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A Chef Tested The 11 Best Smoker Grill Combos, These Are The Best to Buy

Norah Clark
Smoker grill combos in a garden

Norah Clark

Norah Clark, Editor of Boyd Hampers! Norah is a food writer with over a decade of experience in hospitality as a pastry chef, sous chef, and barista; former chef at the Savoy Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Plaza Hotel.

Are you looking for the best smoker grill combos to make life easier to BBQ this summer? Your in the right place with our curated list of different brands of smoker grill combos.

We tested over 20 different smoker grill combos, then eliminated the lower quality grills and ranked them based on their design to advanced smoking capabilities, multi-functional units to innovative features and how well they performed with different cuts of meats.

Best Smoker Grill Combos a Chef Tested and Approved

Rank Brand Key Features
1. Captiva Charcoal Combo Two-in-one smoker and grill, ingenious temperature control, rust-resistant, wobbly structure, limited accessories
2. Traeger Pro 22 Wood-fired taste, versatile cooking methods, consistent temperature, electricity dependent, higher pellet cost
3. Pit Boss Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Transition between gas and pellet, large cooking area, precise temperature control, heavy, complex assembly
4. Realcook Vertical Smoker Large cooking area, two-tier design, dual doors, requires assembly, less premium metal, limited temperature precision
5. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 6-in-1 cooking options, automated temperature control, substantial area, requires electricity, time-consuming assembly
6. Cuisinart 36" Vertical Smoker Easy setup, four large racks, built-in thermometer, vertical design, propane fuel, exterior wear and tear
7. MFSTUDIO Heavy Duty Smoker Excellent heat retention, large cooking area, versatile, heavy, hot handles, requires assembly
8. Xilingol Multi-Use Smoker Wood and pellet fuel, converts to pizza oven, heat-resistant handle, challenging assembly, tricky temperature control
9. Captiva Combo Smoker Large cooking space, heavy-duty construction, functions as grill, heavy, requires careful cleaning
10. Sophia & William Heavy-Duty Smoker Large event capacity, solid construction, one-piece chamber for temperature control, heavy, assembly required
11. Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Precise temperature control with dual valve, spacious area, external wood chip tray, bulky, sensitive door seal


1. Captiva Charcoal Combo

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If you're eyeing versatility in your backyard cooking endeavors, the Captiva Designs 18-inch smoker and grill won't disappoint.


  • Two-in-one smoker and grill enhancement for diverse cooking adventures.
  • Ingenious temperature control for perfectly smoked treats.
  • Hassle-free maintenance with its rust-resistant construction.


  • Assembly may challenge you at first.
  • Slightly wobbly structure after extensive use.
  • A finite number of accessories included.

There's a distinctive satisfaction that comes from firing up the Captiva Designs smoker grill combo. It's the thrill of transforming a piece of meat with that deep, smoked savoriness that only a quality smoker can provide. And, when the craving hits for a classic burger, switching over to grilling mode is a breeze, giving this apparatus a noteworthy edge in adaptability.

The clarity the built-in thermometer offers is impressive—you're not left guessing about the heat your meat is bathing in. Couple that with the smooth process of adding charcoal through the well-sealed door, and your role in the cookout feels less like a chore and more of a delight.

Cleaning after a long day becomes less of a burden too. Porcelain-enameled components don't just elevate your cooking; they gift you with a swift cleanup. On occasions when the whole ensemble feels unsteady, patience in assembly and positioning pays off. You might wish for a broader selection of cooking implements, but starting with what's provided, you'll be serving mouth-watering smoky feasts that could very well be the highlights of your social gatherings.

2. Traeger Pro 22

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Explore the ease and superiority of wood-fired cooking with the Traeger Pro 22—it could transform your backyard barbecues.


  • Unmatched wood-fired taste
  • Wide range of cooking methods
  • Consistent temperature control


  • Dependence on electricity
  • Higher cost of wood pellets
  • Potential temperature fluctuations

Cooking on the Traeger Pro 22 is a dream come true. Lighting up the grill and smelling the natural aroma of wood pellets as it heats up is nothing short of magical. The versatility of this smoker grill combo allows you to bake a pizza, grill a juicy steak, and smoke a tender brisket, all on the same unit.

