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These Are The 7 Best Steak Knives We Tried & Tested

Norah Clark
These Are The 7 Best Steak Knives We Tried & Tested

If you are looking for the best steak knives to buy, you are spoilt for choice from our tried and tested roundup. A well cooked steak should be easily cut through, like a hot knife through butter! There's nothing worse than a steak knife that quickly becomes blunt or reguarly needs sharpened.

We tested over 23 steak knife sets and narrowed them down to the top 7 steak knives based on design, performance, and value. We ranked them after testing their balance, weight, precision, durability and design.

7 Best Steak Knives We Tried & Tested

Rank Brand Key Features
1. Amazon Basic Steak Knives Solid feel, well-balanced, attractive design, not dishwasher safe, bulky handles, challenging to sharpen serrated edges
2. Bellemain Steak Knives Sharp, balanced, dishwasher safe, may feel heavy, handles prone to discoloration, design might not suit all
3. Piklohas Non-serrated, sharp, German steel, includes drawer organizer, decorative Damascus pattern not authentic
4. SYOKAMI Exceptional sharpness, secure grip handle, not dishwasher safe, premium pricing, elegant packaging
5. CoquusAid Sharp, durable, comfortable grip, attractive Damascus pattern, requires frequent sharpening, includes spoon rests
6. ODERFUN Precision slicing, comfortable grip, versatile, basic appearance, gift box lacks sturdiness, micro-serrated edges
7. MAD SHARK Ultra-sharp, comfortable grip, versatile, not dishwasher safe, may be too large, aggressive serration

1. Amazon Basics Steak Knives

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If you're in the market for reliable steak knives without breaking the bank, we found this set to be a smart choice. Afterall, Amazon Basics are notorious for modeling their products on other expensive brands.



  • Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe
  • Handles might feel bulky to some
  • Serrated edges may challenge sharpening

Last evening, we had a chance to try out our new Amazon Basics Steak Knives during a family dinner. The eight-piece set made a notable impression right out of the box with its sleek and functional design. Cutting into a tenderloin was a breeze; each slice was clean, without any tearing. The knives feel sturdy in hand, and the weight distribution is well thought out, which made handling them rather pleasant.

The full tang design extends the stability of these knives, allowing us to tackle even the more challenging cuts with confidence. We especially liked the minimalist aesthetic. These knives sat very nicely alongside our regular cutlery, and their lack of overt branding was a nice touch. They don't scream budget, even though they come at such an affordable price.

While we wish they were dishwasher safe for convenience sake, the hand wash only directive does encourage better care for the longevity of the knives. It's a small compromise for the quality they offer. The larger handles may not cater to all hand sizes, but for us, they provided a comfortable grip. Sharpening serrated blades isn't something we're looking forward to, but given the initial sharpness, that concern seems distant. Overall, these knives have quickly earned their place at our table. They're a solid choice for both daily use and when hosting guests.

2. Bellemain Premium Knives

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We think anyone who appreciates effortlessly slicing through steak should consider this set for durability and ease of use.


  • Maintains sharpness after multiple uses
  • Balanced weight enhances cutting precision
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


  • Might feel heavier for some users
  • Handles prone to discoloration with frequent dishwasher use
  • Design may not appeal to all aesthetics

After recently trying out the Bellemain Premium Steak Knives, we find they gleefully tackle a ribeye with the same zeal as they do on a sirloin. The full-tang construction imparts a sturdy feel, assuring us of their long-term presence in our kitchen arsenal. In our experience, these knives remain unfazed by repeated slicing tasks.

Their substantial heft is noticeable when cutting through tougher meats, making the task less strenuous on our hands. However, we've heard some of us could find the weight a bit on the heavier side—something to keep in mind if you prefer lighter cutlery. The balance, though, is spot on, lending us the control we need for neat, precise cuts.

