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Here's The 7 Best Meat Cleavers We Tried & Tested

Norah Clark
Here's The 7 Best Meat Cleavers We Tried & Tested

Looking for the best meat cleaver? After purchasing and thoroughly testing a wide range of meat cleavers, we subjected each to rigorous testing—chopping through bones, thick meat cuts, and robust vegetables. We tested their performance based on heft, balance, and ease of use from initial handling to clean-up. We noted special features like blade material, handle comfort, and any added conveniences such as dishwasher safety or hanging loops.

In this in-depth roundup, we offer you our findings on the best meat cleavers available to buy, highlighting those that deliver durability, exceptional balance, and razor-sharp precision. Whether you're a novice home cook or a seasoned professional chef, these cleavers are designed to make your culinary prep smoother and more effective.

Like all our reviews, we purchase each meat cleaver at retail price, testing them as any consumer would, to provide you with the most reliable recommendations.

The 7 Best Meat Cleavers We Tried & Tested

Rank Brand Key Features


Juvale Meat Cleaver Comfortable handle, cuts through meat and bone, built-in storage hole, heavy, requires careful cleaning
2. Topfeel Cleaver Set Effortless slicing, comfortable grip, durable hand-forged quality, requires maintenance, not dishwasher safe
3. Mueller Meat Cleaver Retains sharpness, ergonomic handle, versatile use, not dishwasher safe, lightweight handle
4. Master Maison Cleaver Set Sharp, balanced weight, includes edge guard and sharpening tools, hand wash preferred, bulky storage
5. Zelite Infinity Cleaver Exceptional sharpness, comfortable ergonomics, high-quality German steel, heavy, premium price
6. ENOKING Meat Cleaver Maintains sharp edge, ergonomic wood handle, high carbon steel requires more maintenance, hefty
7. Huusk Japanese Cleaver Agile and sharp, ergonomically crafted oak handle, includes leather sheath, requires frequent sharpening

1. Juvale Meat Cleaver

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If you're looking for a reliable meat cleaver that can handle heavy-duty cutting and chopping with ease, the Juvale Meat Cleaver may just be your go-to tool in the kitchen.


  • Comfortable handle makes it easy to grip
  • Effortlessly cuts through meat and bone
  • Built-in hole for convenient storage


  • Might be heavier than expected
  • Needs thorough cleaning before first use
  • Not ideal for cutting frozen items

The Juvale Meat Cleaver feels like it was crafted specifically for the demands of a busy kitchen. With a solid wooden handle, it offers a confident grip that makes chopping through poultry and meat almost effortless. When you pick it up, there's an immediate sense of durability; this is a tool made to last.

Once you start using the cleaver, its balance becomes apparent. The weight is distributed in a way that adds power to each cut, without causing strain on your wrist. The sharpness that the blade comes with is notable, and it's impressive how it maintains its edge even after repeated use.

Another thing you'll appreciate is the hanging hole on the blade. It's a clever feature that lets you hang the cleaver on your kitchen's utensil hooks, saving precious drawer space and keeping it within easy reach. The ease of cleaning is also a win, as the stainless steel doesn't seem to hold on to stains, ensuring it's ready to go whenever you need it.

2. Topfeel Cleaver Set

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You'll want this duo in your kitchen for their superb performance in cutting through meat and bone.


  • Slices effortlessly through a variety of meats.
  • Comfortable grip enhances your cutting experience.
  • Impressive durability due to hand-forged quality.


  • Maintenance requires a bit of attention to prevent rust.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.
  • Heavy for those preferring lightweight knives.

The Topfeel Cleaver Set brings a reliable edge to your culinary preparations. The heft is immediately noticeable, giving you a sense of control as you slice through chicken bones with ease. Your grip feels natural and secure, thanks to the thoughtfully shaped rosewood handle that rests comfortably in your hand.

Working with these knives feels almost second nature. The sharpness of the blade is such that you can make quick work of tough cuts, letting you focus on crafting your dish rather than wrestling with sinew and bone. They're not just cutting implements; they're your partners in the culinary creation process.

Care for these cleavers involves simplicity itself—a quick hand wash and an oil rubdown ensure longevity. While this might deter some, consider the satisfaction of maintaining tools that perform beautifully meal after meal. This set, housed in an attractive box, would make an excellent gift for a friend who appreciates quality in their kitchen arsenal.

3. Mueller Meat Cleaver

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Switching to this cleaver for your kitchen routine could impressively enhance your meal prep experience.


  • Retains sharpness through numerous uses
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Multi-purpose, from dicing to cleaving


  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Handle might feel lightweight for some
  • Requires cautious handling due to sharpness

When you grip the Mueller Meat Cleaver, its balance and sturdy feel are immediately noticeable, instilling confidence as you're about to tackle anything from ribs to watermelons. The heft of the blade combined with the ergonomic handle makes chopping less of a chore and more of a seamless part of cooking.

After using it on a variety of meats, its versatility stands out. Whether it's thinly slicing steak or cutting through chicken bones, the blade powers through without needing extra force from you, which speaks volumes about the edge retention of the high-quality stainless steel.

Cleaning the cleaver by hand is effortless, with remnants washing off quickly, maintaining its sleek look. Over time, the elegant black handle remains unblemished and offers a secure grasp for precise control, making you feel like a seasoned chef in your home kitchen.

4. Master Maison Cleaver Set

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Your kitchen deserves this versatile, well-crafted cleaver set that brings efficiency to your cooking prep with a touch of elegance.