The grill heats quickly and maintains its temperature thanks to the digital controller. Temperature precision was impressive and fuss-free, granting peace of mind as you entertain guests or juggle other cooking tasks. The steel construction speaks of sturdiness, and cleaning was a breeze, adding to an overall satisfying user experience.

However, a major caveat is its reliance on electricity, making it less ideal for those wild, off-grid adventures. Also, while the flavor of the food is superb, the ongoing cost of wood pellets can add up, and it's worth noting if you're mindful of your budget. Occasionally, the grill could stray from the set temperature. This can be initially concerning, but with a little attention and patience, it's manageable.

3. Pit Boss Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill

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If you cherish the taste of wood-smoked meats with the ease of gas grilling, this Pit Boss combo grill is worth considering.


  • Effortless transition between gas and pellet functions
  • Vast cooking area suited for large gatherings
  • Precise temperature control with included meat probes


  • Considerable weight can make it challenging to move
  • Potential for temperature fluctuations as noted in some reviews
  • Assembly may require additional hands

Grilling masters and novices alike would appreciate the versatility of the Pit Boss Combo Grill. Its generous space allows for cooking multiple items at once. Whether you are smoking brisket low and slow or searing steaks on the gas grill, your culinary needs are met. The intuitive digital control board takes the guesswork out of grilling, and the real-wood flavor it imparts on your dishes will impress your guests.

On the patio, this grill plays a pivotal role in outdoor gatherings. Having used the slide-plate flame broiler, I can attest to its convenience for switching from indirect to direct heat. Its composition is sturdy and built to last, which is purposeful for regular use throughout the seasons. Two meat probes that come with it are especially handy, allowing you to monitor internal temperatures without constantly lifting the lid.

Despite its many benefits, the grill is sizable and heavy. It is stationary once in place and requires a bit of muscle to relocate. Some users have experienced difficulty with the gas grill maintaining its temperature, a factor worth noting when considering how consistent you need your heat. Lastly, assembling this grill can be a task. Coordination and patience are helpful, as it's not a one-person job.

4. Realcook Vertical Smoker

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Your backyard gatherings will be incomplete without the Realcook Vertical Smoker. Whether you're a smoking aficionado or just starting, this smoker grill combo caters to your cooking needs with ease and versatility.


  • Offers a large cooking area for preparing multiple dishes at once
  • The two-tier design makes it simple to separate grilling and smoking duties
  • Dual doors provide convenient access to food and fuel


  • Requires assembly which can take a chunk of your time
  • Metal construction may feel less than premium to some users
  • Single vent for temperature control limits precision

This smoker deftly bridges the gap between a roomy grill and a dependable smoker. While it gives you the option to entertain large parties with copious amounts of smoked meat, you're also free to use it for a quick grill session. The dual cooking grates give you ample space to work your culinary magic.

Temperature monitoring is a breeze, thanks to the clear and detailed thermometer built into the smoker. The air supply can be tweaked just a tad for more control, so whether it's slow-cooked ribs or a beautifully charred steak, you can manage it without constant babysitting.

The convenience of the two-access door system cannot go unnoticed. Smoking large meats? Use the upper door to peek at the progress without letting all the heat escape. Or maybe you need to top up the charcoal; the lower door is a lifesaver, providing direct access without disturbing your culinary creations. The latch locking system is a bonus, giving your smoker grill combo an added sense of stability.


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If you're looking for a multitasking grill that can do it all with ease, the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A is your go-to companion for any backyard feast.


  • Versatility with 6-in-1 cooking options
  • Consistent cooking with automated temperature control
  • Substantial grilling area fits a variety of foods


  • Requires electricity, limiting mobility
  • Initial assembly may be time-consuming
  • Some may prefer a traditional wood or charcoal flavor

The versatility of the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A cannot be overstated. Smoking brisket over a weekend or grilling some quick burgers for dinner is a breeze with its multi-functional design. I've recently smoked a batch of ribs using its precise temperature control, and the results were spectacular with a beautiful smoke ring and tender meat.

