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We Tried The 5 Best Honey Jars for Storing Nature's Sweetener

Norah Clark
Honey poured into a glass jar.

If you are looking for a honey jar, you're in the right place. As tasty as honey is, there's nothing that can cause as much of a sticky mess than honey if you don't use a quality honey jar. The best thing about buying a high quality honey jar is that the honey can maintain its quality for years and will be ready to use in any recipe or as a natural sweetener rather than using sugar.

So, we tried and tested 12 of the best honey jars and narrowed our test down to the final 6 honey jars based on material, design and overall quality. The glass and food-grade plastic were the preferred materials, with quality design to allow the ease of pouring honey or refilling the jar.

Best Honey Jars We Tried & Tested

Rank Brand Key Features
1. EHOMEA2Z Honey Jars Durable with metallic twist lug, dishwasher-safe glass, large size, occasional drips, hefty weight, complex seal assembly
2. SlZKADY Honey Jar Includes dipper, transparent design, not dishwasher-safe, delicate glass, not airtight
3. AIEVE Mason Jar Honey Dipper Lid Mess-free design, durable stainless steel, multi-functional, does not include jar or band, fits only regular mouth jars
4. Sweet Keeper Airtight bamboo lids, clear glass with measurements, delicate glass, dipper doesn't reach bottom, hand wash only
5. KANPURA Crystal Honey Jar Premium glass and wood lid, 6 oz capacity, includes wooden and plastic dippers, delicate glass, hand wash only

1. EHOMEA2Z Honey Jars

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Whether you're a honey aficionado or just enjoy a dollop in your tea, these EHOMEA2Z honey jars are a sweet deal.


  • Satisfying durability with a firm metallic twist lug and flip-top for a daily dose of sweetness.
  • Effortlessly maintains cleanliness due to the dishwasher-safe glass.
  • Generous size means fewer refills for honey lovers.


  • Rare drips may occur, prompting a quick wipe now and then.
  • The weight might be hefty for some, suggesting a good grip is necessary.
  • Potential challenge in assembling the seal, patience required.

Efficiency meets your kitchen with this pair of honey jars. As someone who enjoys the pure taste of honey without the stickiness, you'll appreciate how these containers dispense your amber treasure neatly. The metal top complements your modern appliances, and the clear glass looks charming on any countertop.

They say patience is a virtue, and it stands true when ensuring a drip-free experience with these jars. Take your time to secure the seal properly, and fussing over spills becomes history. These containers are robust and promise longevity, a characteristic you'll value, especially when they're used daily.

Whether you're serving breakfast or sweetening tea, these jars handle the task with ease. It's like having a reliable friend in the kitchen - always there when you need it, enabling you to sweeten your day effortlessly. No more sticky bottles or spoons; your honey is served with a clean, easy pour every time.

2. SlZKADY Honey Jar

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Ideal for honey enthusiasts seeking a functional, yet charming honey pot with a classic design that complements any kitchen decor.


  • The dipper simplifies honey serving, minimizing mess.
  • Transparent design lets you see the honey level at a glance.
  • It doubles as an attractive gift for friends or family.


  • Glass feels delicate, requiring careful handling.
  • Not suited for the dishwasher; hand wash is necessary.
  • Not airtight, which may not be preferred by everyone.

Crafting breakfast with this sweet addition has never felt more charming. The clear glass of the SlZKADY honey jar allows you to appreciate the golden hues of your honey as it drizzles onto warm toast or swirls into tea. The attached dipper is not just a tool—it transforms your everyday ritual into a moment of delight, minus the sticky fingers.

On the kitchen counter, it stands beautifully among other items, its transparent nature reflecting a touch of simplicity and elegance. You find yourself reaching for it not only for its contents but also for the ease it introduces into your culinary practices. This jar proves to be a versatile accessory, apt for holding syrups and sweets alike.

Your appreciation for the jar deepens with each use. Cleaning is a breeze, despite the need for a gentle touch and avoidance of the dishwasher. It's the perfect size, and every time you present it to guests or gift it to a loved one, it draws compliments—its look is timeless, the kind that never fails to add a subtle sophistication to table settings.

3. AIEVE Mason Jar Honey Dipper Lid

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If you love a clean and convenient way to sweeten your tea or toast, this innovative honey dipper lid is a smart choice.