  • Impressively sharp and requires minimal effort for chopping
  • Balanced weight promotes comfort during extensive use
  • Edge guard and sharpening tools extend blade longevity


  • Hand wash preferred which might not suit all users
  • Ergonomics may not favor every hand size
  • Storage box, while sleek, might take up more space

Right out of the box, the heft and sharpness of the Master Maison Cleaver are remarkable. It glides through everything from dense butternut squash to tough tendons, with precision that makes prepping ingredients feel less like a chore and more like an art form. Even after repeated uses, the edge holds true—testament to the high carbon German stainless steel's durability.

Handling this cleaver, you'll notice how the weight is beautifully balanced, giving you a sense of control that cheers on your inner chef. The reassuring weight does wonders on hefty cuts of meat, giving you clean slices without the need for sawing back and forth. Whether you're dicing vegetables or segmenting a chicken, every task is executed with ease and confidence.

Despite its many strengths, keep in mind the cleaver favors hand washing to maintain its sharpness and sheen, which could be a slight inconvenience. And while the ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, those with smaller hands may find it less than perfect. Though the sleek storage box provides a neat home for your blade, its size could be a challenge in tighter kitchen spaces.

5. Zelite Infinity Cleaver

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If you're in the market for a reliable meat cleaver that performs like a dream in the kitchen, the Zelite Infinity Butcher Knife 7 Inch is your go-to option.


  • Exceptional sharpness and performance
  • Comfortable ergonomics make handling a breeze
  • High-quality German steel ensures durability


  • Not suitable for the dishwasher
  • Might be too heavy for some users
  • Premium price point

6. ENOKING Meat Cleaver

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You'll find cutting, dicing, and slicing remarkably effortless with the ENOKING Cleaver Knife, making it a worthy addition to your kitchen arsenal.


  • Maintains a sharp edge well, reducing the need to hone often
  • Handles a variety of tasks efficiently, from chopping vegetables to slicing meats
  • The ergonomic wood handle provides comfort and control even with frequent use


  • High carbon steel requires more maintenance to prevent rust
  • Not dishwasher safe, suggesting hand wash for better care
  • Might be too hefty for users preferring a lightweight cleaver

Recently had the pleasure of trying the ENOKING Meat Cleaver, and it performed outstandingly during a busy prep session. The heft felt balanced, perfect for powering through chicken bones and chopping hard vegetables. Effortlessly transitioning from meat to produce, it stayed sharp throughout, something that can be attributed to the high-quality German steel it's forged from.

The handle caught my attention too. After long hours of prepping, I appreciated the full tang, triple-riveted design. There was a sense of durability and balance that gave me confidence in handling the knife. It felt secure, and the grip was comfortable, staving off the dreaded wrist fatigue you get with some other knives after continued use.

Taking care of this meat cleaver is not like caring for simpler stainless steel. The high carbon content indeed gives it the superior edge retention and strength, but it also means you'll need to keep it dry and oiled. I'm meticulous about cleaning my knives right after use, so maintenance wasn't a hassle, and I didn't mind the extra steps to preserve its sharpness and sheen.

Remember, to keep this cleaver in prime condition, you'll need to rinse and dry it immediately after using it. A little mineral oil rubbed on the blade will help maintain its top-notch condition, ensuring its longevity and performance. Despite the bit of extra care, the experience speaks for itself, making it a stand-out choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.

7. Huusk Japanese Cleaver

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Your kitchen deserves the Huusk Japanese Cleaver, perfect for those who take pride in their cooking and want a dependable blade by their side.


  • Agile and sharp, making quick work of meat and vegetables
  • Ergonomically crafted oak handle for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Included leather sheath adds a touch of class and convenience for outdoor use


  • Blade may require frequent sharpening with heavy use
  • Some may find the blade too thick for delicate tasks
  • High carbon blade demands meticulous care to prevent corrosion

When you unpack the Huusk Cleaver, the craftsmanship immediately grabs your attention. The balanced weight gives you a sense of control and precision, making it a joy to use. Chopping through bones or slicing meat thinly, it breezes through tasks that would stump lesser knives.

The contours of the oak handle fit perfectly in your palm, giving you the confidence to tackle extended cooking sessions without discomfort. Whether you're dicing vegetables or carving a roast, the connection between your hand and the knife feels almost seamless.

Think beyond the kitchen with the included leather sheath, which turns this cleaver into a reliable companion for barbecue and camping enthusiasts. While it excels in the great outdoors, it's equally at home perched on a kitchen block, ready for your next culinary challenge.

Buying Guide

Blade Material

Your meat cleaver's performance largely depends on the blade material. Look for high-carbon stainless steel, prized for its sharpness and edge retention.

Weight and Balance

For efficient chopping, the weight should feel comfortable in your hand. A balanced cleaver will make repetitive tasks less tiresome.

Handle Design

A secure grip is essential. Ensure the handle material offers comfort and non-slip qualities, especially when hands are wet.

Edge Angle

A sharper angle cuts more effectively. Common angles range from 15 to 20 degrees on either side.


Choose a blade length suitable for your tasks, typically between 6 and 8 inches for home kitchens.

Feature Why It Matters
Blade Material Key to sharpness and longevity
Weight Affects ease of use and control
Handle Comfort and safety depend on design and material
Edge Angle Influences cutting efficiency and sharpness
Size Should match the tasks you plan to use it for

Care and Maintenance

Invest in a cleaver that is easy to maintain, considering factors like resistance to corrosion and ease of sharpening.

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