Having used this smoker grill combo, I've found its user-friendly features, like electronic auto-start ignition and digital auto temperature control, to be godsends for both beginners and seasoned grill masters. You can set the temperature and forget it while you entertain guests or prep side dishes, confident that your main course is cooking perfectly.

One of the things you'll appreciate about this grill is the convenience it brings to the cleanup process. The waste oil collector simplifies after-cookout chores, a detail that doesn't go unnoticed when you're tired after a long day of hosting.

Yet, while this model moves smoothly on its upgraded cart wheels, remember you'll need access to an electric outlet to make it work, which might restrict where you can place your grill. In terms of flavor, some traditionalists might miss the distinct taste that only wood or charcoal can provide. Nonetheless, for the convenience and variety it offers, the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A will likely be a reliable addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.

6. Cuisinart 36" Vertical Smoker

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If you're hunting for an easy-to-use smoker that delivers consistent results, the Cuisinart 36" Vertical Smoker might just fit the bill.


  • Straightforward set up translates to a hassle-free start
  • Four sizable racks provide ample space for different meats and vegetables
  • Built-in thermometer and adjustable controls for precise temperature monitoring


  • The vertical design might require a bit more reaching and bending
  • Depending on your preferences, propane as a fuel source may not provide the traditional smoky flavor
  • The exterior may exhibit wear and tear when left exposed to harsh weather conditions

Operating the Cuisinart Vertical Smoker is a breeze. Once you hook up the propane, a twist of the control knob ignites the flame that gets your smoking session under way. Thanks to the smoker’s secure door seal, the internal temperature remains steady, affording you peace of mind about the consistency of your smoking.

When it comes to space, you're well-provided for. My recent smoke fest involved a whole turkey, several racks of ribs, and a batch of veggies. Not once did I feel cramped for space. The stainless steel racks, which are dishwasher safe, simplify both the preparation and the cleanup process—just what you need when entertaining guests.

One aspect of the Cuisinart smoker that really shines is its temperature control. With the adjustable gas supply and the easy-to-read door thermometer, you have the power to smoke your food just how you like it. I've found the dual doors particularly useful for adding water or wood chips without disturbing the main chamber.

While it won't replace the rugged charm of traditional wood smokers, the convenience of this propane smoker won my heart. With minimum fuss, it produced beautifully smoked meats that were the highlight of my backyard gathering. Keep it shielded from the elements, and this smoker should serve you faithfully season after season.

7. MFSTUDIO Heavy Duty Smoker

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If you're an enthusiast of outdoor cooking and need a robust solution for large gatherings, this smoker-grill combo might just fit the bill.


  • Exceptional heat retention for efficient cooking.
  • Vast cooking area, perfect for hosting large groups.
  • Versatile as both a smoker and grill, enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.


  • Assembly can be challenging without care.
  • Might appear less portable due to its weight.
  • Handles can heat up, requiring caution.

This MFSTUDIO smoker and grill combo strikes a nice balance between size and function. Hosting a barbeque last weekend, I found its large cooking surface a joy, easily catering to a crowd without anyone waiting for their meal. The heat it holds made my ribs cook perfectly, tender on the inside with that delicious smoked flavor.

Flexibility is key with this unit. Yesterday, I switched between smoking some fish to grilling veggies without skipping a beat. The grill didn't lose a hint of smoke or heat thanks to the heavy-duty lid, and the added flavor from the offset smoker was a real hit.

Cleaning up after a long day of cooking can be a chore, but not so much with this model. The pull-out ash catcher simplifies what could otherwise be a messy affair. Its sturdy build held up well; although, moving it around takes a bit of muscle due to its weight. Besides, the metal wheels certainly help when you need to shift its position. Just remember to use oven mitts as the handles might get hot.