  • Ingenious design allows for mess-free honey dispensing.
  • Constructed from durable stainless steel that’s easy to clean.
  • Multi-functional and can be used with various jars and liquids.


  • Does not come with the mason jar or the band.
  • Metal may not be the best long-term solution for storing honey.
  • Size limitation, only fits regular mouth mason jars.

Enjoying honey shouldn't be a sticky ordeal. The AIEVE Mason Jar Honey Dipper Lid transforms the way you enjoy this sweet treat. Just recently, I had friends over for brunch, and they were so impressed with how this handy tool allowed us to drizzle the perfect amount of honey into our tea. It’s a real conversation starter!

When you need to add a dollop of honey to your dishes without the goopy mess, this dipper is ideal. It fits snugly onto your mason jar, which, if you're like me, you've got plenty of laying around the kitchen. The convenience of sweeping this gadget through some warm oatmeal without a sticky spoon left behind is truly something to appreciate.

Cleanup is a breeze with this kitchen helper. After making a batch of honey-glazed carrots, I was delighted to see how effortlessly the steel washed up. No residue, no fuss, just a quick rinse under warm water, and it’s back in business for the next culinary adventure. Plus, its shiny look fits right in with any stainless-steel kitchen accessories you already own.

4. Sweet Keeper

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If you crave order and elegance for your sticky sweetener, this charming pair of honey pots won't disappoint.


  • Airtight bamboo lids keep honey fresh and bug-free.
  • Variety in lids and dippers provides flexibility in use.
  • Clear glass with measurements allows for easy monitoring of honey levels.


  • Glass is somewhat delicate and requires careful handling.
  • Honey dipper doesn't reach the bottom, potentially leaving honey behind.
  • Limited to hand washing, which may inconvenience some users.

5. KANPURA Crystal Honey Jar

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Treat yourself to this elegant glass honey jar, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your day with functionality and style.


  • Keeps honey fresh with its premium glass construction and natural wood lid.
  • Ideal size for everyday use, with a 6 oz capacity that fits nicely on any table or countertop.
  • Comes with both wooden and food grade plastic dippers for your convenience.


  • Glass design, while stylish, needs careful handling to prevent breakage.
  • May be too small if you consume honey in large quantities.
  • The lid has to be removed to use, which could be less convenient for some users.

When I first laid eyes on the KANPURA Honey Jar, it struck me with its glossy and sleek appearance. The crystal-clear glass allows you to see the golden hues of your honey, elevating the charm of your kitchen or dining area. Its wide mouth makes it remarkably easy to retrieve honey without making a sticky mess, which is a common issue with many containers.

After using it for my morning tea, I enjoyed the simplicity of choosing between the wooden or plastic dipper based on my preference. The wooden dipper complements the natural look of the jar, offering a traditional vibe. Meanwhile, the plastic dipper serves as a durable and hygienic alternative that I found handy, especially on busy mornings.

While cleaning, it occurred to me how hassle-free the process was. Both jar and dippers hand washed quickly, reassuring me that this honey pot would maintain its hygienic condition over time. For those who enjoy a touch of sweetness in their life, this charming honey jar is not just a container but a delightful addition to your home essentials.

Buying Guide

Container Material

When selecting a honey jar, consider the material. Glass jars are popular for their non-porous nature and ease of cleaning. Plastic jars are lightweight and less likely to break, but ensure they're BPA-free for food safety.

Seal and Closure

A tight seal is essential to keep honey fresh and prevent leaking. Look for jars with airtight lids, like those with screw tops or clamp-down styles.

Size and Shape

Choose a size that suits your consumption habits; larger jars are economical for frequent users, while smaller ones are great for occasional use. The shape should allow for easy scooping.

Ease of Use

An ergonomic design, with a wide opening for access and a comfortable grip, can make usage simpler.

Features Table

Feature Why It Matters
Material Affects durability and food safety
Seal Keeps honey fresh, prevents leaks
Size & Shape Influences convenience, storage
Ease of Use Enhances overall user experience

Remember you're looking for a jar that balances practicality with your specific needs. Whether for storage or regular use, the right honey jar can make handling and enjoying honey more delightful.

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