customer service issues
2. COSTWAY Double Oven Varied burner outputs, dual fuel, sturdy build, large size, cannot use both ovens simultaneously
3. LG Double Oven Range Even heat distribution, EasyClean feature, large capacity, uneven cooking, complex repairs
4. FORTE Gas Double Oven Dual ovens, sealed burners, freestanding, large size, broiler drawer, higher cost
5. Verona Prestige Series Luxurious design, convection fans, LP kit, premium price, manual cleaning, limited reviews
6. Empava 24" Gas Wall Oven Sleek design, rotisserie function, built-in timer, slow preheating, temperature drop, customer service issues

1. FORNO Galiano 48" Range

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Your culinary ambitions just found a new partner with the FORNO Galiano gas range, offering versatile cooking features wrapped in a sleek design.


  • Superior heat control with sealed brass burners
  • Large oven capacities with true European convection
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel finish


  • Inconsistencies with oven temperature accuracy
  • Some users report structural and functional issues over time
  • Customer service responsiveness could be improved

In your kitchen, the FORNO Galiano stands as a robust centerpiece, ready to tackle any recipe you throw its way. Effortlessly transitioning from a delicate simmer to a rapid boil, the precision from the brass burners is commendable. The cooking surface is a breeze to clean too—spills don't stand a chance on the enameled surface plate.

When it comes to baking and roasting, the generous oven space is a godsend. With a flick of the knob, the convection fan works its magic, circulating hot air for even cooking. Also, peering through the triple-layered glass door to check on your creation won't let heat escape, a small but appreciated detail.

Yet, perfection is elusive, as some users have experienced temperature variances. Accuracy is vital, and when there's a discrepancy, it can throw off your entire culinary game. Despite its robust build, a handful of users felt the construction didn't hold up over time, with leg durability being a concern. And should you need assistance, some customers felt reaching customer support was more challenging than preferred.

2. COSTWAY Double Oven

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If you love cooking for a large group, the COSTWAY Double Oven could be your new kitchen ally with its ample space and versatility.


  • Varied burner outputs cater to different cooking needs
  • Dual fuel option offers flexibility in use
  • Sturdy build with safety features and ease of cleaning


  • Both large oven burners can't operate simultaneously
  • Size may be too large for smaller kitchen spaces
  • Relatively heavy, challenging to move

Cooking with the COSTWAY Double Oven has been a revelation for multi-tasking in the kitchen. With seven burners at your disposal, you can have a pot simmering, another dish sautéing, and still have room to boil or grill to your heart’s content. The dials turn smoothly, offering precise control over the flame. Whether hosting a get-together or meal prepping for the week, this range manages it all with composure.

The oven space in this model is truly generous. You have two different ovens at your command, allowing you to bake a lasagna in one while roasting vegetables in the other – both will come out perfectly. Even better, switching between natural gas and liquid propane is a breeze, offering you flexibility depending on fuel availability.

Durability is evident in the heavy-duty materials, giving you the feeling that this range will stand by your side for countless meals. The inclusion of a storage drawer rounds off this sturdy appliance. When it's time for cleaning, the cast iron grates lift easily and fit into the dishwasher without hassle, while spills on the enamel interior wipe away smoothly.

3. LG Double Oven Range

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If you're after a spacious, powerful, and sleek-looking gas range, the LG LDG4313ST could be your kitchen's new best friend.


  • Even heat distribution for consistent baking results
  • Quick and easy cleaning with the 10-minute EasyClean feature
  • Large capacity is perfect for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously


  • Some users report uneven cooking on the cooktop
  • The complexity of repairs and parts replacement
  • Lower customer satisfaction rating based on the reviews

Cooking with the LG LDG4313ST Double Oven Gas Range was a delight. The ProBake Convection system lives up to its promise, delivering evenly browned pastries that are bound to delight your taste buds. It's not just about looks; it's about reliability and consistency in the heat that it provides, ensuring that dishes come out beautifully every time.

Cleaning is a breeze with the LG EasyClean feature. Splatters from that lasagna or a drip from the pie were no match for this function. In ten minutes, without having to use harsh chemicals or set the oven to an infernally high temperature, the interior was shining once again. For someone who values both cleanliness and convenience, this is a dream feature.

You'll appreciate the vast interior when you're juggling dishes for a large gathering. The 6.9 cubic feet is spacious enough to accommodate a turkey in one oven while your side dishes bubble away in the other. Guests will marvel at how seamlessly you manage to serve up a spread that's timed to perfection. The powerful UltraHeat burner also makes boiling a large pot of water substantially faster, shortening the wait for pasta or potatoes to cook.

The control design deserves praise, too. No more leaning over a hot stove to adjust the settings — the angled controls not only provide ease of use but also contribute to the range's modern aesthetics. Your kitchen gets a touch of elegance with this functional and style-enhancing appliance.

4. FORTE Gas Double Oven

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You should check out this FORTE double oven if you're eyeing a gas range that seamlessly pairs functionality with style.