8. Xilingol Multi-Use Smoker

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Your backyard cookouts will reach new heights of flavor with this versatile smoker grill combo, perfect for those who love to smoke, grill, and even bake outdoors.


  • Delivers authentic smoker flavor with wood and pellet fuel options.
  • Easily transitions between a grill, smoker, and pizza oven.
  • Features heat-resistant handle and wheels for convenient portability.


  • Some users find the assembly challenging.
  • Directions included with the smoker are not easy to follow.
  • Maintaining the desired temperature can be tricky for beginners.

Smoking meats and vegetables with the Xilingol Smoker Grill is a true delight. Its ability to sustain a consistent heat flow envelops the food in that sought-after smoky goodness. You will appreciate its spacious interior whether you are slow-cooking brisket or charring vegetables to perfection.

The versatility shines through when you decide to switch it up for pizza night. The transition is smooth, turning your backyard into a pizzeria. The included bake stone ensures your pizzas have that perfectly crispy crust while retaining that wood-fired flavor that's hard to replicate.

Moving the Xilingol around your yard is a breeze, thanks to its large wheels and side handle - no need to worry about lifting heavy equipment. When you're done, cleaning is straightforward, and the durable materials promise many seasons of reliable use. Just remember to cover it with the waterproof cover provided to keep it safe from the elements.

While you’ll be pleased with the smoky results, getting there might be a bit of a hurdle. The assembly can be a bit of a head-scratcher, with some grumbling about the clarity of instructions. And if you’re new to the smoking game, be patient with yourself while learning the ropes of temperature control on this model.

9. Captiva Combo Smoker

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This smoker grill combo is a solid choice if you're after a robust and multifunctional piece for your outdoor cookouts.


  • Ample cooking space for large meals
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction retains heat effectively
  • Versatile smoker also functions as a charcoal grill


  • Heavy weight may challenge mobility and setup
  • Steel thickness may prolong heat-up times
  • Grooved lid design requires careful attention when cleaning

Your backyard barbecues are about to get a significant upgrade with the Captiva Combo Smoker. The first thing you'll notice is the smoker's whopping weight, a clear sign of its sturdy steel build. Once you've found the right spot for it, rest assured it's going to stay put. Your meats and veggies will cook evenly inside the spacious chambers, with that authentic smoky flavor you crave infusing every bite.

Cleaning up is a breeze, thanks to the enamel grilling rack that's both resistant to high temperatures and easy to scrub down. While it's sizable, don't fret over having enough food to fill the grill – you'll find different sections perfectly suited for anything from a full turkey to smoky appetizers for a crowd.

The charcoal grates for the main chamber and side firebox add another layer of versatility, allowing you to switch things up from smoking to grilling based on what's on the menu. You'll appreciate this flexibility when catering to different taste preferences at your next family gathering or neighborhood cookout.

10. Sophia & William Heavy-Duty Smoker Grill

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For those who enjoy the flavor of smoked and grilled foods, this unit combines size, durability, and convenience, offering a seamless outdoor cooking experience.


  • Ample space catered to large events
  • Solid construction withstands elements and use
  • One-piece smoker chamber for better temperature control


  • Might be heavy to move despite wheels
  • Requires a bit of assembly time
  • Some users reported shipping damage

When it comes to outdoor cooking, having the right equipment can make all the difference. With this smoker grill from Sophia & William, your backyard barbecues are set to be memorable. The spacious smoking and grilling areas allow you to cook for a crowd with ease. The warming rack is perfect for keeping sides and veggies at the right temperature while you focus on the main dish.

Sturdiness is a standout feature here. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures your smoker grill stands the test of time - and weather. You'll appreciate the large wheels when you need to shift it across your patio or lawn, although they don't completely eliminate the effort because of the grill's weight.

The one-piece smoker chamber is designed to maintain consistent temperatures, giving you control over the smoking process for that perfect brisket or rack of ribs. Cleanup is straightforward as well, with the push-out ash tray and warming tray that simplify post-cooking maintenance.