We always breathe a sigh of relief when cleanup time rolls around. These knives have weathered the dishwasher's cyclone with no significant loss to their edge or finish. That said, we’ve noticed the sleek look of the handles might not be as enduring as their blade's sharpness—with potential fading if we're not cautious with the wash settings. Despite this, we're overall pleased with their performance and consider them a steadfast pick for our steak nights.

3. Piklohas Non-Serrated Steak Knives

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We found these knives to be an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates a sharp, durable steak knife with convenient storage.


  • Effortless slicing with straight edge blades
  • Easy and versatile storage options
  • Durable German steel construction


  • Handle width may be bulky for some
  • Drawer organizer might not fit all drawer sizes
  • Damascus pattern is not authentic

Having a reliable set of steak knives is essential for us when we have guests over for a barbecue or a formal dinner. The first time we used this Piklohas set, the knives glided through the meat like it was butter. The blades are sharp, non-serrated, and they don't tear the steak, preserving the juices and flavors.

We appreciate kitchen solutions that don't compromise on aesthetics or functionality. That's where the included drawer organizer comes into play. It's a neat way to store these knives when not in use and doubles as a drying rack, which is a clever touch. The look fits well with our kitchen décor when we place it on the table for easy access during meals.

The quality of these knives really shines through with each use — the heft and balance make it apparent they’re crafted from top-notch materials. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze since they're dishwasher safe. However, we did notice the Damascus pattern to be merely decorative. That may not be a deal-breaker for us, but it’s worth noting if you value authenticity in design.

4. SYOKAMI Steak Knife Set

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{If you're in the market for steak knives that combine design and functionality, we think this set is well worth the investment.}


  • Remarkable edge retention and sharpness
  • Handle design provides a secure grip
  • Lovely presentation and packaging, suitable for gifting


  • Not dishwasher safe; hand wash required
  • Blade height might not be preferred by everyone
  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets

Our recent experience with the SYOKAMI Steak Knife Set left us pretty impressed. The knives displayed excellent craftsmanship right from the unboxing. When we used them during our last dinner party, the grace with which they sliced through the steak was noticeable. We were slicing with minimal effort, and the experience was altogether delightful.

What we really appreciated was the sure grip we had on the knives, thanks to the gear teeth element on the handle. Even with a little bit of moisture from the condensation on our glasses, the knives stayed steady in our hands. Their stunning looks drew some admiring glances, too.

Gift-giving is all the more special with this set, as they come in a gift-ready box that complements their sophisticated design. However, keep in mind that these beauties require a bit of TLC; they're not meant for the dishwasher. It's a small trade-off, but the longevity of their sharpness justifies it for us. The 0.43-inch blade suspension height was unique too; some may find it improves the hygiene factor while others may need time to get used to the raised design. It's a minor concern, especially when the aesthetic and performance are considered.

5. CoquusAid Steak Knife Set

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If you savor a perfectly sliced steak, this set of CoquusAid knives promises precision and longevity, all while being a stylish addition to your table.


  • Sharp, durable blades that glide through meat
  • Comfortable grip suited for all hand sizes
  • Attractive design with a Damascus pattern


  • The non-serrated edge may require more frequent sharpening
  • Spoon rests might be unnecessary for some users
  • Packaging could be excessive if you're environmentally conscious

We recently had the pleasure of using the CoquusAid Steak Knife Set at our dinner party, and we were genuinely impressed. The knives' aesthetic immediately elevated our table setting, with the Damascus pattern providing an air of sophistication. As we used them, it became apparent that these knives were thoughtfully crafted, boasting a weight and balance that made cutting effortless.

Our experience continued to be positive as we moved from tougher cuts to delicate slices. The grip on these knives felt secure in our hands, which is a major plus for us considering the varied sizes of hands among our friends and family. We appreciated how the non-serrated blades gave a clean cut without tearing the meat, a feature that can enhance the experience of any steak enthusiast.