  • Two ovens for versatile cooking
  • Sealed burners for easy cleaning
  • Freestanding design for flexible placement


  • Occupies more kitchen space
  • Broiler drawer instead of a storage compartment
  • May be an investment for some budgets

Having recently prepared a multi-course meal using the FORTE FGR488BSS 48 Inch Range, I can share some firsthand observations. The dual oven feature is a standout, making it possible to cook dishes at two different temperatures. It's a real time-saver when you're hosting a dinner party or holiday gathering.

The sealed burners caught my attention as well. These contain spills and boilovers, simplifying the cleaning process. After preparing some pasta that bubbled over, it took no time at all to wipe the cooktop clean.

Its freestanding form allows for greater versatility in kitchen layout. You're not restricted to a specific location, which I realized was an asset when rearranging things for a fresh look.

On the downside, this range's size can be imposing for smaller kitchens with limited space. It's a substantial piece of equipment, so keep that in mind when planning your layout.

Another thing to consider is the broiler drawer at the bottom. While it works well for broiling, if you're the type to rely on extra storage for your pots and pans, this could be a slight inconvenience.

Finally, while undoubtedly a powerhouse in the kitchen, this gas range is an investment. But for those who love cooking and do it often, it could be a worthwhile addition to your culinary arsenal.

5. Verona Prestige Series

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If you're after upscale appearance and performance in your kitchen, this Verona range won’t disappoint.


  • Luxurious design with a durable matte black finish
  • Efficient cooking with two convection fans and five burners
  • LP kit included for easy conversion


  • Premium price point may not fit all budgets
  • Manual cleaning can be demanding
  • Limited total reviews to gauge long-term reliability

Cooking with the Verona Prestige Series is a delight; its flame ignition is quick, and the continuous grates create an expansive and stable cooking surface. Preparing multiple dishes simultaneously becomes manageable with this adept appliance. Its dual convection fans ensure even and quicker baking, giving you professional results right at home.

The aesthetics are striking, making it a visual centerpiece in your kitchen. The robust stainless steel composition gives peace of mind, promising longevity. And with the inclusion of an LP kit, switching from natural gas to propane is hassle-free, offering flexibility based on your home setup.

On the downside, you'll need to carve out time for upkeep since this model requires manual cleaning. The cost might make you think twice, but quality and style come at a premium. Also, with only a couple of reviews, it’s not easy to predict long-term performance, but Verona’s reputation provides some reassurance.

This Verona model melds Italian craftsmanship with versatility, making it a worthy addition to any kitchen seeking a professional touch.

6. Empava 24" Gas Wall Oven

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Owning this appliance is like adding a professional touch to your kitchen, efficiently meeting your cooking needs without breaking the bank.


  • Sleek design enhances kitchen aesthetics
  • The rotisserie function cooks meat evenly
  • Easy-to-use controls with a built-in timer


  • Preheating can be slow
  • The temperature drops quickly when the door is opened
  • Customer service could be more responsive

Cooking with the Empava Gas Wall Oven feels like bringing restaurant-grade techniques right into your home. The stainless steel finish makes it look contemporary and chic, a perfect match for modern kitchen interiors. A recent roast I prepared was perfectly even, thanks to the effective convection system, and that rotisserie chicken I bragged about to my friends? It came out of this oven with a golden-brown crispness that had mouths watering.

Using the oven is refreshingly simple. The knobs offer a tactile experience that's far more reassuring than touch screens, which can be finicky. What's more, the built-in timer ensures you won't overcook your meals—even when you're multitasking.

However, it's good to note that patience is required when it comes to preheating. It's not the fastest, so planning ahead becomes even more essential. And here's a tip: try to keep the opening and closing of the door to a minimum. Heat retention isn't its strongest suit, and frequent checking can lead to substantial temperature drops.

When the cooking's done, cleanup is a breeze. The enamel tank is straightforward to wipe down, so you can keep that pristine look without much effort. But should you need help, you might find yourself wishing for more prompt customer service, which is a consideration when choosing any appliance.

Buying Guide

Size and Capacity

When selecting a double oven gas range, start by measuring the kitchen space where you plan to install it. Standard widths are 30 inches, but they can go up to 48 inches for commercial-style ranges. Capacity is usually measured in cubic feet; larger capacities offer more flexibility for big meals.

Oven Features

Examine oven features that fit your cooking style. Convection ovens distribute heat evenly for consistent baking. Self-cleaning options save time and effort. Also, look at the number of racks and their adjustability for cooking multiple dishes.

Burner Performance

BTUs Purpose
Low Simmering
High Searing

Check the range of burner outputs measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). You’ll want a mix for different cooking needs: low for simmering and high for boiling or searing.

Controls and Settings

Digital or analog, controls should be easy to use and read. If you enjoy precise cooking, digital temperature settings can be more accurate. Features like delayed start or keep warm could prove useful.


Reflect on additional features that may benefit you, like a griddle or a warming drawer. These can enhance your cooking experience if you often prepare breakfast items or entertain guests.

Remember to read reviews and verify product reliability. Choose a model with a warranty for added peace of mind. Your attention to these details will help you find a gas range that fits your cooking needs and kitchen seamlessly.

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