Hosting a get-together and want to impress with delectable smoked meats or perfectly grilled veggies? This smoker grill accommodates with room to spare. It does take some elbow grease to assemble the pieces, but you're rewarded with a smoker grill setup that's as reliable as it is enjoyable to use. Don't let a few reports of shipping damage discourage you—the customer service seems prompt in addressing any issues, ensuring you're ready for a memorable cookout.

11. Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

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For those wanting to elevate their grilling game at home, the Pit Boss Vertical Smoker is a smart grab with its ample cooking space and precise temperature control.


  • Straightforward temperature management with dual valve/burner system
  • Spacious 720 square inch cooking area on four racks
  • Convenient features like external wood chip tray and large viewing window


  • Bulky size requiring significant storage space
  • Some units have experienced minor shipping damages
  • The door seal can be sensitive to proper maintenance for optimal performance

Nothing beats the aroma of smoked meat gently cooking as you savor a peaceful afternoon. Breaking out the Pit Boss Vertical Smoker, you feel a sense of confidence knowing this powerhouse can handle a feast with ease. The porcelain-coated racks are a breeze to clean, and with a large cooking area, hosting for a crowd is no longer a daunting task.

One of the impressive features of this smoker is the dual burner system which lets you meticulously control the temperature. It's as if you're the captain of a ship steering the climate to perfection – whether you're aiming for a low and slow smoke or a higher heat. The reliable piezo ignition saves time for actual cooking, so you can focus more on perfecting those flavors.

Peeking through the large glass window, you'll notice the contained smoke guarantees a consistent infusion without losing heat – a clever touch from Pit Boss. And when it's time for cleanup, the external ash tray and front access grease drawer ensure the process is as smooth as the smoke coming out of the chimney. Rolling the smoker on its rear wheels to the perfect spot, you get the sense that every part of the experience has been thoughtfully designed.

Buying Guide

Choose the Right Size

Your smoker grill combo should fit your space and cooking needs. Use this table to match size to servings:

Grill Size Servings
Small 1-3
Medium 4-7
Large 8+

Determine the Fuel Type

  • Charcoal: Offers rich flavor; requires more effort to maintain temperature.
  • Gas: Convenient, easy to control temperature; quicker start and cleanup.
  • Electric: Suitable for indoor use or where open flames are restricted; less smoky flavor.
  • Wood Pellet: Provides a wood-fired taste; temperature is controlled electronically, making it user-friendly.

Material Quality & Durability

Look for materials like stainless steel or coated steel that withstand weather. Construction should feel solid, not flimsy.

Temperature Control Features

Ensure your smoker grill has:

  • Reliable thermometers for monitoring.
  • Adjustable vents to regulate airflow and temperature.
  • A well-sealed lid to keep the smoke in.

Ease of Cleaning

Components like removable ash trays and grease pans make cleaning simpler. Non-stick surfaces are a plus.

Additional Features

Consider racks and hooks for extra cooking space and storage. Built-in timers and temperature gauges add convenience.

Warranty & Customer Support

Look for products offering a warranty of at least one year. Good customer support can be helpful for troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Smoker Grill Combo Questions

Can smoker grills truly match the performance of dedicated smokers or grills?

While smoker grills may not fully replicate the performance of specialized units, high-quality combos come remarkably close, offering significant convenience and space savings.

Are pellet smoker grills easier to use than charcoal models?

Pellet grills often offer more consistent temperature control and are easier for beginners. However, charcoal models provide a more authentic flavor and grilling experience.

How important is insulation in a smoker grill?

Insulation is crucial for maintaining consistent temperatures, especially for long smoking sessions. Well-insulated models are more efficient and easier to control.

Is it worth investing in a smoker grill with smart features?

If you appreciate convenience and precision, models with smart features like WiFi connectivity and digital controls are worth considering. They offer remote monitoring and easier temperature management.

Can I use my smoker grill in different weather conditions?

Yes, but performance may vary. Maintaining stable temperatures in extreme cold or wind might be more challenging, especially in less insulated models.

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