We've gotten used to the annoyance of hard-to-clean cutlery, so the easy maintenance of these knives was a refreshing change. They've held up well to both hand-washing and the occasional cycle in the dishwasher, without any sign of rust or wear. In our opinion, the CoquusAid Steak Knife Set stands out as a reliable choice for both its utility and visual appeal.

6. ODERFUN Steak Knife Set

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If you're after a set that balances cost and quality, definitely give these knives a look.


  • Precision slicing
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for a range of foods


  • Appearance is quite basic
  • Gift box lacks sturdiness
  • Micro-serrated edge preference varies

We got our hands on the ODERFUN Steak Knife Set and it's been a welcome addition to our dinner table. The precision with which these knives slice through steak left us impressed. They don't just excel with beef; we've easily cut through everything from lamb to ripe tomatoes, showing off their versatility.

Handling these knives is a breeze due to the well-thought-out design of the handles. Our grip remained comfortable even through multi-course meals. Having full tang construction reassures us they'll last for many family dinners to come.

Their classic look might not win any design awards, but the knives perform where it counts. Their simplicity ensures they fit in with most dinnerware sets. While the gift box is elegant, it felt fragile - advertising more than providing protection or secure storage.

We were split on the micro-serrated edges. Some of us adore the no-hassle, stay-sharp design, while a few missed the smooth glide of a straight-edge blade when cutting. Such preferences come down to what you've enjoyed using before.

7. MAD SHARK Steak Knives

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These MAD SHARK Steak Knives are a standout choice for seamless and enjoyable dining experiences.


  • Remarkable sharpness for a smooth cut
  • Comfortable grip that enhances control
  • Versatile for various foods beyond steak


  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Possible overkill for softer meats
  • Larger size may not be everyone's preference

Having recently had the chance to use the MAD SHARK Steak Knives, we're quite taken with their cutting prowess. Each knife glides through steak with minimal effort, thanks to the ultra-sharp serrated edge. It's not just about getting through the meat, either—the micro-serrations on the blade create clean cuts without tearing, ensuring your meal looks as good as it tastes.

A good steak knife should feel right in your hand, and these knives don't disappoint. The triple-riveted handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, making them easy to maneuver. Whether you're sawing through a tough cut or finely slicing vegetables, the balance between blade and handle helps to prevent hand fatigue.

We appreciate a tool that serves more than one purpose in the kitchen, and MAD SHARK's knives excel there too. Beyond steak, we've used these knives to effortlessly slice through pizzas, bread, and even tougher fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind, though, that the impressive sharpness comes with a responsibility to maintain the knives by hand washing, as they're not dishwasher safe.

While the size lends a feeling of sturdiness and the larger handle is comfortable, especially for those with bigger hands, some might find the knives a bit too bulky for their taste. And for delicate meats, the aggressive serration could be a bit too much, where a smoother blade might be preferable.

Buying Guide

Blade Material

We should look for high-quality materials for durability and longevity. Stainless steel is common for its rust resistance and ease of sharpening. High-carbon stainless steel is even better for retaining sharpness.

Handle Comfort

The knife should feel comfortable in our hand. Balance between the blade and handle contributes to our control and comfort during slicing.

Edge Type

Straight-edge blades offer precision cuts and are easier to sharpen. Serrated edges might last longer without sharpening but can tear meat rather than slice cleanly.


The typical length is 4.5 to 6 inches. We should choose a size that feels balanced and manageable for us.


A knife that is easy to clean and maintain will provide more value over time. Hand-washing and immediate drying are generally recommended for longevity.

Feature Why It Matters Notes
Blade Material Determines sharpness and durability High-carbon stainless preferred
Handle Comfort Affects control and fatigue Ensure a good grip and balance
Edge Type Influences cut style and maintenance Straight-edge is typically sharper
Size Should correspond to our hand size 4.5 to 6 inches is standard
Maintenance Affects the knife's lifespan Simpler care is better

Remember, the right knife for us is the one that meets our needs and preferences while offering the best combination of features suited for handling steak.

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